What’s the right balance between work and non-work time? The traditional 9-5 has slowly disappeared with the emails and zoom and texting going far beyond traditional business hours. We asked members of our community to share with us how they think about work-life balance.

Mallory Choate | Registered Dietiitan & Nutrition Coach

Balance is such a tricky concept – which is why I focus on it so much in my work! I have always been a very type-A, achiever type of gal, so I’ve done my fair share of working multuple jobs at a time, being a full time student while working full time, building my business while working another job, and adding a thousand things to my plate at once. After facing severe burnout multiple times in my 20’s, I am so intentional with creating boundaries around work. both with my business and with other aspects of my life. Read more>>

Jake DeMarco | Sessions Musician & Bassist

For me, work is playing music and doing what I love. But it started out much different. Writing, performing, and recording music was always a dream of mine and it was my space to get away from the world for a little. I worked in a restaurant for a long time and played in groups around Denver on my days off, but soon enough I started getting hired more, getting to travel more, and getting to do what I loved more. With that, I saw an opportunity to pursue music full time. Now that my work life has shifted, and I am fortunate enough to sustain myself as a musician, It’s been interesting to see my work lifestyle turn into what I always dreamed of. Read more>>

Priscilla Natyve | CEO + Creative Director at Digital Cultivation

As a wife and mother of 3 kids under 4 y/o, I have no choice but to find balance! I grew up a night owl, I loved to stay up late, party with friends, nothing too crazy. I’ve always been a kid at heart and grew up quite privileged, so when I became a mother, real-life hit me like a bullet train! I’m extremely honored and grateful for the experience of motherhood because it gave me the courage to start my business. It forced me to take a big look at my life and helped me to learn the lessons I refused as a teenager. I believe that having balance is the key to inner peace! Read more>>

Camilla Vaitaitis | Pianist, Vocalist, & Composer

As a freelance musician, I have a very unique work life balance. I wear many different hats between playing gigs, teaching, and working for an educational jazz non-profit. I rarely have the same schedule two weeks in a row. Because my job is also my biggest passion and hobby, sometimes it’s difficult to create any kind of separation, but it also means that I’m almost always doing something I enjoy, even when I’m working. I’ve definitely had to set boundaries with time to allow myself not to get lost in the sea of constantly doing something music related, and I feel like recently I’ve achieved a very good balance. Read more>>

Eric Mau | The Head Nomad

Work life balance when you own a business doesn’t really come into play. Because if you believe in something so much and you love what you are doing to build towards the future, you would sacrifice the balance now to make it in the later years! Read more>>

Andrea Sponseller | Horse Carriage Service Owner

Balance is definitely dynamic. Various factors that are out of our control can have a significant effect on how balanced we feel at the time. Over time, my full time careers have affected my personal balance. I’ve found solace in using my small business to serve as a way to recalibrate. It has always been an incredible creative outlet, a facilitator for new friendships, connections, and collaborations, and a conduit for spreading love. I’m honored to be included in the celebration of couples love and their guests love for them. Read more>>

Aubrey Fletcher | Adventure Elopement Photographer

Work/life balance is an ongoing challenge for me. I have two young children, a husband who runs his own business, and my own business to run. Keeping my life at a balance is a MUST. If I neglect one aspect the other seems to fall apart as well. So how do I do it? I SET BOUNDARIES. I will preface this by saying, it is difficult for me to set boundaries, I hate saying, “no.” But, boundaries are a big deal for me to keep my business, home-life, and myself excelling in the right direction. Read more>>

Sidney Petitgout | Business Owner & Calligrapher

Work life balance can be a tricky thing to manage. When first starting this business I believed that in order to be successful I had to work around the clock. Whether I was completing orders, messaging clients or coming up with new signage ideas I felt every extra hour was so crucial in growing a business. After doing that routine for a couple of months I began to feel as though it was hurting my business rather then helping it grow. Read more>>