We asked some of the most creative folks we know to open up to us about why they chose a creative career path. Check out their responses below.

Sarah Liao | Outdoor Photographer & Filmmaker & Digital Strategist

I grew up in a creative household with my parents putting my brother and I through art and music classes during our childhood. While other kids were canoeing and playing tug-of-war at traditional summer camps, I was sitting in a chilled ceramics room sculpting clay figurines and patiently sitting on a stool learning how to oil paint a tiger. My creative ambitions from my grandfather. He could pick up a few rocks off of the sidewalk at a park and then create a mini model of Huangshan in China. He could find scrap pieces of wood behind an alleyway and construct a little chair for my room. Read more>>

Linds Christopher | Casting & Entertainment Professional

There’s an old saying I’ve heard a million times and it goes, “if you CAN do something else, do it, but if your heart aches at the thought of doing anything other than this, that’s how you know.” I heard it when I wanted to go competitive in figure skating, I heard it again when I was getting into acting, and a third time when I started my Bachelor of Journalism. With all of these outlets, I obviously realized not only was there something else I COULD do, there was something else I WANTED to do. However, through every new opportunity, a few things stayed true: I feel unfulfilled if my position is not social, creative, collaborative, active, and challenging. Read more>>

Kelsey Kaplan | Wedding Photographer & Videographer

I’ve been in art classes pretty much since I could hold a pencil. After discovering that painting, drawing, and pottery weren’t my forte and the science and math route definitely wasn’t my calling, I turned my interest towards video editing and photography. I was instantly hooked, it’s something that came really naturally to me! I learned Photoshop in 7th grade and does anyone remember Windows Movie Marker? Yep. That was my middle school and early high school jam! Read more>>

Rebecca Sherrow | Food Photographer & Recipe Developer

I came from a unique family in that a majority of my close relatives worked in artistic careers. My father is an author, my grandfather was a custom jeweler, one uncle makes custom hats for Hollywood and another two others design and build custom houses, so for me, pursuing a non-traditional career was not something out of the ordinary. When my work as a photographer began to be noticed and brands started reaching out to me with proposals, there really wasn’t any question in my mind as to whether this was the right path to pursue. I had excellent role models who we’re successfully self-employed as artistic entrepreneurs to look to for encouragement. Read more>>

Abby Shepard | Wedding Photographer & Content Creator

I didn’t start out pursuing a creative career. When I graduated high school, I wanted to be a doctor because I wanted to help people. My mom was a doctor, and medicine seemed like the best way to help people, so I went off to college and decided to major in environmental science on a pre-med track. At the end of my first semester, I was miserable. I was taking primarily math and science classes and it just wasn’t for me. I met with my college advisor and told them that I missed being creative. He suggested that I add a minor in industrial design. I didn’t know what industrial design was at the time, but my advisor described it as “architecture for things”. Read more>>

Nastasia Zibrat | Lifestyle Photographer

To answer this question fully, I need to start at the very beginning. Growing up in Slovenia, on the brink of war for its independence from the rest of Yugoslavia, I found solace in the arts, even as young child. When I was 5 years old, I asked my parents for piano lessons, and they said: “Sure, but you’ll have to become a concert pianist,” and so I did. I played my first solo concert at the age of 9, toured, won both national and international competitions, and continued my studies all the way to another continent, eventually receiving a B.Mus. with honors from the University of Toronto in Canada. Read more>>

Sam Ross | Visual Artist

It was truly a coin toss when I was a kid; either be someone who lives at home in their parents’ basement and plays video games, or pursue a creative career. Thankfully the coin landed on creative. All joking aside, life would be dull if I did not pursue my desires. I loved creating from the get go. It’s an innate instinct that comes from the silent, benign voices within. For me a blank canvas is a world of opportunity, a place where anything is possible. It’s a way for me to communicate a feeling or message to an audience. There’s nothing else quite like it. Read more>>

Leah Crane | Singer & Social Worker

I have always loved to perform and bring joy to others. I distinctly remember asking my parents, their friends and family watch while I showed them my latest dance routine or song I had been learning. In the beginning for me it was dance, and my parents drove me to dance lessons every night of the week for many years. I thrived on learning a new routine, practicing it to make it the best of my ability, and being able to perform in competitions. Wanting to make my parents proud and make people smile was always the goal. At the age of 8, I entered my first competition singing the “Rainbow Connection.” Read more>>