We reached out to some of our favorite entrepreneurs and asked them to think back and tell us about how they decided to start a business. Check out their responses below.

Kara O’Brien | Founder and Director of RootStrings Management

I started RootStrings while I was working on my undergrad in music business at University of Colorado, Denver. The DIY band scene was clearly growing, and it seemed to me that there were a lot of bands that needed help, but didn’t need a full-time manager. Some of them weren’t at that level just yet, and some of them didn’t want full-time help, but needed a hand now and then. So RootStrings set out to fill that gap. We call it ‘project-based’ management, and basically we can come in and help with everything from running social media to creating a career plan, to creating and releasing your first album. We try to be as flexible as we can to meet the needs and budgets of our artists. Read more>>

Jordan Kahn | Owner – Jordan Kahn Music Company

Do what you love, love what you do…and find a way to make a living doing it. Read more>>

Courtney Maxwell | Lifestyle Family Photographer

My daughter is my biggest inspiration. When she was born in 2016 I picked up a DSLR and I haven’t put it down since. It quickly led to me wanting to capture the preciousness and beauty of our everyday moments for other families. Photographing motherhood and families in the landscape that we get to call home is truly my passion. It makes me the happiest chic around. Read more>>

Andrew Hazzlee | Creative Marketer & Filmmaker

I’ve started many businesses before but never actually fully went for it until I started Vehement Visuals 2 years ago. I’ve always wanted to run a successful business since I was 16 years old and attempted many times and failed a lot. When I started Vehement Visuals I knew I wanted to get into filmmaking as a career path and quickly realized I should just start my own video business. I felt this was the best way to get into the field. Read more>>

Amanda J. Armstrong | Visual Artists & Branding Manager

For me it was more of a mind set. As an artist I had to understand I am a business. I am in the art business. It was imperative to me to establish myself as a business, act as a business. Art schools do not release you into the world prepared for business, but rather leave you like a vulnerable fawn naïve to the ways of the predators. Thus perpetuating the “starving artist mentality”. Myself, I took a break from art school and attended school for business management. Then went back to art school. Because even just working as a gallerist in NYC, regardless of you art school status, they will ask about business skills, and high end retail skills. Of which I check all the boxes. Read more>>

Sandrine Vohra | Culture Enthusiast | Dreamer | Doer

I started MIKADO International because I saw an opportunity, a gap in the market, for something that I’m passionate about and truly hit home. Diversity was something that wasn’t in the forefront like it today and as a French immigrant of Indian origins, I recognized the need firsthand for an agency that truly catered to the ethnic consumer. So, with my background in international marketing, I launched MIKADO to fill that space. Fast-forward 11 years later and I am so proud to say that MIKADO has made a difference in its own way with the campaigns that we have created. Read more>>

Becka Repp | Owner of Grace & Power Fitness

MY business is my passion. I have been a dancer most of my life. When I discovered Barre Fitness I loved it. I was teaching Adult Ballet Classes and Barre Fitness in Arizona. When I moved here and didn’t find any studios in Loveland that offered drop in classes for adults in Ballet, Barre, Pilates, or other Dance Inspired Fitness classes it seemed natural to start my own. I began teaching in my home and saw the need for this type of studio. Once I established some clients I explained my business outside the home and found a space to offer classes. Read more>>

Liam Gordon | Photographer

Starting my own business came at first from necessity. When I immigrated to the US in 2016, I had to wait several months before I was allowed to work. Once I was allowed to work, I spent 4 months applying for jobs, I had one interview with a car rental company. At the very last stage, I was turned down. I felt so defeated. That was all happening while my fiance (now my wife) and I were planning our wedding. Photography had been a hobby of mine for about 5 years and when I saw how much fun and creatively challenging wedding photography could be. I was kind of hooked on making photography my career. Read more>>

Ibrahim Madugu | Photographer, Content Writer, and Entrepreneur

Before I started my photography brand, I was obsessed with pictures and art in general. My brand is only an envision of that obsession. The obsession with creating art and capturing beautiful moments. Hence my thought process for starting my brand included a desire to influence people with my creativity and also help change the world. Read more>>

Kiera Wilkie | Artisan Potter & Event Designer/Stylist

Being a creative at heart, we tend to bear skills in many mediums; this mindset has kept me from starting my own business for the longest time. The crippling expectation that I needed to choose one avenue and the fear that if it changed it would fail, really prohibited me from starting anything at all. Fortunately, that mindset is simply not true, deciding what to do with my business and when to start was the hardest part, but I’m happy to report I’m on the horizon. Read more>>