In our view, values and principles are the foundation upon which our lives, careers and relationships are built. So, we asked folks we admire to open up to us about the values and principles that matter most to them.

Andrew Faires | Co-Founder

Personal accountability. When you start your own business there is no one to tell you what, when or how to do all the things required to operate a business. You need to make sound decisions and hold yourself accountable to the outcomes of the business, because the health, growth of the business and success of your employees all depend on your inputs and direction. Holding yourself to a high level of personal accountability helps build a strong foundation and enables a culture of personal accountability. Own your mistakes and hold yourself accountable, so others don’t need to hold you accountable. Read more>>

Megan Riley | Psychic, Coach and Teacher

My values all matter to me, and I review my values and goals 2 times a week. My life grows and expands the more I give myself in service. For many years I didn’t understand service as anything other than volunteer work. What has changed over time is the ability to contribute, not help. Every time I can be a contribution, either in my professional life, my fellowships, my service agreements and in my personal life; my life expands. I grow and learn and expand. As long as I am being of service everything else falls into line for me. Read more>>

Yoana Todorova | CEO at MIT-interpretations & polyglot

I personally am not a money follower. I have a few rules when I chose a new client or I am in the process of deciding to offer my services. For me is not an important thing to offer service for the company or client the offers the most financial retribution. I like to work with people who are kind and well-mannered. So the first thing I am looking for is good manners and honest clear communication, I do have respect for clarity even if they are not willing to offer me the amount I ask for. I love people who speak their minds and talk the truth in business and in general. Because only honest people know what they want and they fight for it and they are successful, The reason why is because honest people are clear with themselves and when there is a problematic situation they are fast in problem-solving and usually tend to take very optimal busisness decisions. Read more>>

Spencer Fronk | Bar and Entertainment Venue Developer

Being a relentless and self driven individual is most important to me because everyone has dreams and visions, but it takes a never dying spirit to truly achieve them. Read more>>