Often we don’t have to reinvent the wheel to learn something new – we can just ask experts in the field who can draw on their experience to enlighten us. Below, we’ve shared insights insiders from various industries have shared with us.

Daniell Taff | Producer

One thing I think outsiders are unaware of is that producing is not “glamorous”. If you think about the title, Producer, usually the first thing that comes to mind are movies. Of course there are similarities, yet commercial producing (and now even content producing) is a totally different beast. Everything depends on the project. If it’s a big budget for a big Client, I may get to fly to San Francisco and stay at the Four Seasons. Rare. More often than not though, I’ve found myself in a Holiday Inn Express in the middle of nowhere. Or a double wide in a town called Uncertain, Texas (that’s a real place). Yes, commercial/content producing has its perks, but more often than not, it’s down and dirty. We are always trying to save a buck and these days, with the pandemic, so much digital production and budgets shrinking, we’re often wearing many hats. Recently, I found myself on a one day shoot playing the roles of Producer, Craft Service, 1st Assistant Director, Digital Imaging Technician and Location Manager. Read more>>

Virginia Unseld | Painter

People often will tell artists they are so talented. In truth, artists are good because they practice a lot and work hard. Read more>>

Kathy Beekman | Professional Artist, Art Career Coach, Author & Greeting Card Designer

As a professional artist many people think that my job is a walk in the park. I get up, daydream, and then create. In actuality I run a business and work 40-60 hours a week maintaining websites, of which there are currently 3, keeping up with social media posts and responses, tracking purchase orders, marketing, closing sales, organizing events, keeping galleries and boutiques happy with new inventory, working with independent contractors, responding to clients; emails, and creating art. Read more>>

Joanna Brown | CEO

It’s shocking when people learn how inflexible many of these resorts are in allowing some way for their timeshare owners to exit their timeshare. Many of the contracts are written in perpetuity which means that even when the timeshare owner passes away, the timeshare is passed on automatically to an heir or goes into probate or an estate. Then, someone else is saddled with it when they don’t wish to be. Read more>>

Beth & Wayne | Canine Companion Consulting

One aspect of dog training most people do not intuitively get is that, most of the time, we do not need to see the behaviors we will be working to change. We are often presented with the statement, “My dog is terrified of [insert scary thing here]. Let me show you,” or “My dog hates [insert hated thing here]. Let me show you.” As a general rule, we never want to cause the behaviors we are trying to change or terrify your dog unnecessarily. Why have your dog practice something we don’t want her doing? Over the last decade, we have seen more fear, anxiety, aggression, and stress than we would ever like to see, mostly through video of the behaviors taken before we are called. What we want to see is the dog NOT being afraid, stressed, or anxious. We will ask you detailed questions about your canine companions behaviors to elicit the information we will need to help you help your canine companion. Our work is put towards eliminating the behavior you are trying to change and we do not want to create situations that may increase the stress for any reason. Practice makes perfect so let’s practice the behaviors we actually want. Read more>>

Cate Werynski | Denver’s Boho Bridal Hair and Makeup Artist

There are quiet a few things I feel that people don’t realize about my industry! I think one of the bigger things that people don’t usually realize is that my job is not a normal 9-5, Monday through Friday. I have weeks go by with plenty of down time and days I’m running around all over Colorado doing 3 weddings and a photoshoot. Lately, I have had a lot weddings so early I’m getting on the road at 1am to get there in time for their sunrise elopement! As much as I love not being behind a desk and having a different schedule every week, I am in no control over it! Bride’s need to be done at a certain time and I have to schedule their services then. I am excited that because of COVID, a lot more people are deciding to do smaller weddings or just elope! For me, that means I have weddings every day of the week now so my schedule is much more diverse the the typical Friday, Saturday, and Sunday weddings. Read more>>

Dr. Ezra Lockhart, MHlthSc(DD), LMHC, LAC, MFTC, MAC, CAS, CDCS | External Clinical Supervisor

There is a national shortage of counselors, clinicians, and therapists in the addiction, behavioral health, and mental health fields. This overall shortage results in practitioners moving into supervisory roles by default. What I mean by this is that those who can weather burnout and the high attrition rate are often promoted to the supervisor-level without specific training or even an example to confidently and competently carry out the role. To exacerbate this issue, the majority of supervisors wear two hats: administrative supervisor and clinical supervisor. Administrative supervision is a function of employment, while clinical supervision is a function of professional skills development. Oftentimes, one of these roles suffers or is lacking completely. This impacts both job performance and the quality of client care. Read more>>

Renee’ Suiter | Full Time Reseller of Sustainable Fashion

That Reselling Thrifted Items couldn’t be a “Real Job” – Outsiders only see the “Shopping” part. I thrift for my inventory at local thrift and Resell Trade Stores. That’s the EASY PART. I have systems and process after I leave the thrift store. You have to clean, separate, take photo’s, list, ship, store and sell. Most resellers like myself work alone. We are a one person show. So staying organized with my process and systems is critical for sucess. I sell on line. Platforms like: Poshmark, Mercari, Depop and Ebay. I currently sell Live on Instagram. Read more>>