We asked some of the city’s hidden gems to tell us about what they feel is the most important factor behind their success.

Silvia Andaya | Owner and Executive Chef, Adelitas Cocina Y Cantina, La Doña Mezcaleria

Kindness, consistency and persistence. Kindness – We value the efforts of each of our patrons to make it through the obstacles in their own lives. Understanding that it is not easy, we want to provide a place of warmth, good food and friendly service. We are proud that Denver is a city of inclusivity, and in this spirit, we are proud of the diversity we see in our restaurant day in and day out. Consistency – Many of our recipes are hundreds of years old and in observance of the cultures and traditions from which they come to the present age, we are careful to prepare all our offerings in accordance with those who made them originally, generations ago. By doing justice to our ancestors, we therefor do justice to our patrons. Read more>>

Anna Burr | Attorney

It’s easy to get lost in trying to balance working “in” the business and working “on” the business. Rather than leaving each day up to chance, keeping a planner with a master list of “to-do’s” is very helpful. If I have been diligent in planning out my day, I’m much more productive. The work also has a natural ebb and flow. When the workload is down, that’s a great time to focus on marketing, client experience, and improving systems. Now that so much of my work is at home, improving the work environment has also been important to success. And I think people forget about the natural sounds of working in an office and how different it can be transitioning into a quieter, home environment. Adding background noise has made a huge difference in my productivity, which translates into greater success. Read more>>

Heather Hakes | Author|Speaker|Coach

Your habits dictate your life. I’ve been on my own journey and fully immersed in psychology and human potential for years. These have taught me that it’s possible to unlearn behaviors and patterns that don’t serve us such as procrastination, distraction, and other forms of numbing out. Becoming aware has given me the opportunity to be proactive in creating my ideal reality rather than reactive and living life by default. Some key habits that help keep me on track are morning routines – meditation, visualization and movement. This helps me to be intentional with my day. I have found that scheduling tasks is the best way to get them done rather than writing a to-do list. And, finally, I spend my free time listening to audios that motivate, inspire and teach me rather than watch the news or TV. Read more>>

Michael | LGBTQ+ Advocate, Social Media Manager, Owner of Michael Garcia Media

Waking up early, reading daily, working on self care and surrounding myself with a good support team! Read more>>

Morgan Garza | Business Alchemist + Empowerment Consultant

I have a funny relationship with habits. I am torn between intuitive action that flows and consistent structure and a container. When I started my first company in 2017, I was also working full time and taking on freelance work. I was truly overworked and getting burnt out easily, so one habit I developed to help keep me sane and on task was to give myself nourishing breaks between tasks. I would have a solo dance party, go for a walk, listen to a podcast, or just stare at the wall. When I felt my creativity fleeting and my energy level dropping, doing something completely different from work was always energizing. Now that I am running my own business, have quit my full time job, and left the first company I started at the end of 2019, I am fully in my own flow, on my own time. Read more>>

Dr. Shelese Pratt | Naturopathic Doctor and Owner of The Pratt Clinics

I think habits are a big part of success. Looking at the long game is essential for business. Your business isn’t going to be immediately successful, it takes time to build. You need to keep your overhead low, work long hours, take set back and failure as lessons, be passionate about what you do, be authentic in what you do and know that mindset and relationships are a cornerstone of any strong business. Read more>>

Jen West | Pole Fitness Studio Owner & Instructor

Studio 3sixT has been in business since 2011 and obviously we couldn’t be successful without people and a welcoming environment. Since we specialize in pole dancing, and that can come with it’s own set of what people think they need to be or have to be to dance, We want anyone who comes to a class to feel comfortable and supported. The support system comes not only from the owner and instructors but also from other members, which in turn leads to a great experience. We celebrate one another and the achievements we make in classes and outside of classes if one chooses to share. I have seen many friendships made at the studio and it’s a beautiful thing. Read more>>

Michelle Peiffer | Holistic Health Entrepreneur

When I first started my business I was a laid back free spirit who never planned a thing, Just went with the flow of life. But I soon realized this would not benefit me running my own business. If I wanted to truly create something with impact, income and flexibility I had to shift my mindset. I started taking trainings, going to seminars, reading personal development books and listening to podcasts. I soon found myself scheduling my life and I LOVED IT! Scheduling family, business, friends and more gave me freedom. It gave me the ability to put my family first while still creating a thriving business and brand. It also made me more productive. As I sit down to work each day I know exactly what needs done because it has all been planned out. I then took the same approach to my social media. Read more>>

Melanie King | Jam Connoisseur

Setting weekly and daily intentions before diving into your workload is key for me. I am a naturally introspective entrepreneur, so I tend to analyze what I respond to , what resonates with who I am, what works and what doesn’t work and I make small incremental tweaks. I think it’s really important, as a small business owner, to understand that this is a marathon that does not necessarily have a finish line and that success cannot be measured by how fast you get “there.” “There” is constantly evolving and if you are willing and able to adapt to change, you will thrive. Knowing your market, trusting and truly enjoying the people and not the statistics, will ensure that you will be happy. Happiness is the ultimate return on investment. Read more>>