Is there a book you still think about? Perhaps a book that made you challenge your beliefs, attitudes about life, work, politics or culture? Has there been a book that deepened your convictions or broadened your worldview? These are among the questions we asked some thoughtful members of our community recently and we’ve shared their responses below.

Danica Najar-Redin | Actress & Model

The end goal is to besuccessful, I would love to be able to say I made it in the Acting/ Modeling Industry, I’ve been working so hard to get to where I am now that it would be so heartwarming to tell my child Mommy did it. Read more>>

Abby Schissler | Lodging Venue Owner, Bella Vista Estate

My end goal is to make a big impact on my community and for the guests that we host. I believe we already do make a lasting impression on our guests as they are coming to us to celebrate huge life-cycle events. By the end of my career, I hope that I am remembered for having a generous heart and providing a space to bring people together to connect and get back to what matters. Our big goal that gives us momentum to move forward is to live a 50/50 lifestyle. We want to live off of 50% and give 50% back to the community. Read more>>

Dylan Wilkerson | Personal Trainer

Ultimately the end goal is to help and motivate as many individuals as I can!! I try my hardest to really make finding themselves a huge part of my practice. I feel as though we’re always moving through the hassle and bustle of things with life, love m, friends etc that we forget who we truly are. I would love to be able to simply support my family with my passion for fitness! I have been a certified coach for close to a year and a half now and have loved every minute. I am looking or get my certification in nutrition as well so I can also help people with their diets!! Read more>>