We asked some of the city’s leading artists and creatives to tell us about how they decided to pursue an artistic or creative career. We’ve shared some highlights below.

Zan Waller | Musician, Dad, friend… old man. That’s a joke… but I am.

I retired from the military 5 years ago, as a military musician. After which my family and I moved back to my hometown of Montrose CO. I later decided that I wanted to continue my career as a musician. I love jazz and lover performing for people! Read more>>

Sid Madrid | Electronic Recording Artist. Musician, Author

Choosing an artistic path was the only idea that really moved me. I could never imagine myself doing anything else. I have always liked the idea of leaning into what you love and playing to your strengths. I’ve worked several odd jobs throughout my journey but the goal has always been putting everything back into the art, back into the music. I can’t decide whether this is obsession or dedication, but it fuels the process none the less. Read more>>

Grégoire Blanc | Musician and thereminist

I think it was actually… an accident! Even though music has always been part of my life, I never considered seriously to make it a profession until quite recently. As a child, nothing gave me more excitement than exploring new musical instruments. I could stand captivated with any kind of sound-making device for hours, be it a piano, a toy accordion, or even a simple rubber band… Read more>>

Rick Berk | Fine Art Landscape Photographer

I’m not sure much thought went into it. From as far back as I can remember, I was always drawing or painting, first with crayons and watercolor, and then with pencils and acrylics and pastels. I discovered photography while in college for Graphic Design, and was immediately hooked the first time I developed my first roll of film and made my first print. Read more>>

Jeff Chelf | Artist/Musician

I stumbled into art over the course a decade and actually started my career as a wooden boat builder. From there I spent years building furniture, though over time my curiosity drove the work further from craft to focus on the conceptual aspects of the work. Over the years I’ve taken numerous detours from art only to be pulled back in by another curiosity. Read more>>

Marissa Forbes | Art and Poetry Instructor & Creative Writer

While in undergrad at Pratt Institute and grad school at The New School NY, I had to work to provide for myself, so I always thought that’s how my life would roll out: needing to have a “sensible” job while pursuing my passions on the side. For much of my professional life that’s what I did; Read more>>