Often we don’t have to reinvent the wheel to learn something new – we can just ask experts in the field who can draw on their experience to enlighten us. Below, we’ve shared insights insiders from various industries have shared with us.

Shanah Schaffer | Accountant and Small Business Advisor

There is a lot of technology out there in todays’ world to help business owners manage and keep track of their finances. However, many of them, while are great at what they do, are not a good at helping people understand the why of things, and can often lead someone to believe they are doing things correctly when they are not. Using a professional to make sure your software systems, procedures, and connections are correctly set up is the key to clean and defensible books and tax returns. Read more>>

Theodora Osei-Fordwuo | Owner and main chef of African Grill and Bar

Our food is healthy, authentic, unique and flavorful. It’s not strange, spicy, it’s all vegetables and spices, gluten-free, sugar free, dairy free. Read more>>

Cassandra Stiltner | Photographer

I always get the response when I say I’m a food photographer that I must just eat great food all day. I am absolutely passionate about food. When I’m working usually we’re photographing the food for a longer period of time, and I don’t get to eat it. So, sadly I am not just taking photos and eating the food I photograph. But, I do love learning about all of the dishes and products that I photograph that revolve around food. Read more>>

Jon Yacovetta | Realtor and Agent Mentor

I don’t think the general public is aware of how brutally difficult this career choice is. The bar of entry into the real estate industry is embarrassingly low; we need to be competent and fluent in contracts, negotiating, architecture, structure, finance, economics, geography, local market data, marketing, advertising, psychology, on and on…and the education we’re required to complete can be knocked out in as little as 4-6 weeks. Real estate agents are not adequately prepared for the demands of their job, nor are they adequately prepared for the art of entrepreneurship. It’s impossible to understand what it takes to create your own business, your own brand, and set it up properly to flourish, until you really dive in. The general public sees us as typical run-of-the-mill sales people. We’re not, or, we shouldn’t be. Those considering this as a career don’t understand what it takes to truly attain success, and most do a very quick 180-degree turn when they start to understand the degree of difficulty here. Read more>>

Ally Morrison | Yoga Teacher and Myo-Fascial Release Therapist

There is something so surreal about being in constant, near-quiet contact with another human being for hours, upon weeks, months and years. That sheer amount of time, in almost silence, touching skin and stretching bodies, relieving tightness and pain, takes the practitioner into a deep state of meditative-type concentration. Multiply those experiences by years and years, you can see how the work changes the person giving the service. I had no idea when I started, that the amount of time placed in such a singular concentration could develop my wisdom, intuition, vision, and knowledge on multiple levels. I don’t recall being told to bear witness on the deeper development that would occur inside the practitioner. The focus of academic training, in massage therapy at least, is based on the outcome we are trying to generate for the client. Read more>>

Pamela Chelle | Interior Designer

Interior design impacts your life on a daily basis, everywhere you go, whether you realize it or not. It is truly about creating an experience – we are artists and storytellers, working within the parameters of building codes. The human experience is deeply impacted by the design of any occupied space. From your home, to your favorite restaurant, to your child’s school, your closest airport, your office building, your favorite hotel, your doctor’s office, and even your grocery store, Our industry is extremely broad, and we have a significant impact on daily lives. Our job is to elevate your experience and evoke emotion, while always keeping in mind the health, safety and welfare of our end user. Read more>>

Patty Greer Roche | Partner/CEO

My company C60 Evo is the (only) company who is supplied Pure 60 “ESS60” to the 2012 Paris Baati study where 90% longer life was achieved. Test subjects died without tumors also. This was historic! C60Evo.com. Read More>>

Dbo | Founder/CEO

I believe one major thing overlooked in our industry by outsiders is the amount of work that goes into brand recognition and development. Our approach has been 100% grassroots and based on networking and word or mouth branding. Our teams on all sides of our operation are constantly educating the consumer on our history, process, products, and placements. Whiskey doesn’t sell itself and you have to make a quality product that the consumer is excited to share with their family and friends for the years to come. Read more>>

Courtney Schellenger | Owner| Sprinkle Me Smitten

I think one thing that people not in the food truck industry wouldn’t know is how supportive the fellow food truck owners are. Whether it is another dessert truck or any other food truck everyone is so helpful and truly has each other’s back and wants each truck to succeed. When Sprinkle Me Smitten first started it definitely was a learning experience and the other food truck owners were alway there to answer any and all questions! Truly a great community to be a part of!. Read more>>

Sharon Kevil | Founder & CEO of Forti Goods

One thing people might not be aware of in the cannabis-serving, but not plant-touching part of this industry is that even a whiff of cannabis in your marketing will definitely put you squarely in the paraphernalia category. This was something that was discussed at length while we were going through branding with our legal team, and the feeling was that our furniture was legally no different use-case wise than a gun safe. Gun safes can be legally advertised and sold without issue on platforms like Facebook and IG, but guns and ammunition can not. Our furniture is the equivalent of a gun safe, but we quickly realized that unless we wanted to start a lawsuit there really isn’t anything we can do. Their platform, their rules. Read more>>