We asked some of the city’s hidden gems to tell us about what they feel is the most important factor behind their success.

Katie Maher | One Artist -Studio/Gallery Owner

I don’t judge my own art. Loving or hating a piece will cause either stagnation of style or inability to produce. Every time I finish a painting, I say out loud, “I’ll get it next time” and move on to the next. Read more>>

Cecile Blair | Entrepreneur, CEO and Owner of Night Owl Nanny Care and Hoota Booie

Persistence has helped me succeed. Starting businesses from scratch can be tremendously hard. Especially if the business is new to you. Challenges make you stronger as a company and person, overcoming the obstacles helps your life in the future. Its overused, but “fall, get back up”. The next day will better with an optimistic attitude. Read more>>

Elle Green

Some of the habits that have helped me succeed, would be studying and playing around with the duality of music and myself! Reminding myself that I’m an artist and a fan, and using that to help me expand and study music. It helps me determine the differences between songs I like and songs I love and having the courage to explore until I find that balance. Read more>>

Elizabeth Endicott | Maker/Artist + Small Business Owner

I think to make a small business work, discipline is key. I have a very young kiddo around whom I balance my work, so I quickly learned to find times when I could fit work in: while pasta water is boiling, during afternoon quiet time, after bedtime – and I honor those commitments, whether I want to or not. On the flip side, a really important part of my creative process is to take a break every once in a while, and let the back burners of my brain come up with some new ideas while I rest. Read more>>

Kirstie Connon | Artist

Success, in my opinion, needs to come with consistency and balance. As a full time artist, and especially now in the pandemic, it can be hard to stay rooted in goals and ideas. Being consistent is key and can allow for bigger plans to take fruition. It can help to prevent burnout and keep things organized. Prioritizing smaller goals daily and staying committed to them can help me to build a business based around integrity and respect. Every week, I write myself to do lists for what i plan to get done and organize them in what is realistic and what i can reach for. With this, I can build consistency in all my different projects and paintings. Read more>>

Alexa Fitzpatrick | Signed Model

This is going to sound like basic habits but I swear by these! Growing up, I always failed to stick to a routine and would always end up lost when it came to commitments. Keeping a planner, creating a daily routine and writing down all information that I feel will be helpful are just a few things I’ve continuously done that have attributed to my success!. Read more>>

Jeff Santelli | Trainer and Educator

There are quite a few habits that have helped me succeed. One would be timeliness; whether it’s business-related or not, I believe it’s important to be timely for business meetings, training, phone calls, and other obligations. Tying in with timeliness is reliability. When I make commitments to others, I ensure I follow through no matter what challenges I may face. Another habit, following-up, I have found to be crucial with my business. Lacking follow-up can result in precluding scheduling training classes from occurring, or it may prevent future business opportunities. Another habit that surely has helped me succeed is respecting others. Those with whom I work within the course of my business, I work hard at earning their esteem and I treat them with dignity and respect. Last but not least, perseverance is an important ingredient to success. Amidst the myriad of challenges I have faced, I continue to push forward with a positive attitude and optimistic spirit. Read more>>

Chapin Dimond | Metalsmith/Jeweler

Being an artist (metalsmith/jeweler) has been a positive challenge. I love working with my hands and making shiny things. Metalsmithing lets me play with fire and experiment with the properties of different metals. It is a lot of hard work to make my art (jewelry). The process is not quick and the attention to detail is immense. Putting in the time is the best learning for me, the more I play the better my skills become. It is a good thing I see my profession as fun, since I have not learned how to balance my life yet. Hard work as an artist is very rewarding. In my studio I get to play continuously learning. Read more>>

Olive Thompson | Photographer

Decreasing negative self-talk! I think it’s pretty common to have a negative inner monologue, but asking yourself: “Am I saying this because I love myself? Or because I hate myself?” is SO effective when filtering out criticism versus constructive criticism. Read more>>

Stephen Nilsen | Vice President of Cult Indoctrination – Liquid Death

Being a father of identical twin (now teenage) boys. Being authentic. Eye contact. ALWAYS doing what I say I’m going to do. Being organized. Work/life balance. Looking @ things with a different lens. Firm handshake. Driven to having fun…..and bringing those around me for the ride. I applaud other’s success(es). I’m not afraid to point out a wrong. Read more>>

Belsy Larin | Hairstylist- I Speak Hair

The habit that have helped me succeed the most has been always surrounding myself with positive people. I love being around people that lift you, make you smile, have ambitions also want success and never settle. I have this habit which is listening to my clients, I often slow down my listening when they’re explaining what they previously done with their and where they would ideally love to be. Self care has been a habit I keep pushing more and more because sometimes it’s ok to be a little selfish take a day off unwind and relax detox the mind. That way I can be fully present for my clients. Read more>>

Amy Park | Graphic Designer For CPG Companies + Business Owner

Over the course of my business, I’ve gradually changed how I function on both a professional and personal level. I’m constantly thinking of ways to improve and adjusting my habits as I go. I’ll highlight a few of the most important ones below. Around 2016, my future husband, Corey, and I were living in West Chester, PA. We moved there for his career and knew nobody. Because we had no friends, and my office was behind our couch in the living room, I developed a horrible habit of working all of the time. The first thing I would do when I woke up, was check my work emails on my phone. That would prompt be to become incredibly anxious about a task or two, so I’d hop up, and to my computer, before doing anything else. A few hours later, it would be 11am, and I would still be plugging away, not having changed out of my pajamas, or performed any of my morning self-care rituals. Read more>>