Are you a risk taker? Do you think you have a stronger appetite for risk relative to your friends and family? We asked some folks from the community about their approaches to risk and have shared their thoughts below.

Brooke Hill | Adventure Elopement + Wedding Photographer

A long time ago I learned that all that I’ve ever wanted is found outside of my comfort zone. I believe in order to grow, we must challenge ourselves to reach beyond the ordinary. When I was 22, I was working 3 jobs and barely making ends meet. I would tell people, “I’m a nanny for a family. I also work as a caregiver for women with special needs. Oh, and I also do a little bit of photography on the side.” Later that year I met a National Geographic photographer that helped me discover confidence within myself. Read more>>

Abby Shepard | Wedding and Elopement Photographer

I took a pretty big risk in my business and my personal life recently. I quit my full-time job, went full-time in my photography business, moved across the country from Delaware to Colorado, and moved in with my (now former) partner. There were multiple reasons for me to move in general, but I moved specifically to Colorado to be with him. He broke up with me less than 6 months after I moved. Read more>>

Jaime Hinckson | Pianist & Producer

You can’t get a six if you don’t roll the dice! My musical career has been all about taking risks that everyone usually advises against. Over the years, I’ve come to find that most people are comfortable with playing it safe. But when your mind is set on higher goals and pushing the brink, you come to realize there’s no choice but to walk the path less traveled. It is a lonely road with an unknown destination, but always worth it to know that you had the bravery to take the first step in that direction. Read more>>

Moon Lavender | Shamanic Witch, Sound Alchemist, Metaphysics Educator, CYT

Risks are part of the package when you decide to be an entrepreneur. The work I do involves getting hands-on with the spiritual community. You spend lots of time, money, and effort on endeavors you’re not sure will have a payout! However, the reward isn’t always money; it’s in the heart. It’s the joy you feel when you take a risk and it goes well. When you see a smile on your client’s face when they have a breakthrough. When you trust the universe to provide your paycheck or fund a trip. Read more>>

Jerrell Mixon | T.R.A.P THE BRAND CEO

Honestly risk taking have put me in a lot of good and bad situations. I’m thankful for the times i bumped my head because it made me much stronger and much wiser with some risks I was taking. Not all risk are bad I disagree when people offer bias comments about risk taking .. Some risks are very smart and will set you for life . Taking chances and stepping out on faith help me more then I could imagine. Times I didn’t have the faith in myself but I had to work 40 to 50 hours plus just to fund my vision. Somethings worked out some didn’t but I just keep going . Read more>>

Crowned Royalty | Musician/Artist

Taking risks for me is important, because I feel risk taking is what helps you grow. I’ve taken big risks, even though it may of meant I will lose followers or gain no interest in what I want my brand to be all about. For me the biggest risk was changing my brand into mainstream because I wanted to reach the world and make music people would relate too. And I feel that decision has helped me be opened and have growth as an artist. Read more>>

Bruce Borowsky | Filmmaker

Risk is a funny thing – you either love it or hate it. I guess I enjoy “some” risk, but not “too” much. I moved out to San Francisco early in my career – I didn’t know anyone, I just knew that I wanted to escape Florida. I found a room in a house in Haight Ashbury on my second day there, and got a job on my third day. Over the next couple of years, I ended up working for a very famous photographer, as well as getting my Masters degree; things I never, ever expected. Read more>>

Judi Lightfield | Artist and poet

Every blank canvas is a risk or an opportunity. I don’t have an image in mind when I start. There may be a feeling, a mood, or an idea. It starts with broad strokes and choices of color. Color is the riskiest element. Because I work in oils color and they dry slowly they can turn to mud inside of 90 seconds. Objects appear and disappear. The sky becomes a beach, a valley becomes a hill. I wait around until I see something that I like, the way the colors fuse together, the way the illusion of space appears. Often times I get stuck I’m not seeing anything I like. Read more>>

Mary Ruth and Greg Vincent | Glen-Isle proprietors

My husband, Greg and I found Glen-Isle Resort for sale in July of 2016. We made an offer the following month, and we didn’t close on the property until July 21, 2017. Greg and I had successful careers in education. I was a middle school teacher, and Greg was a high school principal. We had benefits, retirement accounts, and very safe and successful careers. When we found Glen-Isle in the state of disrepair, to the point that many banks declined loaning money to restore the property, our attorney told us that we would be foolish to pursue the dream of seeing Glen-Isle restored. Read more>>

Alvin AKA Alimo | Producer & Artist

Risk for me is the clearing of my schedule. I completely cleared up everything that didn’t serve me or align with my purpose. It’s the hanging out, partying, and meaningless jobs that started to feel heavy so I cut some relationships and jobs off. Read more>>

Brent Fletcher | Certified Professional Inspector/ Small Business Owner

I have always believed that we are presented with two options, security or opportunity, and both take a 40+ hour work week. It is no secret that starting a business is a risk and a risk that I needed to take if I was to grow as a person. But I am also a father, and I could not risk my children’s security. So, for me, to take the risk of starting a business, I had to keep my previous job and that meant working 80-100 hours a week. Risk is opportunity, but just because there is opportunity, does not always mean you can risk everything. You have to be smart about it, and great opportunity requires great effort. There are no shortcuts. Read more>>