We asked some of the city’s hidden gems to tell us about what they feel is the most important factor behind their success.

Maddy and Kev | Singer/Songwriters

As artists, having creative time is invaluable. Time to write, express emotion, get lost in melodies and be inspired is central to the creative process of making music, but having good habits to support and ignite creativity is important to success. We find that hard work and discipline both in our schedule and our craft are practices that help us provide a quality product. We maintain a calendar with set practice times, writing time, periods for social media outreach, booking, and recording. To be creative with well-arranged music and quality sound we must approach our routine as both artists and businesspeople, staying organized and open to original thought simultaneously. Read more>>

Brian England | CEO – Eddyline Restaurant and Brewery

I have always been a perfectionist. Ever since I was a little kid if I didn’t do a task perfectly I would get so upset. As I grew up I realized that many times you can never achieve perfection, but the pursuit of perfection is what is important. In this pursuit of perfection I have become a life long learner and am constantly seeking knowledge. If I run across a new problem, I will diligently read, reach out to other professionals in and out of my field until I feel comfortable in tackling this new problem. Read more>>

Josh Foley | Cyclist & Student

The internet is full of articles explaining how to be successful and videos titled “Top Executives Do These Five Things Every Morning” yet many people still struggle to understand that success will not be built overnight. However, as someone who is living in the process of building my personal brand and training to become a national champion, I can share my thoughts on how I believe I WILL achieve long-term success in the future. I know I will not simply just become successful, it takes years of being consistent in all areas building fitness, Read more>>

Alexandra Pina | Virtual Assistant

Discipline and self-care. The majority, if not all, of our first 20 years of life are spent in school. By going through this system, we learn to have discipline in order to study for a test, stay organized, play a sport, while balancing school and a social life. We are rewarded for this discipline through good grades, praises, and admissions to our dream school, but, once out of school, it’s very hard to stick to that level of discipline. Yes, you have to have discipline to go to work, follow a diet, or learn a new skill, but the difference is that once you are an adult there is no reward that comes from being disciplined. Read more>>