We had the good fortune of connecting with Daizsha Camile Deherrera and we’ve shared our conversation below.

Hi Daizsha Camile, any advice for those thinking about whether to keep going or to give up?
To start, I do not believe in giving up so much as I do in redirection. I find great importance in letting go of that which has served its purpose and allowing all that is continuing to align with your truth and path to fill the space. It is not a question of whether or not to keep going but rather a decision of which direction or path to proceed forward with and of how much weight you’ll continue to carry with you along the journey. If the vibration in question is rooted in love, in passion, in resonation with your soul it will always be one to continue to believe in and take steps forward for. My experience has proven that in every path there are obstacles and tribulations that arise. Though, it has also proven that in every case they are there to speak of testaments to your strength, resilience, and dedication to your passion and love. Keep going. If the vibration in question is rooted in the pleasing of others beliefs and expectations, in the fulfilling of ego, in that of a pugnacious or resistant nature, release. Take in gratitude the lessons which this path has gifted you, acknowledge the purpose it has served, and take the weight of these vibrations off of your achy yet strong shoulders. In divine time and with the amount of space it takes for your healing, a path of least resistance will appear. A path that values your truth, passion, growth and joy. Carry on and keep going. Always keep going.

Can you open up a bit about your work and career? We’re big fans and we’d love for our community to learn more about your work.
It is with certainty that I say each and every one of us are creators and artists. We, I, create the life in front of us every day through our thoughts (beliefs,) feelings (vibration,) and actions. As vibrational beings, we create through the frequencies that we resonate, the emotions we feel. Our vibration is the source through which we create all that exists in our own worlds. My art is creating a world and life that I love by creating an inner version of myself that I love. My art is expanding myself and those I align with through free thought. One of my favorite quotes reads “Successful people are willing to do what unsuccessful people are not.” To get to where I am today and to continue to get where I am going, I invest much time and energy into becoming a version of myself that I love. I listen to positive and motivational speakers, read many books, have conversations with many people of all types that expand my perspective, listen truly and as best I can to others, make choices to prioritize my dreams, practice gratitude and enjoying every day of life I am gifted and sit with uncomfortable feelings and thoughts. Even when I do not feel like doing so, I remind myself of the lives I will both today and one day alike positively impact (including my own.) I remind myself of a greater dream, the big picture in full view. My journey, alike many, has had many challenges. It is true for me that all of my inner battles have reflected into my physical world. Creating a world that has ongoing love has meant I have had to arise my darkest thoughts and insecurities to the surface, address them, and heal them. I have been given the opportunity to change my dark thoughts into those of power, which at times is no easy feat. Though, I have learned that each struggle is an opportunity to learn something new about myself and the world. One lesson in particular that has had quite the impact on me translates to: Seeing through the situation you are in rather than looking right at it. There is greater purpose in what is happening despite what it may look like in the present moment. I learned this through experiencing this in my physical world. Last May, I got into a car crash and totaled my car. At this point, this lesson set in. I understood that even though this seemed bad that maybe I was being granted something wonderful in return. I remained calm at a time where most would not. It turned out that A. Insurance paid for my new car which is an upgrade from my last, B. I’d been given an extra check for my emotional well being and C. I had gained a new sense of clarity and a greater perspective in the laws of the universe. I gained trust in myself and my path, I gained knowledge and power of mind. I gained control of my reaction to a situation in a positive way and I gained immense appreciation for my life. This lesson and many others come at us in all forms. Learning to trust our path and take whatever is thrown at us with grace is what I believe to be one of the greatest lessons of all. Choosing to react differently to life comes with great power of self. I have much to learn and much to create, however, I am proud of all that I have co-created with the universe thus far. I have an abundance of knowledge and great experiences rendezvousing in my vortex. My life is an ongoing piece of art, that will manifest into an ongoing income stream of love and abundance which I am excited to share with many people. By investing in my art day to day, by showing up for myself and my dream life with consistency, I am doing that which someone who is successful is. What showcases my art in unique form, is that I create a network of people that I can help also create a life that they love. I can show how light reflects light. Through my art, I show others that what we have always been told is the only path to succeed does not have to be our personal truth. Success, abundance, and happiness is unique to the artist and their journey and the thoughts we deem our truth. My art is influencing free thought, which I believe to be synonymous with freedom, in myself and others.

If you had a friend visiting you, what are some of the local spots you’d want to take them around to?
I love Denver! I have loved growing up and living in Denver. There are so many places where I have found joy to be at and have felt magic in. Some of those places include: Museum of Contemporary Art (MCA) Denver Art Museum (DAM) Denver Museum of Nature and Science Snowboarding in surrounding mountain cities! (Such as Loveland, Winter Park, and Keystone) Good Vibes Mafia Studio Sie Film Center Denver Skate Park Gates Planetarium Hiking in Boulder, Evergreen, and other surrounding cities Commons Park Shopping on Santa Fe Restaurants: St. Marks Coffee House City O City Wellness Sushi Flower Child Watercourse The Rabbit Hole

Who else deserves some credit and recognition?
Every soul being that I have been so fortunate to engage with or simply be in the presence of, is someone I would love to thank. The people that have been present in each and every stage of my life, those that I have been surrounded by, have taught me so much about myself and the world, all by simply existing. By mirroring back the beauty we share within and between us or the healing that is needed. Every reflection has spoken with valuable acumen, I am grateful for all perspectives that have been revealed to me. No matter who or what the ego has defined these humans to be, I have gained extensive knowledge and love from all. Cheers to all who I’ve vibrationally aligned with. More specifically, shoutout to my dad. He continuously expands my mind and perspective, shares all he knows with me of the great depths of the never-ending knowledge that exists in the universe, has taught me how to embody great equanimity when my world shakes, and most importantly how to be a free thinker – the very trait in which has become what I feel my purpose to continue on with others is to be. #thoroughwish. I’d love to thank the high vibrational beings whose voices continue to resonate in my conscious being and of those of so many: Abraham Hicks, Les Brown, Tony Robbins, Alan Watts, and Sadhguru. To the books and authors that changed my life, “The Four Agreements” by Miguel Ruiz and “Don’t Eat the Marshmallow… Yet!” by Joachim de Prosada and Ellen Singer. Skateboarding and the skate community have taught me so much about community, passion, and believing in myself. I know every time that I fall, I can get back back up. Much gratitude and thanks for skateboarding and the many friends I have made through it. Denver Judo has been family to me since I was 13. I have deep gratitude for the strength of mind and body this community has reflected into me. Shoutout to the wreck crew! To my best friend, Amani, for endless love and of being the person who believes in certainty of my capabilities as an artist/creator, person, soul being. Thank you for always inspiring me to improve myself and push my limits. I have the utmost appreciation for my family, who inspires me through love and who never fails to support and be there for me. I love you all so much. To my mom, my sisters, grandparents, and extended family – Thank you. To my dark thoughts, to the contrast I have experienced – thank you. I have gained immense appreciation for both light an dark for one does not exist without the other. I have gained so much strength of self and mind. So much recognition in my story goes out to every single one of you who supports my story. Everyone who has taken the time to support me and my voice and creations – THANK YOU.

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