We had the good fortune of connecting with Daniel Langfield and we’ve shared our conversation below.

Hi Daniel, can you tell us more about your background and the role it’s played in shaping who you are today?

My name is Daniel Langfield. I grew up in Arvada, CO.  As the oldest of 6 children ( 5 Boys, 1 Girl),  I was always told I was the role model to my younger siblings. My parents, Rick & Tess, have now been married for over 34 years.

I went to Holy Family High School in Broomfield where I lettered in Academics, was named to the National Honor Society, was all-state in Baseball, and All Colorado Football as the 2A Player of the year 2004. I was awarded the Comcast Community Leadership Scholarship and I was named “Mr. Holy Family” of my Senior Class for living out the School’s Mission Statement, the most among my peers, per my four years. I also sang in the choir and had a major role in a school play.

To give a little context of my upbringing and events which molded me, my Junior Year of High School, I was inheriting the Starting QB role of the team that had gone undefeated and won the state championship the year before and Junior year was emphasized as the most challenging year Academically by my college counselor. That year, my mother caught the West Nile Virus. As a result she got Encephalitis and Viral Meningitis. Mom was in ICU for 19 days and stayed in Occupational Therapy for another 21. So she was basically in Hospital confinement for 40 days. The entire left side of her upper body and face were paralyzed, resulting in severe subluxation of her dominant hand and her face requiring months of speech therapy. Her fortitude and perseverance of faith throughout this catastrophe is one of the most profound examples of just how bad life can get and yet she continued to speak of and hang on simple principles of faith, hope and love.

Furthermore, at the time I was 16 and the youngest of the 6 was age 3. Mom’s illness had a profound emotional, social, financial and spiritual impact on all of us. Through it all, my Dad put every bit of his focus on what he could do to be present to my mother every day in the hospital. Daily, he checked in on the emotional health of each one of us and prayed like he’d never prayed before. All the while maintaining his commission sales job at the time. Many years later I asked Dad about the Financial Impact, that experience had and he said it probably set he and mom back 10 years in their retirement plans… and they had health insurance! That is to say there’s more that goes into a medical catastrophe than just the medical bills being covered.

We had a lot of help and support from the community for sure, but the example of steadfastness exemplified by my parents during that time is, in my opinion, the epitome of commitment. Mom, to her fight for her life and health, in order to be back to being mom as quickly as she did, and her unwavering father. And Dad, being the living example of what I perceive of what it means to be a Man. A real life, testimony and role model of what St. Joseph might have been to Mary and Jesus on their travels to Bethlehem and Flee to Egypt. To Provide and Protect for the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of his family in such a crisis, in my perception, is a real life example of domestic heroism.

Fortunately, I got to go to and graduated with a BA in Psychology from Loras College in Dubuque, IA ( Similar to Regis University here in Denver). I came back and began my working life as a Youth Treatment Counselor for Abused and Neglected Children at Tennyson Center for Children at Colorado Christian Home. This work, as well as my experience of nearly losing my mother, showed me just how important you are to a community and the lives of others. In this line of work, staff encounter a lot of stressful situations. I was there for nearly a year and a half; and in the last week I was there, one child took a bite to my arm and a week later, another stabbed me in the back with a wooden stake ( fortunately it only broke skin but it was traumatizing enough to me to consider what might have happened if it was something else). So, needless to say I was very shook up.  As many of life’s experiences may do for so many of us, this made me re-evaluate my priorities and so I switched jobs.

A couple of months later, I had an unfortunate and difficult breakup which really challenged my personal self-image and self worth. I took it as a significant severance in my spiritual, religious life. I’ve probably had 7 jobs between then and what I do now. I couldn’t focus intently on anything long enough to get good at it or I just could never find anything that I felt important or signifiant in. I was probably fired from 4, and left 3 of those situations. Has anyone else had such an emotional roller coaster in their own journey, let alone that entrepreneurial pursuit?

