We had the good fortune of connecting with Michele Ariana and we’ve shared our conversation below.

Hi Michele, how does your business help the community?
I started a business called MPOWER Your Life™ & I have a division called MPOWER Your LOVE Life™. It’s our mission to empower healthy loving relationships in the world, starting with SELF. We specifically help ambitious driven women align and attract love while loving themselves…and without losing themselves. When women are empowered mentally, emotionally, & physically in their relationships (including their relationship with themselves), they’re happier, healthier, & more fulfilled. Which positively impacts the men & children in their lives…. creating a domino effect. I believe there is an intelligent loving life force that runs through all of us, & when INTENTIONALLY directed, can create incredible relationships, wealth, health, & better results in ALL areas & for ALL involved. When people are creating their lives intentionally, they have more to give, gain, & share with others. When more people are leading empowered lives they regain control of their life experience, dream bigger, take inspired action, and create things that not only bring them joy but elevate and evolve the world as a whole. And that’s how we evolve together & create a world we LOVE…starting with healthy relationships, from the inside out, through the feelings of empowerment!

Alright, so for those in our community who might not be familiar with your business, can you tell us more?
MPOWER Your Life™ and it’s division MPOWER Your LOVE Life™ is a personal growth and relationship breakthrough coaching company. We help women create empowered healthy relationships, starting with themselves. We do this through MPOWER TV on YouTube, online courses, information products, private group coaching, 1-on-1 NLP Breakthrough Coaching, VIP days, & live events. At MPOWER, we work with ambitious driven women who WANT LOVE but feel like: – They may never find the right one, – They’re tired of being disappointed in relationships, and – They’re afraid of wasting more time… Using my MANifest Love™ 5 Step Formula, we show them HOW TO breakthrough their love blocks, create magnetic confidence, and attract a relationship that’s aligned with who they really are. What sets us apart from other love and relationship coaching companies is that we help women create rapid transformation in their love lives by shifting limiting beliefs and increasing confidence using the ‘hidden language’ of their mind (ie. Neuro Linguistic Programing, ie. NLP). Additionally, what sets us apart is RESULTS … I’ve attracted my divine partner and created a highly evolved relationship (from the inside, out) using my exact formula and have helped other women do the same. I am most proud of our results in creating a soul-centered business of contribution that powerfully impacts other people’s lives (and the lives of those they touch). Also, with our online programs, we donate a portion of the investment to charities like The Bean Project that is helping women-in-need to empower their lives and O.U.R (Operation Underground Railroad) that is saving thousands of lives from human trafficking. We are currently upleveling our business and I’m excited to roll out our exclusive group coaching program called The Soulmate Method™. This new program will help women make powerful and profound transformations to their dating mindset, love habits, and actions so they can create the relationship they desire! This business was born out of my desire to help people take charge of their life, become aware of the amazing power of their minds, and help them create lives they love. I wanted to help people dream again and really LIVE those dreams! Growing up, I was a tomboy. I was made fun of for my physical looks…and that external bullying turned into internal bullying…I became my own worst critic. I didn’t feel ‘Good Enough’…ever! I was constantly ‘clawing’ for more, yet would not stop and enjoy the journey. I was so driven by the negative side of ambition, trying to prove my self-worth, that it drove me into sickness. I had a major health wake-up call in my late 20’s where I finally decided to live life differently. To train myself out of the addiction to not feeling good enough and into achieving my goals and dreams from a place of creative joy, confidence, and contribution. When I finally decided to pursue a life-long dream of becoming an NFL Cheerleader (despite the fact that I did not have ANY dance or cheer training), I gave myself three years to achieve it. It was the mindset, methods, and mentorship I gained along the way that enabled me to overcome my challenges, completely transform, and joyfully achieve my extraordinary dream! This type of transformation and awareness that I experienced is why I created my business MPOWER Your Life™. It’s why I stepped away from a ‘stable’ yet stressful J.O.B and took a terrifying leap of absolute faith….To share a message of possibility, transformation, and empowerment that would change other people’s lives like it did my own. The inspiration for our division, MPOWER Your LOVE Life™, came as a result of my journey of growing through a divorce, breaking through my sabotaging love blocks, and manifesting my divine partner, Dave, who I’ve been with since 2015. I realized I had powerful tools, techniques and strategies that can help women align and attract love without losing themselves…and while loving themselves. It definitely hasn’t been a smooth road, though! There have been plenty of challenges and struggles! As a kid, I experienced bullying, parents divorcing, moving away from friends, super low self-worth, self-hatred, verbal abuse… As I got older, I experienced anxiety, physical body pain, and health issues for a decade, not feeling good enough, family issues, digestive issues, breakups, divorce, money struggles, control issues, almost foreclosing on my house (twice), businesses collapsing (along with friendships, investments, and dreams), shame, embarrassment, hurt, sadness, anger, fear, darkness, pain, and stress. But I’ve also experienced AMAZINGNESS that came as a result of all of that! I gained….strength, confidence, surrender, trust, true beauty, friendship, self-worth, self-honoring choices, authentic communication, wealth, prosperity, health, empowerment, compassion, healing, alignment, contribution, romantic love, and most of all self-love and self-acceptance. Every single person I know has or has had some sort of challenge….. it’s part of the journey of life. I think we set ourselves up for failure and suffering (at least I did) when we believe that we should be without challenges. Our challenges and struggles give us clarity. When we know what we don’t want we know ever more clearly what we do want! Our job is to train ourselves into putting our focus, attention, and actions in the direction of what we DO want and staying persistent. That took me some time to figure out. I still work at it. Also, what we do with those challenges makes the difference between one person who suffers and another who can turn it around. If we take our struggles and learn, grow, and teach others from that clarity, then we can transform the energy of the struggle and experience something different. I have learned to sincerely bless all my challenges as I look back on them while honoring my emotions that come up. Even as I grow through them now, (because I do!), I do my best to stay present, practice fierce compassion, self-love, self-acceptance and forgiveness while focusing on what I desire. Listen, it doesn’t mean life is going to be without challenge or that we have to have it all figured out…God knows I don’t! I’m on this journey right along with everyone else! I have learned that ‘challenge’ is what helps us grow. When we develop the strength, tools, and self-love to overcome our challenges in an empowered and healthy way, that is what contributes to a joyful life. The pathway to our dreams are paved with fun and excitement but also with the stepping stones of challenges and obstacles…it’s a great sign when you encounter them! It means you are moving towards what you desire! We can use our obstacles as data and info to help us get back on track. Here’s what I want the world to know…..I believe every person is a “Badass Powerful Creator” of their life experience & deserves to lead a life they LOVE!! For the past 10 years I’ve been helping people lead empowered and confident lives. I’m a certified NLP Master Practitioner (Neuro Linguistic Programming), Success Life Coach, Keynote Speaker, Former NFL Cheerleader, & Badass Love Goddess ;-). After growing through bullying, debilitating anxiety, low self esteem, divorce, and health issues, I’ve discovered the truth that we are POWERFUL, Life is MAGICAL, and all healthy relationships start with SELF! It’s everyone’s birth right to create the most extraordinary life imaginable …. especially in LOVE!

