We had the good fortune of connecting with Yoana Todorova and we’ve shared our conversation below.

Hi Yoana, Let’s talk about principles and values – what matters to you most?

I am not a money follower. I have a few rules when I chose a new client or I am in the process of deciding to offer my services. For me is not an important thing to offer service for the company or client the offers the most financial retribution.

I like to work with people who are kind and well-mannered. So the first thing I am looking for is good manners and honest clear communication, I do have respect for clarity even if they are not willing to offer me the amount I ask for.

I love people who speak their minds and talk the truth in business and in general. Because only honest people know what they want and they fight for it and they are successful. The reason why is because honest people are clear with themselves and when there is a problematic situation they are fast in problem-solving and usually tend to take very optimal business decisions. I think being open and talking openly about your dreams goals and what exactly you are expecting as service is a great way to communicate with me.

I have noticed that the more successful someone is, the more power they have more humble and pleasant they are. There is a say “La piccolezza dei Grandi” from the Italian language meaning “the humbleness of the greatest” which is an expression that describes the more powerful and wealthy a person is, the more successful, less they have the need to demonstrate their success and have power over others.

When I meet truly successful people they have this energy of peace, calmness like diving into a nirvanic river that inspires you to be better and go further.

Honesty is a form of constant being. Honesty with yourself, then with others which is a constant process of self-work, awareness, and growth. So for me, truthfulness and authenticity are the most valuable principles.

What should our readers know about your business?

I have a small business called “MIT-interpretations” you can follow me on my youtube channel:  www.youtube.com/channel/UCv2xJTklYwh-uJZmqZPFNRA. My company is a small business is focused on providing language services as translation and interpretation. My motto is “Your words in Your World”. I or my colleagues are willing to travel to your trade fair or business and provide Interpreting services for you! You can enjoy virtual interpreting or over-the-phone interpreting upon your request.

I think that want sets me apart from others is my personalized service providing. When I say that, I mean that I can provide very cheap and very expensive service, or even work for free if I chose to because I can. I am providing flexible and personalized services including flying to company business meetings and appointments to interpret. My dream field and goal is to provide more B2B services and offer work to single mothers and people who strive to be successful.

I am proud of whom I am as a human being, spirituality, and as a woman. I consider myself a person with a solid moral compass and values and this is a great achievement itself, I do not play with humans and I am proud of being honest and authentic.

I do not think that business success is a fixed step that you achieve and you are there that is done. Success in business is a constant process of learning, growing, and refining yourself to become better every day.

There is another saying that states that people are driven by two powers or fear or desire. I think that my main drive was fear in the beginning when I started and know is desire and passion.

There is nothing easy in life. I try to stay focused in a long term. The main challenge every human has today is distractions, they are every second everywhere, so much advertisement, TV, phones, apps, people social influences family weight, personal problems.

They are small challenges every day my main recipe is to accept them and choose, if you do not make a choice others will or life will choose for you. Do bring good actions to completion not flowers of apology.

They are many lessons that I learned, but the main is to trust – do trust your own self and journey, even when others do not understand and support you, trust in your ability and God’s gifts is the main characteristic that you have. Do stand for yourself.

My brand is represented by the Ceratonin cell- the hormone of trust or the so-called hormone of happiness. I pick this cell as my logo icon because I believe that the most fundamental truth and NEED in human life is trust. There is no economy, no financial system, no business, no friendship. no relationship no communication no success no positivity if there is no trust. I chose this logo among runes and many other symbols virtually with a friend of mine Paolo, who is a Ph.D. specialist in chemistry, again someone I trust and know for a long time helps me pick something that truly represents what I believe in. The main reason is that in medical Interpreting the person, does trust the interpreter with their life and health and I have profound respect for people who trusted me with their life and I love to honor the beauty of trust.

Thank you for trusting me that I have something interesting to say and reaching out for this interview! I am grateful and I appreciate this opportunity.

Any places to eat or things to do that you can share with our readers? If they have a friend visiting town, what are some spots they could take them to?

I will definitely take my fried to hike, Lost lake, Love lake, Forest lakes, Jasper Lake, Dream Lake, even hiking an easy 14teener anything outdoors, every season I have hike destinations that I usually visit. Colorado is beautiful during each season, and I feel at home here more than anywhere on Earth. I love museums so Denver Art Museum, Santa Fe art district- event First Friday walk, RINO, Clyfford Still Museum the combination of visual art and concert event, Dever Art society.

I do love interactive theater and theater outdoors or in general, I love Control Group Productions so will be a theater for sure.

I love classic music concerts and events like “candlelight Concert”, or something by the Colorado symphony orchestra or piano solo concert or something like that.

I love to walk around Larimer square and hop in a bar for concerts and enjoy the vibe.

If we decide to go shopping definitely Denver pavilions and walk along 16th mall street.

My friends are positive and like to dance or have a good time and I love drag queen shows, so Charlies and Tracks and VIbe. I love rooftops like “El five” or newly open “Red Robin”, dancing Beta, Triangle,

The food there is so much that I like here, although I love to cook myself. I like to visit small cities like Arvada, Golden, or small districts and have a favorite spot there. I love ” PARISI-pizzeria” or “Firenze a Tavola, or ” STK SteaKhouse ” downtown. The best pizza, in my opinion, is “Pizzeria Locale – Highlands”. I love to eat Pho sometimes ad Sushi, love “Sushi Train”. I do like to go on Broadway and eat at “Historians”. I do love European restaurants like “Kinga`s Longue”. I do like kebab, gyros, and Greek food as well. There are very good Indian restaurants as well.