A while later, I was working maybe 20 hours per week as an after school moderator for children through the YMCA. Every day I was driving passed big beautiful homes in Bolder, CO everyday and thought, “I want a better life for myself.” It was on a drive home that a radio ad for a free talk by Kevin Trudeau came on the Radio “Money Making Secrets Revealed”. so I took him up on the Free CD ( remember those? LOL). I still remember principles from that audio and have even played it to motivate new teammates. Some of those principles included axioms like “You have to have a Dream, and Burning Desire for its achievement”, You have to get around other ‘Dreamers and those that will support you and encourage you in the pursuit of your dreams” ( which may not necessarily include your immediate family), “You become the average of the 5 people you associate with the most”, “Read Good Books”, “You become what you think about”, “Get around winners. People who like to win”; “Think Positively; Speak Positively”, “Avoid Negative people. They have “Stinkin’ Thinkin” and so on and so forth.

Three months later, I was introduced to the world of Network Marketing. Initially through World Ventures and shortly thereafter to World Wide Dream Builders. I saw fruit in their lives but what caught my eyes and ears the most was the power of coaching and mentorship. Phrases from my sponsor like “build the man, and the man will build the business”, “Personal growth always precedes business growth”, “this is a ‘man maker’ “, “have a no quitter mentality” and so on. So the teaching, training, coaching and mentorship in the personal and professional growth system of World Wide Dream Builders has been a profound source of growth and development for me.

While on the bus home from one of those jobs I mentioned I got fired from before, I got a random call from New York Life. I was recommended by someone to consider the opportunity. The first interview with the partner went well and I told him a lot of this story above. The personality profile test I took with them would have disqualified me from consideration. But he had heard something in me he was willing to take a chance on to take the next steps on. So I went through their 7 interview process and got all of the letters of recommendation they ask for and was fortunately hired. But when it came to taking the leap or risk of 100% Commission, I couldn’t bring my mind past “what if you don’t make a sale?” This is the kind of thinking that can hold so many of us back from possibly our best self.

Instead I took a $14/hour job with benefits working customer service. That was the longest, most frustrating 18 months of my professional career. It kept a roof over my head and I had health coverage; that was all I could wrap my mind around. Finally, I got a random call from a company prospecting people with Health & Accident Licenses (which I had from my interview process with New York Life). I still remember them asking “would you be interested in selling Health Insurance?” Knowing the risk of 100% commission but the value of coaching from World Wide, my experience as an Athlete, and watching my dad navigate a few job transitions, my response was “Hard Work is not going to be an issue. Please tell them I’m just not going to leave the Devil that I know for the Devil that I don’t without knowing I’m going to have a good Coach.” I went through their opportunity overview, and called my World Wide Dream Builders sponsor to ask him if he knew if this was a good company and if he thought I could handle this. He had his wife call me back and her response was “We have had insurance with USHEALTH for 10 years !” Two weeks later I was working with USHEALTH Advisors under the tutelage of Chris Sanchez and Tim Morales. Since since then, September 1, 2016, I have proudly tried to be an ambassador of the company’s mission of H.O.P.E. ( Helping Other People Everyday).

A few years ago, a grade school teammate, Jared Yannacito, now the Head Football Coach at Golden High School, invited me to a talk by Molly Bloom, the inspiration behind the movie “Molly’s Game.” It was there that I fortunately was sitting next to none other than Holly Morphew, Founder of “Financial Impact”. Only understanding that she had triumphed through some challenging personal circumstances and had become a personal and financial coach, I asked her if she would be willing to speak to my team. The only respondents to our marketing assistant position were women at the time and I thought, maybe they would listen to her and she could be more of an inspiration and impact than I could be. Holly came and spoke to my team for an hour, I had absolutely no idea just how big of a deal she actually is ! A Year later, a number of those women came to me thanking me for bringing Holly in. What she taught that day, they implemented at the basic levels they were at financially and they were now in a more comfortable position they had ever been in their lives. Thank you Holly Morphew !

In the summer of 2019 I was introduced to networking groups. This has been a profound, wonderful experience of being connected to like minded individuals and businesses that have expanded my mind and abilities. Through this experience, I was inspired and made a declaration that I wanted to be the best Health Coverage Advisor on the entire front range. To be the best advisor. To be last call anyone really ever needed to make in order to have peace of mind, free from fear and worry about their health coverage. Whether I became their agent or not was not the goal. It was to be that trusted and learned friend, that could be the resource they could come to for the knowledge they needed to find and develop the best health coverage strategy available to them based on their unique and respective needs and budget.

