Our community is comprised of some absolutely brilliant entrepreneurs and so we asked a few of them to tell us the story of how they came up with the ideas for their business.

Sara East | Owner of Macarons and Muttarons and Zookeeper

Macarons and Muttarons LLC was an idea that combined my passions and my career. I have worked as a zookeeper since I was 19 and have always had an interest in animal nutrition. I have also always loved cooking and entertaining. During the fall of 2020 (and after watching a lot of episode of ‘The Great British Baking Show’) Read more>>

Kelsie Carlson | Balloon Artist & Mama

When I was pregnant with my son the company I was working for threw me a virtual baby shower and ordered a balloon garland for the Zoom backdrop. I thought it was beautiful and was so curious about how it was created and what went into it! Read more>>

siobhan asgharzadeh | Grief Doula

Grief pilgrim was born out of my journey with both birth and death work. I began to see in both the birthing world and dying world that many people had moved away from meeting life in its fullness because of the fear of death. Behind the fear of death seemed to be a fear of the grieving process that death and dying catalyze. Read more>>

Bre Donnelly, LCSW | Founder and Executive Director

The idea for Joy as Resistance came from my work as a school social worker in Denver. The amount of suicide risk review and self injury reports I had to complete on a weekly basis was absolutely mind blowing and being the only full time mental health professional at the school meant I did not have time to do real therapy work, real healing work, with each of the students who were struggling. Read more>>

Kelly Wooldridge | Woodworker and designer

The business as it currently exists evolved from a restaurant-focused handyman service. After more than a decade in wine and hospitality I left the industry. I’d had a realization while working as a server and sommelier at Table 6 that I was much happier on the days I was helping to fix up the restaurant than the days I was spending studying for my third attempt at the Master Sommelier exam. Read more>>