We asked experts from a broad range of industries to open up to us about things they know about their industry but that we probably don’t and we’ve shared some of those responses below.

Darlene Davidge | Ceramic Artist & Illustrator

My business is selling ceramic sculptures and hand-built items, such as platters, spoon holders, and other functional items. I think the one thing people are not aware of is how much time it takes. Building a sculpture or platter takes some time, but what really takes time is drying until it’s ready for the kiln. The clay has to be completely bone dry or it can explode while being fired, and the explosion can ruin other pieces ajacent to the one that explodes! Also, because of the size of my kiln, I need to make sure I have enough pieces for a full load before I can fire. That takes time. Once a load is fired, I can’t unload the kiln for a couple of days until it cools down. The pieces then need to be sanded, painted/glazed and fired again. It can take a few weeks, depending on the amount of detail. Read more>>

Adrienne Scott-Trask | Owner, Dream Creator and Operator

How much time it takes! I work seven days a week. I never really take any time off. As a fashion truck owner, in order to get the good parking spots I usually have to show up by 6am even though we usually don’t open until 8:30! I’m glad I make it look really fun and easy but it takes a lot of grit and determination to be successful. Read more>>

Moriah Nelson | Vice President of Operations

The wedding industry is, in my opinion, one of the coolest industries because almost all your marketing can be done without paying for it. I’ve worked in the restaurant industry where I worked with owners to find the best advertisements that would fit in our budget. You had to make sure you were the first, or most memorable Italian or Mexican restaurant out there because the public is oversaturated with restaurant options! When a couple begins their wedding planning they don’t really know where to begin, you don’t see tv commercials or bus benches with wedding florists or DJs on them. However, once they find a vendor they love, it becomes so easy for them to move on to the others! Social Media is one of the best marketing tools for wedding vendors because planning is so visual these days. Read more>>

Jessica Kinkelaar | Little Raven Ranch Horse Barn Manager

Many people don’t realize how much of the equine industry is all around them and how easy it is to get involved with! Barns are everywhere throughout not only Colorado, but much of the Denver metro area! They vary from show stables to small boarding facilities or rescues to huge lesson barns and include many different disciplines (hunter/jumper, dressage, western, pleasure, etc). Many offer summer camps or clinics for both children and adult, there are lesson opportunities for all ages if they want to dabble in the sport, as well as different venues that provide trail riding, volunteer opportunities or free access to watch huge rated shows. There is so much to learn about horses, and many many employment options – working in a tack or feed store or as a ranch hand, photographer, barn manager, hauler, farrier, vet assistant, course designer, judge, trainer, equine massager, groom, saddle fitter! Read more>>