One of the most rewarding things about getting to know so many entrepreneurs is seeing first-hand how many of them are focused on so much more than just financial results. So many of the folks we connect with are focused on having a positive social impact on their community or the world at large. Check out some of these amazing folks below.

Dina Robitaille | Recovery Coach

I carry the torch to light the way for those who come behind me. Recovery is a large pool. Whether recovering from divorce or substance abuse, it can be daunting to navigate it alone. I get to help people breakthrough what holds them back. It is one of my great joys to watch people let go of their baggage and find forgiveness. Not only for others, but for themselves. I had guides who helped me find my way when I didn’t know which direction to turn. Now, as a Recovery Coach, I get to pay that forward. I get to help people change their lives, to help them let go of Victim Consciousness and step into an empowered life. A life of peace. Read more>>

Emily Olander | Co-Founder, Root Shoot Malting

Our focus has always been to produce high quality malting products, all while conserving agriculture land and building long-lasting relationships with our partners. Breweries and distilleries have a strong focus on the local economy and we advocate for those who support craft malt. This partnership helps drive awareness surrounding their brand, and engages their craft consumer. Our small family farm is feeding the craft beverage world, one sip at a time. Support those that support you in return — there’s no such thing as too much community involvement. Read more>>

Brice Young | Boss

We are increasing the social capital in our area and globally by purchasing consciously, hiring local, and buying as much produce and supplies as possible in Boulder County It’s been our mission from the beginning to make a better world one cup of coffee at a time. Coffee is the highlight of many people’s morning. Add to that the ability to be sustainable and support sustainable efforts, it’s at the heart of what we do. When we introduced baking to our little coffee house, we approached it from a healthy, conscious and family friendly perspective, as we wouldn’t provide anything to you we wouldn’t give to our own family. Read more>>

Toby Hirsch | Salon Owner, Hairstylist, and Confidence Advocate

Do the Bang Thing Salon differs from most because our guests and our team give back to the local community on a daily basis. Early 2018, we as a business had to look at what we did for our guests. Hair of course, but what about hair was so important. Why do people pay to go to a high end salon when there are so so many choices out there? They want a salon that gives them CONFIDENCE. People want to build it, have it, feel it. When you walk in to our doors and you have, as we all do, self confidence issues, you want to walk out feeling better. You want to catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror, smile and node, and raise your head up high saying, “I look good!”. Over the course of 22 years in this industry, I have heard so many women tell me so many things about what they don’t like about themselves. Read more>>

Joanna Zeiger | CEO of Canna Research Foundation, cannabis epidemiologist, coach for endurance athlete via Race Ready Coaching

I am a former professional triathlete who placed 4th at the 2000 Sydney Olympics and won the 2009 Ironman 70.3 World Champion. I also have a PhD in epidemiology from Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. A terrible bike accident left me with severe chronic pain, and I also have a genetic condition that also causes pain. Traditional medications have not been enough to maintain an adequate quality of life, so I delved into cannabis use as a means of pain control, spasm control, and to aid with sleep. I was pleasantly surprised that it worked, but was disappointed to find a dearth of information about cannabis use for medical conditions in the literature. I decided to change that by starting Canna Research Group, a for-profit organization dedicated to epidemiologic surveys of how cannabis can be used medically in different populations. Read more>>

Tiffany Johnson | Tiffany Johnson| Motivational Speaker and Parent & Student-Athlete Relationship Coach

The social impact that my speaking business has on the community and the world is that it helps bring awareness to the importance and impact parent and student-athlete relationships have on the child, family, and sport. Read more>>

Sophie Danielson | Founder & Creative Director of Books Unbound

We develop contextualized learning materials for refugees and marginalized communities. We’re a group of content creators dedicated to bridging the learning gap in areas where education is disrupted. We have a simple goal: provide representation through cartoonization. Everyone likes cartoons, especially the ones that look like them. Contextualized learning can create a more engaging, inclusive environment. Since 2018, our primary focus has been on the Rohingya community in Bangladesh — a persecuted ethnic minority that was forced to flee their home country, Myanmar, after military violence pushed them out. We came in to provide inclusive informal learning materials for both the literate and illiterate. Whatever they need, we build it. Read more>>

Sterling Bailey | Co-founder & board president, Cap for Kids

Cap for Kids is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit org that works to help children who are fighting cancer. We do this in a few ways, First and foremost, we believe that if we can reduce the financial strain that cancer treatment places on families, then the family can focus on their child, thus giving the child a better chance at beating cancer. This belief drives our primary program, family sponsorships, where we sponsor pediatric cancer-fighting families and we help them pay their bills. We’ve found that there are plenty of programs out there to help these families with the medical bills themselves but there’s nothing to help them pay their mortgage or rent. There’s nothing to help them pay Verizon or their car payment. That’s where we come in. We sponsor each family up to $5000 and make it so they don’t have to worry about bills for a while and allow them to focus on what matters most. Read more>>

Jessica Armstrong | Co-Owner and Founder of Peyton’s Potion & Childhood Cancer Research Advocate

There’s so much joy in knowing you have found something that you are a part of that makes a difference in the lives of others. Peyton’s Potion is the name of my company and product that began during my son, Peyton’s, cancer treatment for childhood leukemia. It’s an effective, safe and uplifting multipurpose cleaner made with 100% organic essential oils. After learning about the many toxins from the chemotherapy medicines Peyton would receive and seeing the impact they had on his body, I wanted to minimize any toxins that could be in his environment. In addition, he needed to have everything around him really clean because he was immunocompromised. As I set out to find a cleaner that was as effective as it was safe, nothing met my criteria. Every cleaner, even the one’s claiming to be “green”, had at least one ingredient that was harmful in some way. Read more>>