If you had a friend visiting you, what are some of the local spots you’d want to take them around to?
If my BFFs came to visit, I would first take them on my back porch. It is my FAVORITE spot in Colorado! We face the mountains and the views are so majestic and breathtaking!! Next, I’d take them up to Red Rocks Theater to experience the history and culture. Afterwards, we’d cruise to Downtown Denver, stop by Union Station’s Hop Doddy Burger for a bite, and head to Just BE cafe for dessert. Of course, we’d drive by Rookies Stadium, Pepsi Center, and Bronco’s Stadium so they could see where all the magic takes place for our city’s sports! We would then make our way to Narrative Restaurant in Cherry Creek for happy hour. For sunset, we would go to the highlands and visit El5 for dinner and spectacular views of the city. Then, we would conclude the enchanting day at 5430, the highest opener rooftop bar in Denver.

The Shoutout series is all about recognizing that our success and where we are in life is at least somewhat thanks to the efforts, support, mentorship, love and encouragement of others. So is there someone that you want to dedicate your shoutout to?
I’m dedicating this ShoutOut to Dave Gottschalk, my Love and ‘Partner-In-Time’ ;-). I’m so incredibly grateful for his unconditional love, support, strength, generosity, fun-nature, and expansive vision. Our relationship journey is what inspired me to help other women ’empower their love lives’! ‘When the student is ready, the ‘teachers’ will appear’…these beautiful souls also deserve massive appreciation & credit for helping me along my journey… ~ My amazing family who have always supported me & cheered me on ~ My high vibe soul friends who encourage, support, & mastermind with me ~ All the incredible mentors, coaches, & leaders I’ve learned from ~ My dedicated clients & tribe who make it possible for me to share my wisdom, light, and love. ~ All my past romantic relationships…for loving me and helping me grow ~ God Force / Source… for breathing life, creativity, and love into me so that I may have an exhilarating life experience!

Website: http://www.mpoweryourlife.com
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/micheleariana1
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MicheleAriana11
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UChFT2XvewbBeAYG8MSXZt2Q

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