Artists and creatives face innumerable challenges given that their career path often doesn’t come with a playbook, a steady paycheck or any form of safety net. It’s definitely not easy and so we asked a few of the artists and creatives we admire to talk to us about why they chose to pursue an artistic or creative career.

Nurefsan Gokalp Gurkaynak | Chemical Engineer & Digital Product Creator

When I started my ‘digital prints’ business, I did not target to have a career in that area. I started this business because I love photography and I love making handmade items. At the beginning, I just wanted to share my work with people to see their reaction. Because positive reactions and reviews motivates me. However, even if I cannot get enough sales, I keep taking photos. Because this is my hobby and catching the moment makes me happy. Also, I am designing new digital signs because I love handmade items; Read more>>

Gracie Phoenix | African Music Promoter

In 2010, I decided to showcase Afrobeat, which was an underrepresented music genre that I supported through various media outlets, including my own platforms. To put it simply, I was determined to expose these artists and their talents on a mainstream scale in the U.S. Read More>>

Liz Chacon | Face and Body Artist

When I think back as a young child, I remember being creative in many different ways, so, it was natural for me to pursue an artistic/creative career. I have always had a strong passion for creating something with my imagination. I decided to take the face and body art route because I genuinely love being around children. I studied childcare in my country and when I moved I decided to do something that involved both children and art. Read more>>

Chuck Ceraso | Artist and instructor

I started college as a math major. Second year calculus lost me and I decided I didn’t want to be a mathematician but had no idea what else I might want to do. I considered psychology and writing as majors, heavily leaning toward psychology. But still that didn’t seem like it lit me up that much.. I took an introductory studio art course, thinking it’d be an easy grade, but as I had never done any artwork, I wasn’t thinking it would be anything more than that. Read more>>

Tucker Farris | Sociologist, Social Theorist, Philosopher, Author, Nocturnal

Most might not consider the field of sociology, and the halls of academia to be that much of a space conducive to artistic expression or creative introspection. Personally, in my pursuit of the science of sociology, I have come to the realization that it in and of itself is not a “science,” but rather, is an art. It is a craft that must be honed and practiced in order to allow one to find their rhythm, style, and voice in the unending world of academia. Personally, I have found that my work in social theory and social philosophy leans far heavier towards the side of creative exploration, imagination, and composition than it does towards the sides of experimentation, research, replication, and generalizability. Read more>>

Antonio Trujillo (TXNITRUE) | Rapper & Entrepreneur

I chose an artistic career because it was everything i knew as a youth. I grew up hearing the music that my mother and father loved and it always Had a big influence on me. Both my mom and dad are very talented people as well.My dad Use to be a tattoo artist and my mom would listen to the latest pop songs at the time. I come from a large family of grandchildren on my dads and moms side, A lot of my cousins, uncles, and aunties are Musicians, Artists and have Chosen paths in the art and entertainment industry as well. Read more>>

Ari Honarvar | Author, journalist, artist, and Musical Ambassador of Peace

The honest answer is that I didn’t choose a creative career. As it’s true with many of my peers, the art chose me. I was studying cancer research (melanomagenesis) in grad school when I was recruited by Nikon’s microscope division and worked in the biotech industry for a few years. I hadn’t really painted or written outside of technical papers for school. I had never considered earning a living as an artist. But the Persian poetry of my childhood kept beckoning me. I began reciting poetry aloud in Farsi, Read more>>

Kodie and Felisha Simon and Butler | Writers & Podcasters

Being military spouses for the last 10 years, we’ve experienced quite the rollercoaster of military life. After sharing a few of our personal experiences with friends, we knew others would relate to the thoughts we had. We started writing, blogging, and podcasting about them. Social media was a great tool that allowed us to tap into our creative side. Being able to voice how we were feeling and the moment or experiences we may have had that related with others was extremely fulfilling Read more>>

Luis Gonzalez | Content Creator

I pursued a creative career because I love the idea of creating an online business with the ability to work from home and on my own schedule but I also wanted to be able to make people laugh and smile with my content and I enjoy editing every video I make for my social media channels too Read more>>

Jay The Rarest | Artist, Producer & Entrepreneur

I truly believe it’s what I was meant for, I believe it’s my calling. I can’t run away from it no matter what, it’s literally been my whole life. Art is the thing that makes me feel the most alive, I truly have a real love and passion for art not even just music but all forms of art. I’m an artist myself in multiple forms, I always have been literally since the day I was born. Music became a form of art I engaged in at 9 years old. I’ve never lost my love of art. Art is timeless and will survive us all so, I also look at art as leaving pieces of yourself for the world to remember you by in the grand scheme of things. I’m an artist and I believe art is the most powerful, prolific, and important thing ever because how influential it is. Read more>>

Jessica Miller | WanderBird Photographi

When I was a little girl I couldn’t get enough field trips to Art Galleries and treasured spending my time adventuring the Appalachian Mountains and East Coast with my family. My love for vibrant colors, dancing light, and the natural flora and fauna spoke to me at a very early age. I was mesmerized watching Bob Ross painting his magical pictures, and would spend hours poring through Ansel Adams’ art, National Geographic, Frank Lloyd Wright’s work and Architectual Magazines. My father had his own darkroom and shared his love of nature photography with me, so when I recieved my first camera for my seventh birthday, I started taking pictures of everything that excited me about the outdoors. Read more>>

Corinna Sayward | Muralist & Freelance Artist

I pursued an artistic career because, creating art was something I was doing every day and has always been a huge part of my life. I knew I wanted to figure out a way to spend more of my time painting and creating art. Gearing myself towards becoming a full time artist felt like a natural progression, especially with all of the support I have/had around me. Being able to use my creativity to support myself brings me immense happiness daily. Read more>>