Artistic and creative careers are among the most rewarding, but they also come with unique challenges. We asked some of the city’s best creatives to tell us why they choose to pursue a creative career.

chase prikkel | portrait & wedding photographer

i kind of fell in love with it over “pursuing it”. i was in school for social science education & i met some photographers and fell in love with this medium of creating because of them. i’ve always been into art & creating, but i looked at photography kind of as unskilled creation. i don’t remember ever being moved or inspired by photographs until i watched my friends create. while painting & drawing are very secluded outlets for me, photography is so community oriented. Read more>>

Shelby McIntosh | Artist

Munster Art formed from a chalk drawing on the park tarmac. Art has always been a part of my life, it gave me so much perspective that I felt the need to begin sharing those views as an adult. Pursuing other fields has always been interesting but I cannot go more than a couple of days without creating and that was a sign from the start that art is my industry. It is always challenging your longevity, offering means of expression, and connecting you with others and I love everything about it. Read more>>

Matty Miller | Artist, Illustrator, & Educator

I’m passionate about play, expression, & connection. I’ve found that an artistic career allows me to live every day of my life with those core values. Whether I’m teaching and connecting with people through shared creative experiences, or working in my studio, I wake up feeling grateful to live a meaningful life. Read more>>

Daniel Easley | Woodworker, Composer & Audio Engineer

There was a point that it became clear to me, that creative people have an absolute need to be creative. I’d always enjoyed making music, for nearly my entire life, and after meeting my wife, Kelsey – a brilliant architect and designer – I discovered another passion for building things. In seven years of working a full time job as a data analyst, the feeling steadily grew that I was spending the majority of my waking hours doing something that gave me little to no fulfillment, and depriving me of the energy that I wanted to spend on my creative passions. As it turned out, my wife felt the same. Read more>>

Dame | Recording Artist

I’ve been writing music since I was seven, and I used to actually draw and make my own comic books all the way up until my Junior year in High School where i started taking poetry and music a little more serious. Filmmaking really got a hold of me during High School too. I guess I was just always in my own creative mind since I can remember. I’ve always said my mind wanders too much creatively to be stuck at a cubicle. Read more>>

Anya Summers | Bestselling Romance Author

For many years I did the traditional route when it came to my career. I worked a normal nine to five desk job barely making ends meat, and this is after receiving both a bachelors and masters degree. And I loathed every blessed second of it, from the commute during rush hour to needing to ask permission to go to the restroom to the days of not getting time away for lunch to dealing with a narcissistic boss who liked to use me as his personal emotional punching bag. Read more>>