Deciding to pursue an artistic or creative career path isn’t for the faint of heart. Challenges will abound, but so many of the artists we speak with couldn’t be happier with their choice. So, we asked them about how they made the decision in the first place.

Vicy Stone | Badass Barista & Owner of The Sacred Bean

I have always been one to take on leadership roles from a very young age. While I do pride myself in my ability to lead while remaining understanding and compassionate, managing other people’s businesses was becoming too stressful because you always have the fear of letting someone down. Art is my escape from that. Read more>>

Adriana Luevano | Floral Designer

I worked at a catering company in 2014 for four in half years, I was one of their event planners, and I was assigned to be their in-house florist for our corporate clients, then we started to offer flower arrangements for private parties and weddings. I was self-taught, and I started to enjoy it, so I started to research the floral design industry. Read more>>

Morgan Quist Sooy | Artist & Registered Nurse

I work as both a nurse and a studio painter, and I see both of these as a form of artistic expression. With my Registered Nurse badge on, I must creatively approach every situation to provide individualized help for each unique person that I care for. Read more>>

Trent Campbell | Composer/Producer/Engineer and Teacher

I chose to do an artistic career after falling in love with playing music in middle and high school. It was fun and exciting and I thought that making a career out of it would be fun. It definitely is fun and can also be frustrating at times. Being able to change and adapt to the industry over time is important and being able to wear many different hats is a must for anyone in the music industry. Read more>>

Maddie Steele | Actress, Photographer, and Model

I decided to pursue an art and creative career in acting and photography because not only has it been a passion of mine that has helped me emotionally but it has been something I have grown up with since I was a kid. Read more>>

Taurean | Artist, Host, Event planner & Public figure

I chose to pursue an artistic career because I used to have anger issues in middle school due to childhood trauma and things we were going through currently. By the time I got to high school I was playing basketball so I had somewhere to channel emotions. Read more>>

Cherish Marquez | New Media Artist

I have always been inspired by art. When I was young, I remember looking in my Father’s desk and finding sketches that he had drawn. I had no idea my Dad was an artist. He told me that his dream was to be an Illustrator. He enrolled in the military to pay for school but it didn’t work out the way he had hoped. He gave me his art books, old cameras, and encouraged me to create. I started to sketch, color, and paint. I found inspiration in the land around me. Read more>>

George Anzaldo | Letterer, Sign Painter, Muralist and Designer

As a creative and an artist, I wanted to love what I did for a living, and make people happy with what I put out into the world. I didn’t just want a job working somewhere just to make a check, but wanted something that was a daily fulfilling purposeful existence. Read more>>

Thomas Harpole | Musician & Real Estate Entrepreneur

I chose it because I love the feeling of being valuable to other people in what I make, whether in music or in my real estate business. I enjoy letting my thoughts run and putting projects into action that I believe in. Read more>>

Linda Storey | Singer – Songwriter

I grew up in Broomfield Colorado. My mom was a musician. She was an excellent singer and played piano. Most mornings I would wake up to her singing while she worked or she was playing records on our record player. I started playing the piano at three years old. I sang in the children’s choir at church and was singing solos on stages by third grade Read more>>