It takes a lot more than an idea to build a business, but there can’t be a business without the idea. So we asked folks who’ve built wonderful businesses to tell us about how they came up with the idea in the first place.

Moors & McCumber | Americana Musical Group

Each of us started off as a solo singer-songwriter wanting to write original material and perform it for people. When the two of us met, it didn’t take long for us to realize that our unique gifts were much stronger in harmony. The audiences we played for early on gave us all the encouragement we needed. Read more>>

Claire Attkisson | Owner & Founder

As a serial sustainable business entrepreneur, I look for opportunity to disrupt the business status quo. For ROLL, I hopped on a friends ebike 5 years ago and 15 minutes later I hatched ROLL as a businesses. Not only was an ebike a blast, I knew it would be a game changer for getting people out of their cars to commute to work, grocery shop, and get around. Durango, Colorado is visited by over 1 million tourists per year—positively impacting our economy, Read more>>

Adam Vibe Gunton | Author/Speaker/Entrepreneur

God whispered the name of my company, Recovered On Purpose to me when I was at a business conference. I did not know exactly what it would be yet… then I published my book From Chains To Saved: One Man’s Journey Through The Spiritual Realm Of Addiction 5 weeks later under the publishing name Recovered On Purpose. After I began receiving messages, emails, and even people coming up to me in person about how my story had changed their life, I began realizing the power of a recovery story. Read more>>

Kiren Shingadia | Executive Director, Jailbreak Husky Rescue

When I got into dog rescue, I noticed a lot of rescues had conventional themes when it came to the name of their rescue and the names of their dogs. I consider myself the black sheep in a lot of aspects in society, and in dog rescue as well. I wanted my rescue to represent that with its unconventional “branding” and to show that rescue isn’t all puppies and playtime. We break dogs out of horrific conditions, freeing them from their shelter “jails”, and rehab and vet them, setting them up for their forever homes and provide rescue support after. And since my first husky is aptly named Felon, it seemed fitting to have my rescue named Jailbreak Husky Rescue. Read more>>

David Gashaw | Lead vocalist/guitarist for One Of These Nights

The idea for One Of These Nights has been around for a few years. Daniel Oglesby (Drums/production/background vocals) and David Gashaw (Vocals/guitar) had previously played together in a band called Vase Vide. They had always talked about how fun it would be to play in a pop-punk band, as they both grew up listening to Blink 182, Box Car Racer, NOFX, Alkaline Trio, New Found Glory and the whole early 2000’s pop-punk movement. Read more>>

Calynn Rose | Artist, painter

The idea for my business came from when I first started painting on records about two years ago. The paintings were popular on social media and I decided to take it further. I love to paint on used items such as records and cds. This process repurposes forgotten vinyls and cds and transforms them into works of art. Read more>>