We love rebels and people who challenge the status quo, conventional wisdom and mainstream narratives and so we asked some really bright folks to tell us about one piece of conventional advice they disagree with.

Mariah Tritz | Massage therapist and yoga instructor

I hear so often that anyone can run their own business. If that we really true then the average business lifespan would be greater than 3-5 years. Running a business takes so much more than most everyone knows. It’s not just an idea and go…it takes planning and time, money and time, paperwork, contacts, time, money, knowledge, education…did I mention time and money?When I first started my business I had an idea, a loose business plan, a financial projection, and research data for both employee and consumer l ikes and dislikes.. I also knew my budget and how much I could afford to pay out each month with the money I had set up for the business to get it up and running and how much I could grow before I needed to adjust to the next location. I also had years of experience in business, a business degree, and knew how to get things set up and running correctly. Read more>>

Jeff Porter | CEO of Handbid

That you have to be the first to market. In many industries, I think it is actually better not to be first. Some of the most innovative companies and products are rarely first to market. When you are later, you can see what the first movers have done and improve upon their product or their approach. Just look at Apple Computers. They didn’t build the first MP3 player, they didn’t build and launch the first smartphone, and they didn’t launch the first smartwatch.Handbid was not the first mobile bidding solution offered. However, we were able to see what the first movers did and we improved on the idea. Read more>>

Mike Messeroff | Personal Freedom Coach and Writer

I believe in following happiness, and the money will come. Read more>>

Becky Schwartz Nuttall | Wedding Photographer + Venue Owner

Play it safe, Make sure you have a years worth of financial backing before you start a business. I started b. schwartz photography when I was in college. I had no money and little experience. I was in the midst of photography school, I didn’t want to work flipping burgers or nanny someones kids. so I used the tools I had and the talents I was given and I started a business I was 20 years old and had no idea what I was doing on the business side of things I didn’t have a ton of money in the bank, I didn’t even really have a business plan but in that season of life it didn’t feel risky, it felt like this was what you do when you are an artist, you just go for it, you make it happen! Now, almost 14 years later I have a business I am proud of, work that brings me joy and a second business born off of the same passion and drive I have to serve my couples and the love I have for weddings and events. Read more>>