It’s easy to get caught up in the day to day, but it’s important to stop and ask: what’s the end goal? Knowing where you are trying to go is step one in getting there and so we’ve asked some folks we admire to tell us their end goal and where they want to be by the end of their careers.

Wasso Kozlina IV | Painter

My personal end goal is to be at the top in my genre. I don’t necessarily need to make the most money but I want to feel and know I belong among the greats I admire so much. So by the end of my career, when I can’t paint anymore, I hope to have given it my all. I hope that I have reached my unknown potential. Read more>>

Raenu Alena | Nail Artist

I never thought about an end goal much until the last couple years, but I would really love to have my own product line and be able to travel to educate nail professionals about my products. I love trying new brands and it’s always so interesting to see how different some products perform, but it’s also just fun to receive new nail goodies in the mail! I think continuing education is so important for nail professionals and I love that I see more companies and techs offering that. I’ve always had a passion for helping others and I would love to share everything I’ve learned in my nail career! Read more>>

Shabana Waheed | Certified Personal Trainer, Nutrition coach & Senior Fitness Specialist

I think, for me, there is no real end goal. I think, as long as I am helping people achieve their fitness goals and feel welcome and wanted in the gym and fitness space, I’ve achieved my goal… but it’s not the end goal. I want the fitness industry as a whole to be inclusive of all people, genders, body types and fitness levels. Where, if you walk into a gym and you’ve never picked up a dumbbell before, you don’t feel like you don’t belong there. You feel like you can ask someone for help and be welcome into a community. Not this toxic elite fitness culture we see so much of right now. Read more>>