Every overnight success we’ve seen has been years in the making. And those overnight successes are rarely because of an amazing idea or a stroke of luck. We asked some of our favorite folks from the community about what characteristics are at the heart of their success story?

Cassie Urban | Elopement Photographer

Success looks different for everyone, and it’s taken me quite a bit to realize that! For Cassie Urban Photo, I mainly attribute my success to putting in the work to build relationships with my clients. In order for me to have a successful business, I need to have genuine connections with the people I’m taking photos of. To do this, I initially send a questionnaire to learn about the couple–how they met, how the proposal went, what they love about each other, etc. Read more>>

Margaret Paradise | Co-Owner/Operator

Our business has one value which we consider to be our rock on which we’ve built: right relationship. There’s obviously a very long list of problems with our current industrialized food system. When we set out to do it better, we had to find a starting point that would address as many of those problems as possible. We landed on relationship — from the literal ground and up. Our animals graze and forage on open fields and forests, moving across the land mimicking wild species in nature. This creates the optimal balance of nutrition and give and take for both parties involved. The land and the animals live, everyday in right relationship with one another. Read more>>

Jessica Billings | Elopement Photographer

I can 100% contribute my success and genuine fulfillment in what I do to constantly working to show up authentically and keeping serving others at the forefront of my brand. I dedicated a lot of energy and time with a business coach in early 2021 (before I quit my job) to really do the deep work of discovering exactly who I am, what my values are, why I love being an elopement photographer, and how I want to show up for the couples I work with. Read more>>

Kylie Grooters | SweatNET Denver Owner

When I was first introduced to SweatNET Denver in 2019, it was a way for me to be connected to my community. I had the opportunity to go around to gyms and studios as an ambassador and meet local owners and try out their fitness classes. After a long year of Covid-19, government restrictions and endless unanswered questions it looked like SweatNET Denver was not going to be re-launched by the previous owners. I knew from my own experience with the company that the Denver community needed the SweatNET brand because it acted as an avenue of connection. When I took over ownership in July of 2021, the first thing I did was spend 6-weeks having face-to-face meetings with all the local gym/studio owners. Read more>>

Jordan Pearson | Travel Wedding Photographer

Let’s just say it is hard to stand out in wedding photography sometimes, especially when you are in a state where there is more than enough photographers to go around. I didn’t start to really see growth, or success, in my business until I really just started doing things I liked that reflected me and my work–or my brand. In wedding photography, your brand becomes you, and the best way to create success out of yourself is to present things that reflect who you are and what you offer. That is why it is so important to be authentic to your work, your inspirations, your personality, and your style. It is my belief that you can only find success in this specific industry by being yourself. Read more>>

Phil Plait | Astronomer and science communicator

When it comes to my own science communication, I think there are two “most important factors”. One is passion. When I write, I try to let my fascination, my joy, my interest in the topic shine through. Professional research journal writing is dry, and many times a lot of writing for the public about science can be that way as well. I never ascribed to that, and instead let my own emotions flow. That resonates with people, and draws them in. Read more>>

Amy Ackerman | Real Estate Agent

The most important factor behind my success so far has been consistency, particularly in regard to building my online presence. A lot of my business over the last year came through social media, and I credit that to putting out well-planned, consistent content that provides value to my social sphere. Showing up every day, especially on the days I don’t feel like it, and investing even just a few minutes in building my online brand has been really impactful for my business. Read more>>

Robert A. Brodie | Filmmaker/Creative Director

“Whether you think you can or think you can’t, either way, you are right.” – Henry Ford. I’ve been told, “until you have a why factor, you won’t be successful.” I’ve had success in many areas of my life, but what is success? Success, for me, is to be able to provide my family with everything they deserve and want. I’m not saying success equals materialistic things or that success will make you happy because it won’t if you don’t have the right mindset. Read more>>

Valentina Harline | Real Estate Agent

LeAnn and I believe in hard work and we have built a reliable support team to help us to become successful. Read more>>

Cristina Noriega | Muralist, sign painter and portrait artist

It’s hard to single out one thing, but in today’s world social media word of mouth is critical in generating leads and making sure you are top of mind. As a muralist and sign-painter, Instagram and Facebook have been my primary vehicles, but I’ve recently tiptoed into the world of LinkedIn because I know that’s the preferred channel for a lot of decision makers and community movers and shakers. Clear, compelling process photos with a story attached tend to perform best. People don’t just want to see a painted logo on a wall, they want to know the story behind it. Read more>>

Janiece Lopez | Esthetician, Creator & Entrepreneur

I believe the most important factor would be my dedication. I am the only one that can make these dreams come true, and the brand I want. Of course, the success of it reaching a bigger audience and bigger and better things is the clientele that comes in. I love all my clients and the friends and family they refer because they all make my success come true. But, without my dedication to furthering my education on skin, business, and marketing I wouldn’t be here if I didn’t keep pushing. The dedication started with changing my mindset and always thinking positive. Read more>>

Liseli Thiele | Creative Director and Producer

The most important factor behind the success of Own The Throne Management/Movement is Integrity. With such a bold name, the lifestyle and the morals and values all have to align. Working in Hollywood for most of my early career, and having my own production company, made me realize that many professionals out there walk a fine line and often sell themselves to people and situations to advance, taking a short cut to success. I found this out the hard way, when I found myself surrounded by people filled with motives and willing to do whatever they needed to do even if it meant betraying themselves and others. Read more>>