People often ask about the best decision, but we think it’s also very enlightening to learn about people’s most difficult decisions and the frameworks they used to think through those decisions.

Kayla Haugen | Woodworker & Artist

In relation to my craft, certainly setting the price point on my art has been the hardest decision. I had no real expectations when I first started woodworking so pricing low seemed to satisfy the ‘shy gal’ in me. It’s more than asking yourself ‘how much do you want to make?’; it’s a question that requires me to put a value on my creative expression and that’s SO difficult! My craft is wooden geometric artworks and my passion is to inspire people to create the things they wish existed. After a year and a half of creating and experiencing some major growth, I finally found a balance of my time and what I charge. I have to be fair to myself if I want this to be a sustainable craft that I continue for years to come. Read more>>

Amy Gurrentz | Graphic Design & Illustration Artist

I was a special education preschool teacher for over 10 years for the Boulder Valley School District (BVSD). I started out as a paraeducator for what was then an autism-specific preschool program, and loved my job so much that I decided to get a masters in Early Childhood Special Education (a requirement for lead public preschool teachers at BVSD). This was a 4-year degree that I achieved while working full-time at the preschool and attending night school in Denver. It was challenging and extremely demanding, but because I had such a clear vision for what I wanted, it was easy to persevere. Read more>>

Kaitlin Harvey | Broker Associate with SLATE Real Estate Advisors

Looking back on my life, one of the most difficult decisions I made centered around attending a traditional University for my college education, as opposed to continuing on the path of becoming a professional ballerina with Colorado Ballet. From a super young age, I think it was very clear to my parents, and to me, that I was put on this planet to dance. I studied Irish Step Dancing with several schools in the Denver area, and competed (and placed) internationally. Eventually I joined The Academy of Colorado Ballet, where I had the incredible opportunity to train with Sergey Kozadayev and Zhanna Dubrovskaya, who were both trained at the Vaganova Ballet Academy. Read more>>