People often ask about the best decision, but we think it’s also very enlightening to learn about people’s most difficult decisions and the frameworks they used to think through those decisions.

Matt North | CEO & Dirtbag Adventurer

Starting a business has risks, those risks compound the larger the company gets and knowing when and how to invest back into your company can be terrifying. The hardest decision I ever had to make was signing a 3 year lease to double our current space without having the work to justify it. When the opportunity presented itself, in this case a commercial building becoming available, Read more>>

Ben Belgrad | Artist and Art Broker

“Be Here Now” has been a mantra for me ever since I came across the book by Ram Dass when I was in college. I spend every doing what I want to do which is the reason I created my own business. Sure, things come up that I am tasked with that feel like a burden, but I try to embrace all of them. Every day I get to live my end goal, by operating my business and creating my art. Eventually, I hope to bring on more of a staff to support me in my endeavor. Read more>>

Gary Miller | Owner Best Worst Cantina Media

We would love to churn out a film a year and an album a year. We’d love to produce content all the time really. We want to be able to put out video games, films, comics, and anything you can think of in the Comedy genre. Read more>>

Amber Calderone | Content Creator

Starting my own business. Read more>>

Dina Bredahl | Potter, instructor, mom and zookeeper

My goals are to be an expressive artist through my work with clay, as well as a pottery instructor with a focus on kindness and creativity. This is a new concept for me, thinking about goal-setting in an entirely new and different direction. I feel like I have met many goals in my first career, working with great apes and their caregivers at an amazing zoo, researching threats to wild orangutans and inspiring people to help save their habitat. Read more>>

Denise Robinson | Owner of Simply Bright Candle Company

Most difficult was to take that leap of faith to start a business my business. The unsettling of the unknown. Will I do will, will people like it, will they buy. It’s really hard not knowing what to expect. Read more>>