We asked some of the most inspiring folks in the community to tell us where they want to be professionally by the end of their careers.

Amanda Savage Brown, PhD LCSW | Breast Implant Explant Therapist

The end goal for me is to look back at the body of my work and be able to genuinely say, “Now that was worth doing.” I’ll know it was meaningful work by the following indicators. First, my clients and the community I serve will tell me so. I’ll see that my work mattered through the changes in my clients’ lives. Nothing thrills me quite the same as seeing the women I work with reclaim their body, mind, heart, and life from things that target and harm them (including the way they treat themselves). Read more>>

Garrit Speiss | Film Maker and Processor

My end goal is never stop traveling. If I can pair shooting motion picture film with this pursuit I’d be a happy man! Not the typical tourist hotspot travel but rather the places very few see. Whether it be because it’s hard to get to, it’s mundane, or it’s extremely dangerous. I’d like to be able to tell those stories. Read more>>

Amanda Fan | Owner and Creator of Boulder Colors

It’s always been community over competition for me. I started this little venture as I way to connect with my community and support the local farmers and I hope by the end, many more people far and wide will be creating their own eco-friendly pigments. You’ve heard of the Slow Food movement, and Slow Art is next. I hope to encourage people to think more about goes what into their art supplies not just in terms of ingredients, but the process behind it as well. While it might not sound too ambitious to say, ” I hope to put myself out of business by teaching everyone to do what I do,” sustainability will always be a priority over profitability. Read more>>