Every overnight success we’ve seen has been years in the making. And those overnight successes are rarely because of an amazing idea or a stroke of luck. We asked some of our favorite folks from the community about what characteristics are at the heart of their success story?

Darius West | Founder – Wise Way LLC.

Happy people! I have found that it is better to focus on people rather than product. I love what I do because my company improve peoples lives, simply by making Hemp and CBD products and infomation available to a sometimes novice audience. This virtual experience mimics what you may see in a dispensary, which makes diving into this aspect of Cannabis more comfortable to newcomers. All of our products are award-winning and testing can be found online and on packaging. All our processes seek to improve the lives of our most important factor, people. Read more>>

Ashley Matuska | Chief Happiness Officer – Owner

My team. It starts with the people we invite to join us on this journey. We provide a very personal service cleaning people’s homes and we don’t take that honor lightly. You can basically train any hardworking individual to clean, but it takes a special person to vibe with the culture we have built and consistently take pride in what we do. Read more>>

Tami Canaday | Co-Founder of FREE & Owner of Wagon Cofffee

It’s so difficult to dial it into one single factor, especially in the midst of Covid. We have had to restructure and resync systems while embracing so much change this year. But perhaps it’s most important to note that Community, showing up, & giving of self drives what happens behind the walls of FREE, a Spiritual Community for Addicts, Loved Ones of Addicts, and Spiritual Refugees. Our community knows to their core that being of service to others = sobriety. Read more>>

Wadi Muhaisen | Attorney at Law and Entrepreneur

The most important factors behind my success are authenticity, emotional intelligence, and healthy boundaries. This applies to all aspects of life; but particularly in my field, people are often facing very stressful times in their lives and my authentic voice attracts them as clients and resonates with them when I help them through the crisis. Most lawyers are very intelligent; but score low in emotional perception, empathy, and regulation. Essentially, people respond to people; as the face of my law firm, I am my business, so I let my genuine personality shine through with clients, with adversaries, and in the community. Finally, it is paramount to maintain healthy boundaries by keeping a good work culture and balanced workload, and also to maintain non-negotiable personal interests and passions. A curious, balanced lawyer or business owner is a more content and successful one. Read more>>

Patricia Stott | Functional Medicine Physical Therapist, Holistic Healer, Reiki Master

My success and the positive changes I see in my clients has been in understanding that they are individuals. I take this notion with me into every session I have, and treat every experience as a new one. No two people are alike and no two paths for healing are alike. I thoroughly enjoy learning about the uniqueness of each person and what changes we can make together on their journey. Read more>>

Mary Grothe | CEO House of Revenue™

Buyers have changed. Revenue generation tactics have changed. Too many CEOs are still trying to solve their revenue problems with a silo-attack with just focusing on sales or marketing. It doesn’t work. With the current economic, political, and other shifts caused by COVID, companies MUST be agile in adapting their marketing, sales, and customer success efforts to what the market needs. One of our clients in 2020 lost $2M over a 2 month period because clients were pausing services with them. Our team was able to act quickly and help them pivot. We immediately analyzed the industries of their clients, found the ones who could flourish with the market shifts, and moved all marketing and sales efforts to focus on the industries they could serve well, resulting in growth from $14M to $17.2M, including recovering that $2M loss. 2020 was all about learning to adapt and learning how to thrive in a shifting market. Read more>>

Jill Houser | Photographer

Being myself. I’ve been described as a “hot mess”. I think by showing the messy, being vulnerable and not so polished, people are drawn to me and then drawn to my work. I think at the end of the day, it’s pretty hard to have super unique looking wedding photography. What we have to set us apart are our personalities. Read more>>

Djidade Linnear | Model & DJ

An important factor that contributed to my success was being clear with what I wanted in life. Identifying what I wanted to accomplish and understanding why helped me manifest the things that I desired. I like to check in with myself to think about what I am doing to achieve my goals and understand why. I also check in with myself to think about my actions that do not support my intentions and find ways to better align my actions with my goals. Building and maintaining a reliable support system has also contributed to my success. I think it is crucial to surround yourself with people who will encourage you and have your best interests in life. It truly makes things more manageable when you do not have to go through things in life alone and have people by your side rooting for your success. Read more>>

Heather Dwight | Owner

Our reputation and high touch service are intertwined in the success of our brand. As a company our reputation and brand are of utmost importance to us and why we have been able to be in business for 18 seasons now. Running a business for the long haul takes dedication. You could compare it to a yoga practice or training for a marathon. It takes practice, repetition and most of all patience and deep breathing. One of my favorite things about yoga is when the teacher asks you at the beginning of each class to set an intention. It could be a word, a person, or someone or something you are dedicating your practice to. Your intention is your “why” and at Calluna, we come back to our why over and over again. Our why is of course our clients but it’s also bigger than that and at the same time individual. As a team we all have our individual “why’s” and that drives our team mentality but our collective why is to provide the highest touch service, influential design and an authentic experience for our couples. If their wedding weekend is a true reflection of them and a seamless process, then we’ve done our job well. Read more>>

Nandi Fambro | Life Coach & Speaker

Two things that I have used and that I teach all of my clients that has been necessary for my success: (1) I have my own back and (2) I am willing to be misunderstood. When you go to start any endeavor, whether it’s starting and creating a successful business or a successful marriage, you have to know what you want and be willing to go for it even when doubts creep in…even when other people don’t get it. You have to be willing for other’s not to understand, you have to be willing to go first, to get uncomfortable and to know who you are amongst the noise. The affirmation “I am willing to be misunderstood” has been especially pivotal because it allows me to show up fully for my dreams and my best self, even when I am afraid. Read more>>