We asked some of our favorite folks what makes them happy and why?

Haley Molitor | Jewelry Artist + Nature Lover

Nature brings me so much joy. I appreciate so many of the small things you discover while out in the forest. I love the sounds of the rain against the tent, the wind in the trees, and the creek flowing over the rocks. I love colors of the vibrant wildflowers and dramatic mountain sunsets. There is so much wonder in nature. There is always somewhere or something new to discover. Nature provides a space to escape to, slow down, and reconnect with yourself and the earth. Spending time in the mountains is a such an important source of inspiration for me and a significant source of happiness. Read more>>

Juug Jones | Singer/Songwriter & Citizen

Happiness sometimes feels fleeting. Often I find myself chasing the idea of happiness. Like if I can just hit a certain amount of views, or if I can connect with this brand, I’m finding myself obsessed with the idea of “next”. We’re constantly forced to feel it necessary to compare ourselves-our accomplishments empirically and weigh them against others. I’ve had to slow down-partying, screwing around, general troublemaking, to really be able to exist in the moment. Read more>>

Jack Sipperly | Photographer

I’m a pretty happy dude and it’s hard for me to contain a smile so this question could on forever in my case. I will say that being able to create artwork that people can take the time to enjoy, observe and remember makes me quite happy. I know so many people who have struggled in some capacity throughout the past two years and creating photographs that take people away from the chaos of daily life and transports them to a single scene I documented is just a special feeling. Read more>>