The Decision Makers Series is one of our staff’s favorite because decision making is a topic that so many of us have studied deeply.

Rachel Jensen | Tarot Reader + Massage Therapist

Curiosity Curiosity has led me down the most important paths of my life. By asking the simple question “what if?” I have changed my career, friendships, relationship with myself, and my spirituality. Curiosity means I don’t have to have all the answers or have an opinion about everything right away, it simply means that I have to be open to a different way of viewing the world. This might mean I explore an idea and then put it down after a while. Or maybe I try and see the world from someone else’s perspective. Curiosity has helped me minimize fear and judgment and instead enter into new ideas with a sense of playfulness and not taking the outcome so seriously. Read more>>

Aaron LaPedis | Gallery Co-Owner

This is going to sound kind of sappy – but it was meeting my wife. Not only did I meet her through my art gallery, but she has also changed the direction of the business. At one point, I was selling mainly animation artwork and sports memorabilia, and though that was quite successful, we decided to change the direction of the gallery to high-end fine art. We are now known throughout the world for representing some of the greatest artists there are, such as Bernie Taupin, Ringo Starr, Tom Everhart, Peter Max, Michael Godard, and many others. Read more>>

Eric Phillips | Photographer, Videographer, and Social Media Marketer

The single most important decision I’ve made is moving to Colorado. Some context, I was 19 and working on my sophomore year of college at the University of Wisconsin – Green Bay pursuing a degree in Environmental Science. I was also working as a snowboard instructor at the nearest ski resort on the weekends, Halfway through the winter I realized that I cared more about progression my education as a snowboard instructor than any of my classes at the college. I knew then and there that I was not going down the right path and needed a major life change. I ended up finding the recreation and outdoor education program and Western Colorado University in Gunnison Co, and immediately new I needed to apply. I had this gut instinct that moving to Colorado and attending the ROE (Recreation and Outdoor Education) was what I needed in my life. I moved out here sight unseen, and really program unseen. That decision to follow my gut and take on a major life shift was the single most important decision of my career. Read more>>

Robert Sher-Machherndl | Choreographer

One the most important decision I have ever made was to emigrate to the United States. This came after completing a full and successful stage career in Europe. It was certainly helped by being granted an “Alien of Extraordinary Abilities” visa by the US government allowing me permanent residence in this country. The opportunity presented whole new beginning, and allowed me to reinvent myself as a choreographer, and explore contemporary movement in new and surprising ways. I am very grateful for this. Read more>>