We asked experts from a broad range of industries to open up to us about things they know about their industry but that we probably don’t and we’ve shared some of those responses below.

Amanda Abbott | Travel Writer & Blogger

From the outside looking in, being a Travel blogger seems like an utterly glamorous dream job. And hey, it is a dream job, or mine at least. Because, hopefully, in the best scenario, the alchemy of being a travel writer, or blogger or content creator is simply finessing the hobbies that you are passionate about anyway. And as far as jobs go, once you get established, it’s a pretty awesome gig. That aside, “outsiders” are almost always unaware of just what goes into it. i.e. the incessant amount of work. The painstaking hours you devote to perfecting aspects of your craft and developing your platforms before you make any money. Read more>>

Marissa Daniels | Travel Advisor

Travel agents are still around. A lot of people think that travel agents are a dying breed, but that’s totally not the case. We work just as hard as any other business, especially since everyone travels! A lot of people also think that we only book long, international trips. That’s not the case! Personally, a lot of the trips I book are domestic and Caribbean trips. Read more>>

Eloise Heath | Vintage and Secondhand Curator

You don’t have to be an expert to find cool things at the thrift store. I began thrifting in college to decorate my room with affordable pieces, and in doing so realized i was able to find unique decor that allowed me to express myself. I haven’t stopped thrifting since and now my home is filled with quality vintage and secondhand pieces that bring me joy. Read more>>

Hannah and Karl Schwender | Gardening and Lawn Service

From the absolute beginnings of our business, we’ve noticed an all too common, unfortunate, and extremely inaccurate stigma about landscapers, and independent contractors in general. That stigma is that we don’t really care. I think I’m speaking for all that are employed in the green industry when I say that caring about what we do is our main motivation to get up and go to work every day. To some clients, we may just be the people that mow your lawn every week…which is just fine! Read more>>

Arbol Farmers Market Team

In our industry, there is a unique experience being held of all farmers coming together. But that for each farmer and producer, there is a body of work that goes from seed to sale that is a process requesting months of work before it even appears at the farmer’s booth. From ordering seeds in the winter, planting in February, harvesting, weeding and selling throughout season. There are many hands and resources that go into the process. It’s a huge commitment and labor of love that is brought to the community in a very humble way; how much intention has been put into this moment that’s manifested to share during one day of the week at the farmers market. There is such a beautiful backstory to get to this place. Read more>>

Eric Garcia | President – Fury Fighting Championship

It’s not all fame and glory. There is a lot behind the scenes that has to be done before the big show happens. Everyone sees fight night and this glorious event but what they don’t see is the 6-8 weeks of stress that I deal with leading up to the event. Getting fighter medicals in, replacing injured fighters or fighters that fall off the card for other reasons. Dealing with venues and state commissions. Cage and production setup times and the unforeseen things that happen at weigh ins and on event night that call for last minute decision making that affect how the show plays out. I always figure it out and make it look great! Read more>>

Amber Malom | Artist & Designer

An artist, a creative, or just with a small business will tell you that they are constantly working toward their dream. Especially when it is not their full time income yet. My schedule consists of my full time job but then every free moment I have outside of that I am working on my art. What am I posting next to Instagram? What product am I making next? What clients do I need to respond to today? When is my next market and what am I preparing for it? Does my website need updating? Read more>>

Marissa Schulze | Social Media Marketing Coach & Manager

Social media marketing is essential if you have a small business. Social media is hard work, but so important—45% of the world’s population uses social media and more than 40% of digital consumers use social networks to RESEARCH new products. I wish small business owners and outsiders knew how vital social media is. I’ve had many a small business owner or entrepreneur tell me that that their cousin, daughter, or neighbor is going to run their social media. I usually give them a sweet nod, but know that that will likely fail. Read more>>

Tierra Izzo | Co-Artistic Producing Director | Artists Anonymous Theatre Company

Can you imagine logging hundreds of hours of work and not being compensated? It’s no secret that funding for the arts is often minimal at best, but something many people don’t know is that many small theatre companies don’t pay artists for their work. It’s a problem many theatre artists and companies face. The reality is that funding can be extremely hard to procure; that paired with the compelling artistic drive that inspires most people to make art at any cost is a recipe for disaster. I think artists are driven to their creative expression in a profound way and can look at their projects and justify the idea that getting the work made is more important than making work that is fiscally responsible. Read more>>

Jessie Campolo | Tattoo Artist owner of Golden Needle Tattoo Studio

When talking to others about what I do one of the first responses I often receive is ” you can do whatever you want. I bet you enjoy getting to set your own schedule and have the time off you choose. To travel and see so many places because of your work” My response is always a small giggle and a brief “I am beyond grateful for this career” because unbeknownst to them this is far from the reality of the schedule I live. Running 2 personal businesses is more than a full time job. I have worked many days I did not want too. I have sacrificed many moments with my 3 children and family to be the successful artist and business owner I am continuing to strive for. Read more>>

John Seay | CEO and Founder, SF Lifestyle and Performance

The overall time and dedication given. It’s more than just coming up with different cuts, designs and logos; it’s about the appeal that those pieces will generate in and out of the gym. Having a manufacturer and distributor to mass produce has been great but my earlier designs and concepts, I was slinging with a single tee shirt press and pressing my own vinyl. Those early beginnings have kept me humble as I still package and do the shipping. Read more>>