We asked insiders and experts from various industries to tell us something they think outsiders are unaware of and we’ve shared a few of those responses below.

Lucy Morantz | Photojournalist & Content Creator

When I tell people some of the stories I’ve collected over my six years of practicing photojournalism, many are often surprised by the time and risk that are inherent to the industry. Similar to many other creative fields, journalism is all-consuming in a sense. I’ve noticed in myself over the years that the more I shoot, the more often I go about my everyday life using my eyes as a viewfinder and mentally composing scenes in my head. A lot of the framing and compositional concepts in my work actually stem from this subconscious habit. Read more>>

Heather Dearman | CEO 7/20 Memorial Foundation

There is a huge ripple effect caused by mass tragedy. For those who were directly impacted that lost loved ones, and those that were present at the event, injured and uninjured, the healing process is ongoing. Support and funds are abundant during the first year, but the ongoing physical and mental health challenges go on in perpetuity. There is also a lack of awareness that the lives of loved ones, friends and the entire community are forever changed as a result. It is that sub-group of people who feel guilty or ashamed to ask for help in the beginning. Often times it isn’t until another mass shooting happens that they are triggered and realize they need help. Read more>>

Jeff Brunette | Artist + Woodworker

One thing that outsiders might not understand about woodworking is how personally rewarding it can be. Because it is hand-crafted, there’s a level of intimacy and understanding that develops, and you leave a little bit of yourself with each project. A well crafted project doesn’t come simply. Many hours of honing your craft, failing and learning, and of course patience goes into a quality piece of work. And when it turns out great, it’s a beautiful thing and something to be very proud of. Additionally, wood is a natural element and therefore no two pieces are the same. Every cut reveals a unique grain pattern, texture, and tone of color. One of the many “little things” I find rewarding about woodworking, and why I love creating art from wood. Each piece I create is exclusive and can never be replicated. Read more>>

Nicole Bidegain and Maru Ulloa | Realtors at NB Real Estate

Most people are unaware that investing in a Mexican property is a simple and affordable process, in which you do not need to be a Mexican resident in order to invest. It is perfectly legal for a foreigner to own property in Mexico and fairly straightforward. We are two realtors with all the pertinent knowhow in this industry. Here in Merida, Yucatan, you can find everything from; beach properties, city homes and apartments, as well as vast land to build on
Merida is a true gem in the Yucatan Peninsula. People are very warm and welcoming, and it is always sunny in Merida. Read more>>

Jan Knuth | Owner and operater of Grey House Haunts, a Halloween Haunted House

The Halloween Haunted House industry is much larger than people realize and much more organized. There are multiple conventions and tradeshows specifically for haunted attractions and even industry associations. Many of us, myself included, consider our work to be very creative and a nontraditional art form. Most haunt owners and designers I know, love the design, build and finish of the haunted house/attraction more than being open to the public. We love our dark and creepy art. Read more>>