I love Denver they are many nice things to enjoy and one week is not enough.

Shoutout is all about shouting out others who you feel deserve additional recognition and exposure. Who would you like to shoutout?

I think that believing in something like God, yourself, power, angels, energy, cosmos, or mathematics just believing in something, in general. Believing is an invisible power that can nourish and empower you. I encourage people to pray, but not to pray asking for material things and stuff in the physical reality but to pray in order to get in touch with their own soul, with their own God inside, because when you meditate or pray or have a ritual or positive moment with yourself every day just for your body and your soul you get in touch with your inner voice with your Unique self and your unique self revel to you the secrets of your soul that make you content and peaceful.

I advise everyone to have a day a week off just to do something positive, read a book, museums, art, hike, climb travel, paint or just walk in the park and think, be inspired, elaborate Without social media, phone, tv or multimedia impressions to clear your mind from all the information.

I love to read someone who inspires me deeply is Petar Danov, very simple and very beautiful, I love Hesse, I do love any kind of literature, I advise to read books about self-awareness and how to take responsibility for your own life, be responsible for your words and choices!

Being grateful is fundamental, and I don`t mean fake positivity and trying to pretend to be grateful for bad and unfair things, I do not advise fakely repeating some affirmations that you do not believe in, but finding the ones that you actually believe in.

There are things good things in your life and good people too, so you have to try to focus on them and feel truly grateful.

People around you are your instrument to reach your dreams, people are Godest and magical and they can help you become a better you and you can be the same positive inspirational source for them.

I am grateful for Harisha a brahmin who take care of me and my soul while I was very sick when I was 27 years old, I am grateful that he purely love me and give me just love and acceptance, meanwhile I was judgemental and depressed. I am grateful to a person Riccardo, I was his cleaning lady while studying at Bulgarian University and he paid for my education, he believed in me and invest in my future. His belief makes me believe in my own self. I am grateful for a homeless man I met 2 years ago, Harun- which means warrior. I provided a house for him for some time and he give me very valuable lessons with his cruelty, making me look inside of me and see bitter things I was doing to myself for a very long time. I am grateful for his honesty, although he was honest because he wanted to hurt me, instead of that he helped me to grow tremendously.

I remember while I was studying in Italy one evening I went to a park where I met a Russian women Olga. Olga offered me whine and the opportunity to walk on a slackline put between two olive trees. I was so scared and trembling and shaking and not trusting myself. Olga told me “Yoana look at me, don`t look down, I believe in you and you can do it!” She makes me breathe and calm down and after I did walk the slackline, we sit down and had a conversation about believing in God and supreme power.

She said “If you believe in something, in God in power in energy, whatever name you want to call it, you should not doubt! You choose to believe and You must trust your choice!”

I think what really helped me is trusting people who believed in me, they were not many but I hold them close and trust what they said and keep going.

Therapy could be a great tool for self-awareness and self-growth.

I am a certified yoga teacher and I do recommend doing yoga, or medication, or any kind of physical activity that makes you sweat, in the process of sweating your body releases hormones of stress and negativity and produces healthy positive happy hormones. If you are depressed or sad running is a great relief, like 5 miles or more you can try an app called Runtastic. I am in the full belief that nature has the power to cure you and change your mood, hugging trees is a great therapy for your mood. There is a huge sense behind it each tree has different energy and vibe, even sitting under a tree and being in contact with it, makes you change your mood because you exchange your energy with it.

Listening to the sounds of nature is holly to me, waterfall, rivers, forest, wind, birds have sounds that affect your brain positively and I recommend trying to listen to them.

I like to mention that I was in 10 years of relationship, abusive one, dysfunctional and destructive to me. I wasn`t as clear back then about what I was into, but despite my fear of being alone, useless, failure, judged, and criticized I decided to walk away. I was not sure why I just feel like I was not happy, I was feeling like there was something wrong, I loved my ex, Luigi. But love was not enough, and looking back I can tell why it was not enough because he wanted me to stay small. He did not say it, but he did everything possible to keep me a cleaning lady, every time I will try to study for the university exam he would require my time.

DO NOT GET CONTENT – do not settle down.

If you are in a sad or difficult situation, they are small steps you can do to change it- you have the power to act, and only you can make those small steps. As they say, every long journey starts with one first step. All you need to do is make one step toward what you fear the most.

There is something that you can DO know, today at this moment that can change your situation, your life, and your vibration, but is not something you say or THINK- it is something you have to do – something that is OUT OF YOUR COMFORT ZONE. You are going to be inspired and achieve unthinkable and incredible things, out of your comfort, because there you have to face and overcome your own fears, and once you overcome even a small fear you get inspired and proud of yourself. There isn`t a greater feeling than being inspired by your own power when you overcome something that was terrifying for you. This is when you truly feel free and unbreakable.

Website: www.mit-interpretations.com

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