During the Covid Pandemic, I had some changes of leadership within my direct hierarchy, I started looking at my life as to what it might be by the time I was 40 if I continued only doing what I was doing in my present position. I recognized I had a burning desire to take my career to the next level. So I reached out to my new leadership, Todd Klein, consciously took a demotion to unlearn in order to relearn new practices and principles that made his office so successful. 6 weeks later, after following through on the effort and principles taught through his coaching and that of his leaders, I was ‘repromoted’ back to my Field Training Agent role to be an example to others. I have had some incredibly painful but profoundly powerful and positive experiences that have exposed my weaknesses to make me a better agent and leader than I ever thought thanks to my new association of leadership.

So, to answer the question, it is the upbringing that I have had through my parents and family, trying to live the Christian faith, the books I’ve been recommended to read, and the ongoing growth and development of the network of people I associate with that has and continues to impact who I am today; and I could not be more grateful.

Can you open up a bit about your work and career? We’re big fans and we’d love for our community to learn more about your work.

I have recently branded myself as “The Health Advocate.” With my background in Social Work and briefly pursuing a degree in counseling, I like to say, “I traded one social work, for another ‘social’ work, to help people navigate the potentially confusing landscape of independent health coverage. Everyone has unique needs and situations and it is my duty as an ambassador of H.O.P.E. ( Helping Other People Everyday ) to help others find and build the best health coverage strategy that is available to them based on their own unique needs and situation. Maybe I’ll be their agent, maybe I won’t, but everyone who comes through my phone, comes expecting to get expert counsel and I go to see that they have the best.

I have, on occasion, needed to speak for clients with billing departments about their claims. Sometimes, that is as simple as just asking the right questions and using the specific industry language to clear matters up for clients. Sometimes, it has meant being a figure of authority and speaking on behalf of my client even to the point of their representation as to how things should be handled properly when they are not. I have left occupations or companies where I felt that the customer was not getting what they had rightly signed up or paid for. The beauty of what I do now is, I can be that advocate on behalf of or for my clients.

How I got here today, is through a tremendous amount of grace and “school of love’ in the home I grew up in. Along the example of excellence, fortitude, virtue and encouragement from all of those I mentioned in my shout outs. Personally, I will say I have simply chosen not to quit. Instead I made a decision to be the best at what I do. While that may be arbitrary, I will continue to pursue being the best resource and can be for anyone looking for help.

The ‘Entrepreneur’s Roller Coaster, as noted by Darren Hardy, is never easy. But if you chose to develop and grow through those trials rather than just survive them, your strength comes from the struggle.

I have a dream of being successful, and a vision for what I want my life to look like.  To be respected among my peers both personal and professional; to be able to give in great return what I have been given. I overcame challenges with the support and acceptance of those in my family and religious groups when I felt so ashamed of failure. I overcame challenges with the support of my professional colleagues when I was destitute. There’s too long a list of profound lessons I’ve learned along the way.

I will say that the power of a dream is extremely profound and is the thing that makes any one of us really do anything significant. The caliber of people your learn from and associate with will be a direct reflection of the kind of person you become. Choose wisely. Personally, I want to be known for the anonymous quote: “Be the type of person that no matter where you go or where you are, you always add value to the lives of others around you.”

In my opinion, I want people to know that there is a God. That he did create you for a reason, and that he put something inside of you for your joy if you will only take the time in silence, to get to know him, learn to love him and serve him through the unique gifts or talents you have.

Let’s say your best friend was visiting the area and you wanted to show them the best time ever. Where would you take them? Give us a little itinerary – say it was a week long trip, where would you eat, drink, visit, hang out, etc.
This is one of my favorite things about Colorado, there is such a broad diversity of kinds of people, cultures, and activities that I find there is something for everyone.

I believe that a person pursuing just about any kind of faith creates the opportunity for them to be the best version of themselves. If you are a person of any kind of faith or belief system there probably is a church, synagogue, mosque, or assembly hall where you can go celebrate your respective belief system.

There are an abundance of great restaurants with themes and nuances for every flavor. If we are in Denver, we can take the Free Shuttle or walk the 16th street mall to check out some of the best shops and restaurants. You might find some street entertainment to make you stop and watch. Maybe we could stop off at the Theater Building just a couple blocks off to see what shows are in town this week. If you are an outdoorsy type or have interest, REI or Wilderness Exchange are a good place to check out or Rent Gear.

