Webster doesn’t know everything. Some words can’t be defined by a dictionary. Rather they are defined by our values, ethos, and principles. We asked hidden gems from the community about how they define success and have shared their responses below.

Heather Whelpley | Speaker, Author, Women’s Leadership Development Consultant

My definition of success comes down to a few key words: Big Impact. Big Joy. Big Simplicity. This is not typically how our culture tells us to define success. The message is more like: Big impact, big team, big money. Bigger, better, MORE! Don’t get me wrong. I want to grow. I want to make good money. But I want to do it in a way that works for me and creates positive impact. Read more>>

JJ Morris | Chef/restaurant owner/wholistic health coach

Success to me is finding the right ratios in life. Feeling in balance between relationships, free time, work, health, fun and rest is so important. If you can make a happy living from what you do and also make that work in all areas of your life, you have found success. Read more>>

Kevin Andrezejewski | Global Humanitarian, Community Leader and Adventure Seeker

I feel that success is defined by the life experiences that are fulfilling to you and contribute to a better world. This can be as simple as focusing priorities to spend time with family to learning and experiencing a new culture to appreciate the differences in people. I measure my own success by the underlying reasonings to being healthy, happy and being mindful of the opportunity to be present in the monument. Read more>>