We had the good fortune of connecting with Haley Slamon and we’ve shared our conversation below.

Hi Haley, what habits do you feel play an important role in your life?
Good scheduling is the core habit that’s helped me improve so many aspects of my professional life. As someone who struggles with motivation, a set morning routine starts my day off right without deciding what to work on, just like a regular job. I always post on social media right away, and then comment on other people’s posts for a while. It’s something easy to do when I first wake up, but it’s also a great way to boost my own posts in the algorithm, and reach out to new potential followers at the same time! Even though social media sometimes seems pointless, putting in that work to connect with my audience and other creators has noticeably boosted my sales. It’s certainly a lot more effective than just hoping others will notice me.

Besides my scheduled morning media, I also find it worthwhile to write down daily and weekly checklists for myself. Anyone who runs a business knows that it involves a lot of different jobs, and that it’s easy to get overwhelmed by all of the obligations. Having a list of tasks keeps me focused and helps me transition quickly from one thing to the next throughout the day. Even more importantly, it makes it much easier to track when I can take on a short notice opportunity, or if I need to set boundaries for myself. When I put off some bookkeeping chore to squeeze another commission into the calendar, the list is there to help me make sure everything important gets accomplished sooner or later.

Keeping a good schedule is what keeps me accountable to my clients, to my business, and to myself. I think it’s a crucial habit for any professional to always keep in mind.

Can you open up a bit about your work and career? We’re big fans and we’d love for our community to learn more about your work.
When creating his operas, composer Richard Wagner strived to achieve his ideal of a “Gesamtkunstwerk”, which roughly translates to “total work of art”. He believed when the elements of music, acting, dance, lights, sets, and costumes all worked together in harmony within a piece, that it created something greater than the sum of each part. This is more or less what I’ve been striving to be as an artist for the last twenty years.

People ask about your art and usually expect a short answer about something like singing or painting, but the thing I pride myself most on is my diverse set of creative skills. I’ve always had a love for picking up new talents, and I’ve worked hard to seek out every opportunity to improve my craft, no matter the discipline. Studying vocal music and theatre at Oakland School for the Arts, a performing arts high school in California, taught me from a young age the dedication that being a professional artist takes, and prepared me to always be thinking about how my brand is being viewed. I use titles like Multimedia Artist and Performer, because if I have to put myself in a few boxes, I want them to be the largest ones possible. Listing off a set of skills is impressive on a resume, but I usually find that letting potential clients ask you questions about their needs, and discover that you can do a little bit of everything organically, leads to a much better working relationship than sounding like a know-it-all upfront. Besides, saying I’m a singer, actor, dancer, costumer, crocheter, photographer, editor, writer, content creator, and nail artist who can play multiple instruments is a little overwhelming for an elevator pitch!

Currently, I’m starting to sell the physical products I make under the name Slamon Creations, but eventually I plan on expanding that brand to include other work such as my music and performance content. I believe the most successful artists don’t just have one talent, even if they’re one of the best in their field. The biggest names are the ones who expand into multiple industries and become a business in themselves. Rihanna has a fan base that loves her for her music, but she also acts, designs clothes, and produces her own shows. I’m working to build that type of audience, that doesn’t just expect a single version of myself, but respects me as the whole artist; for what I make, what I think, and what I love. It’s a much longer process, one that includes learning a lot of complicated things like licensing and finances, but it’s worth it if it means being creatively free and self-sufficient.

I’m so thankful to the people who have supported me so far, and have encouraged me to always do the things I’m passionate about, even if that means changing course or breaking the mold. I’m still learning and growing every day, and I’m glad to share some of that journey with you!

If you had a friend visiting you, what are some of the local spots you’d want to take them around to?
I actually hadn’t lived in Colorado long before the lockdown started, so I’d probably need to do some exploring with my friend. That’s alright though, because I’m always down for a new adventure! Art museum trips are one of my favorite outings to go on with other people. It’s always so interesting to talk about each other’s interpretations of different pieces. Meow Wolf looks like one of the hottest new things in town right now, so we’d have to check that out. Then after we got some food from a local restaurant (my favorite is Chinese), I’d look for a show to go to. The last thing I saw live was Bubble Boy the Musical, and I’ve missed theater so much, both performing and attending. It’d be great to find something funny for us to laugh at and enjoy.

Exploring a new city is always fun, but I’d also certainly want my friend to experience some of the beautiful outdoor sights that are unique to Colorado. Parks like the Rocky Mountain National Wildlife Reserve have been great getaways in these times where the local night life is pretty nonexistent. Red Rocks is a tourist staple that’s worth the journey, and I’d love to check out some of the dinosaur tracks in the state if there was time for a long drive. There are just so many beautiful spots and cool things to see! It’s hard to hit everything in a week, but I’d try to give my friend a wonderful trip that they’d never forget. As long as we get to have a good time together, that’s really what matters to me.

Who else deserves some credit and recognition?
I wouldn’t have been able to pursue any of my artistic or professional goals without the love and support of my parents. They’ve always been my biggest fans, and have never discouraged me from chasing what I want. I’m so grateful for the opportunities I’ve had that have come from their sacrifices. Even on the days where I feel uncreative or incompetent, my parents are there to remind me about the good parts of my work and why what I do is important. I know they’ll always love me no matter what, but I want to keep growing and succeeding in what I’m doing, so that I can keep making them proud. The only way I can think of to thank them enough for what they’ve done is to be the best, most authentic version of myself that I possibly can. I can’t wait to celebrate my next milestones with them!

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