Our community is comprised of some absolutely brilliant entrepreneurs and so we asked a few of them to tell us the story of how they came up with the ideas for their business.

Stephanie Agne | Founder, Designer & Buyer

I spent ten years working as a dietitian (with a huge side passion for interior design!) before I decided to make the jump into home furnishings retail. When I was starting to think about making a change, I took a job in a boutique and immediately fell in love with curating and merchandising a shop. I knew within weeks I wanted to open my own shop and spent the new few years – that happen to coincide with several cross-country moves for my husband’s job and the birth of our first son – researching, collecting vendors, and drafting a business plan. Read more>>

Keith Martin | Snow and Ice Carver

Sometimes the ideas for a business finds you……… Then you get addicted to the idea. I was a chef for many years and the chance to carve ice had presented itself many times in my young career. When I was 27, I moved to Breckenridge Colorado to work and persue my passion for the mountain lifestyle. Read more>>

Kyle Reynolds | Social Media Influencer

It was mainly a pipe dream that’s has came into fruition. I had always loved the holdens, and buying a Ute was definitely something I figured would take an extremely long time at my age (21) but, thanks to some awesome friends and role models, the Ute landed right into my lap. Read more>>

Jonny & Vanessa Kupin | Owners of Selah Coffee Co.

After a few years working as baristas at local coffee shops, we fell in love with the art and science behind coffee. We began dreaming of a place to express our creativity. Selah Coffee Co was birthed out of a desire to bring good coffee to places that don’t usually have it. Wether that’s an office building, a school, or a store, we wanted to be able to bring the experience of a coffee shop to people. Selah Coffee Co. is a specialty coffee cart with a full espresso bar. We provide coffee catering for various events, and proudly serve Sonder Coffee, a local roaster In Denver. Read more>>

Phil Oliveira | President of RiseN Music Ministry and The Freedom in Music Project

The idea for The Freedom in Music Project came about after I became disabled from a Medical Malpractice! I worked a Full-Time Job and was the Bass Player in Stone Cold Blues. I acquired Lyme Disease and had to have a series of Blood Draws and during a botched Blood Test I suffered injuries to my left arm, Ulna and Median Nerves • LONG Story • I wanted to stay involved with Music and my Wife, Linda suggested that I do something with “Challenged” Youth with the Acoustic Guitar Program. Read more>>