If you have any interest in History or Government, we can take a tour of the Capitol Building and take the stair up to the newly renovated Golden dome. If you are an art buff, check out the Denver Art Museum, only a couple of blocks away. There is a really fun “Scavenger Hunt” that will take you to a number of plaques and pieces of great art placed throughout the city that could make for an engaging culture adventure in the city. Other historically key spots you might check out are Union Station and the Brown Palace Downtown.

Now, depending on the time of year, you might have interest in professional Sports. Coors Field, Ball Arena, or Empower Field at Mile High offer some great experiences. If you are a concert buff, these venues are also key places to go. Along with Fiddlers Green south toward the Denver Tech Center and the ever famous, Red Rocks Amphitheater out to the west side of town, just before you get into the mountains in the town of Morrison. For you Country Music fans, the Grizzly Rose just a bit north on i-25 is the place for you. The National Western Complex is the place to be in January for the Stock show and throughout the rest of the year there is always some other sort of big concert or event happening there too.

If you like any kind of Dancing, there’s a spot for you here. The Mercury Cafe on Park Ave & California offers lessons on different styles of dancing. If you are a Swing Dancer, have your pick friends; there are swing dancing venues all over the city and a full on community to get plugged into. Tango and Salsa also have a strong presence in Denver. If you’re more into the “Club” scene, there are several up and down and around Blake Street to choose from.

While you’re here, you simply cannot come through without at least taking a drive west up into the majestic Rocky Mountains we have here. There’s a few directions you can go to see the sights: I particularly like the Drive west on Hwy 36 towards Boulder to see the Red Flatirons and take a hike through Chataqua Park. If you take i-70 West, you’ll pass through Georgetown and go through the Eisenhower tunnel down in to Summit County. From there you’re not far from a handful of popular Ski/Snowboard Resorts: Copper, Breckenridge and Keystone. If you continue on you’ll eventually find Vail and Aspen and Beaver Creek maybe Steamboat Springs if you’re up for the drive. I’ve always been a fan of Winter Park/Mary Jane up Hwy 40. If you want to simply drive to the top of a “14er” in the summer you can take a turn off south from Idaho Springs to the top of Mt. Evans. The other iconic spot is if you drive south from Denver to Colorado Springs, you gotta try the Hike up Pikes Peak – or just take the train :-).

If you are in shape and up for it, CO is famous for folks who love fitness events. I myself have found an affection for the Boulder Bolder on Memorial Day.  Triathlons of all distances are here now, even the famous 140.6 mile Ironman in Boulder. If you’re into Obstacle Course Races, there are some fun 5k/3mile course races like Rugged Maniac. I also have completed 2 Full Tough Mudder courses here in CO. The next challenge will be Spartan.

The Shoutout series is all about recognizing that our success and where we are in life is at least somewhat thanks to the efforts, support, mentorship, love and encouragement of others. So is there someone that you want to dedicate your shoutout to?

Rick and Tess Langfield – My Parents. My Example. My Heroes. I want to be able to return in favor all the sacrifices you made for me and my “Brew” of Siblings. My Siblings: Michael, Justin, Zach, Shannon and David. For loving me through the dumb.

Matthew Alderman, Howie Danzik and the Mentorship in World Wide Dream Builders system as well as the World Wide Dream Builders booklist.

Tim Morales and Chris Sanchez, these men gave me the opportunity and coaching to begin my career as an Agent through USHEALTH Advisors. Also, a shout out to some of the seasoned, veteran agents from that team who encouraged me and guided me in my early years and have become some great friends today. Especially John Lazas, Paul Kleinman, Dick O’Donnell & Jerry Larder, among others.

My friends, John Spivey and Dr. Tony Gaul. Their friendship and example of professional integrity and fortitude are priceless.

Master Networks and One Business Connection – networking organizations you’ll find on the front range. That have been powerful sources of insight, wisdom and connections to other top professionals.

Holly Morphew of Financial Impact. For your testimony and willingness to share and sow into my team in its infant stages.

Darren Hardy – I’ve been a Darren Daily Subscriber and have purchased nearly all of his material and programs.

Todd Klein, my present Division Sales Leader. Incredibly welcoming, encouraging, supportive and inspiring; dare I say Magnanimous. His leadership team, of Erika Blount, Josalyn Dean, Priscilla Moreno and Paul Mays; and all of his agents who have welcomed me and taught me some profound lessons to make me a better person, agent and leader.

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