We asked some of the city’s rising stars to reflect on what made a difference in their journey. We asked them to tell us about what they think the most important factor has been behind their success.

Sara Garcia Plett | Portrait Photographer

There are two factors that have driven my success thus far, with the first being education. There is so much free knowledge I have discovered, and I encourage anybody who is starting a business to actively search for this knowledge. It is important to intentionally seek out new ways to grow as a person and as a business. Facebook groups, youtube videos, online blogs, and books that specifically address photography and business have been the most valuable for me when it comes to expanding my business. Other people who have been through the same things I have have so much wisdom to offer, and it’s through these forums that I have been able to access this invaluable knowledge. The second factor is the importance I place on representing diversity. It is important to me that every person, no matter who, feels comfortable reaching out to me for photos. Read more>>

Amy Malone | Acupuncturist, Herbalist & Nurse

Authenticity and patience. Authenticity in who I am as a person, as a practitioner of chinese medicine, as a nurse, as a businesswoman. Allowing who I am to shine through as the face of my business and being present to the patients I provide care to as been essential in setting up the foundation and core values of my brand. The patience comes in not only in how I work with people, but patience in building my business and brand has been essential to maintaining the integrity and authenticity that makes it shine. Read more>>

Jennifer Pletcher | Owner & Creative Director

Often when people think of weddings, they don’t think of social impact. There are many stereotypes and assumptions. I myself had my own when I began this new career after 15 years as a Marine Biologist and Dolphin Trainer. Another field full of misconceptions and assumptions. But I loved sharing animals with children, seeing the wonder in their eyes, creating once in a lifetime moments that hopefully inspire them to be better stewards of our planet and the animals in it for the future. And when the terminally ill children visited from Children’s Hospital and you were able to get them in the water with the animals- nothing has had such an impactful result on my life in terms of kindness and gratitude. But with weddings- people think Bridezillas, money and unnecessary expense. Read more>>

Donna Deteau | Elite Success & Mindset Consultant

Getting results for my clients. And the mindset to get the results. I really can’t separate the two; they are inextricably intertwined. So let’s talk about results first. Coaching or guiding my clients is all about the results. Changing their results. Getting bigger & better results. That’s why people hire a coach; it’s because they don’t like the results they are getting. Maybe they’re stuck. Maybe their business has only grown by 20-50% each year. Maybe all their relationships are unravelling. Whatever it is…whatever is happening…they are not getting the results they want. So how do you change to get bigger & better results? Most people look at their behaviors and start there. But when you work on your behaviors first, the results you will get will be temporary at best. Never permanent. Never. Have you ever gone on a diet to release some weight? The first thing people do is say to themselves, “OK. Read more>>

Kelly Schexnaildre | CEO & Owner

Merfs’ success has several contributing factors: a unique product, a ready market, an easy to reach target audience, and a great price. All of these combine to ensure Merfs is placed in the market in a way that’s accessible to our audience, and priced competitively enough to ensure consumers will purchase it. My personal success has relied upon goal setting, persistence, determination, and relentless pursuit. I know what I want, and I’m determined to get it. I have always had drive, I’m smart, and I know how to apply myself. Read more>>

Jess Loryn | Singer-Songwriter

Among the abundant events to shape my life and still resignate with me today, loosing my mother has surpassed every single event to date. Going up my mother would always ask me to sing for her. She’d ask me when I planned to use my voice. I feel even more motivated to share my gift with as many people as possible. Not only because it’s my passion but because she lives on through every note I sing! Read more>>

Kaylie Kempsell | Award Winning Newborn Photographer

Customer service is key! Each photography session is completely customized to that particular client, and I spend time before every session talking to families to find out what they’re envisioning. At the start of my business my focus was on simply taking and sending digital images, but I soon realized that this was a disservice to my clients. Those digital images would be hidden away on a USB somewhere, never to be seen again. These days, the focus of my business is creating artwork that can be passed down from generation to generation. I want my clients to enjoy their beautiful photos every day! I love working with people to find out what will work best for their family and their home (perhaps it’s a canvas, a framed print, an heirloom box, or an album). I’m so grateful that I’m able to provide beautiful heirlooms tailored for each family. Read more>>

Luis Martinez | Owner

I believe the most important factor behind our success is building relationships and nurturing those relationships with everyone in the industry. We love people and we love to be of service to them and it’s a practice of ours to make sure we go above and beyond to make sure that event runs smoothly. This is an industry that you have to care for each other and have each others back, with what we do we are hired by everyone in the industry and at times uncontrollable things happen and we love to make sure that we there to extend a hand to help. I truly believe that our can do attitude, sense of humor, and work ethic has created a name for Strike Crew that people know when they hire us that they are in good hands and we care about what we are doing and we love who we work for even more. Read more>>

Brent McDonald | Marketing and Sales Director

I think the most important factor behind the success of Apothecary Extracts is the solid leadership team we have built. The core team has been here since the very beginning , and we focus on building leaders. We work together as a cohesive unit from extraction, to cultivation to our retail locations. We all must communicate and work together weekly to ensure everyone is on the same page. Read more>>

Forrest Raup | Freelance Studio & Live Drummer

Being a freelance drummer is not a stable job that has consistent reliability or any sort of safety net. You may have weeks that are packed to the brim with work, and others where you might not get any calls at all. The way to get more work in this field is all about connections. The more you have, the more work you will get. Therefore you have to be aware that every gig or job you get has the potential to lead to other connections and opportunities, and you must treat all of them that way, whether it’s a lousy bar gig, or a large scale production with a notable act. If you do that, more opportunities will naturally unveil themselves. Putting your best effort into making every project sound as best as it can is a priority, but it’s the other values that go into any job that are maybe equally important, like showing up on time, being trustworthy, coming prepared, and being easy to work with and get along with. Read more>>

Pari Proffitt | Product Formulator

I think the most important factor in Remedy Farms Bath & Skin is we are providing a sincere service to our customers. We diligently create healthy, stunning, & sensory seducing products that people develop a connection with while serving their needs. Before launching a single item I sent products to anyone whom would accept, in exchange for their honest opinions. I believe that kind of sincere service developed an attraction & loyalty that serves for our success. Read more>>

Cassandra Lourie Herzog | Jewelry Designer

The secret to my success is my ability to build Lux + Luca as a complete brand and not just a jewelry line. It is important for my customers to connect with me as a person, see my face, get to know me “personally” so they can trust the brand is authentic is real. I make sure I share things on my social media that are aligned with my personal beliefs, personality traits, real things in my life, etc. It really helps me to build an audience that wants to connect with the brand and ensures I find “my people”. Putting yourself out there is hard, but it is essential if you want to build a following of people genuinely connect with your brand. I want people to say, “Hey! I really like that girl, I’d be friends with her in real life, I’m going to buy her jewelry. Some parts of my jewelry line are not for everyone, and that’s ok! I don’t want to be for everyone. I want to be what I am and my “people” will come! Read more>>