We had the good fortune of connecting with Stephanie Schoolmeester and we’ve shared our conversation below.

Hi Stephanie, how has your work-life balance changed over time?

I have a love/hate relationship with the word and concept of balance. I love it because the constant quest to find it has become a gift to the life I am now free to live. I’m not fond of it because it was always a trigger for me because I could never seem to “find” it.

As an elementary teacher for 22 years, I could not find BALANCE for my life. I cannot tell you how many times I heard someone say to me, “Stephanie, you work too much, and you need to find balance. ” UGGG!!!! I wanted to scream back, I KNOW, but I have no idea how to find it!” I worked countless hours putting my career, students, parents, teachers, and administrators on the must-do anything to please list of my entire career. It was exhausting, but my heart is built on serving and adding value to others, so I felt it was the only way. Well, that way of life took a toll on my physical, mental, and spiritual well-being, not to mention my relationships. I didn’t work 40-hour workweeks. I worked 60-80 hour work weeks, weekends, and summers. I lived a life of constant stress, feeling like no matter how hard I worked, I could never do enough.

A dear principal gave me a magnet that said BALANCE, and I hung it on my classroom door. I would see it when I came and went each day and pray that someday I would find it! Many nights as I left my classroom, I would touch the magnet and say a prayer, “Dear God, help me find balance. ”

Balance has been a lifetime quest and struggle, but I see it now as my journey to freedom. I realized I had to divorce the concept of balance and find a new way of looking at and living my life. My teaching career was a gift, and I am beyond grateful for what I learned and the impact I was able to make. However, I decided I needed to take a step away from teaching to explore a new perspective and a different way of living and working. I had no idea what this life would look like, but I could feel the call of my heart and decided to take the leap of faith to follow a new path.

I started a business that gave me a new lens through which to see the world. For the first time in my life, I realized there was a whole new world outside of my classroom’s four walls which gave me freedom and flexibility that I didn’t know even existed. I thought I would never leave teaching. I honestly thought I would be the 85-year-old teacher that had to be forced to leave teaching. I kept thinking and chuckling that I would be in my walker in my classroom and hear, “Mrs. Schoolmeester, it is time for you to retire.” That is how much I LOVED my teaching career. I lived and breathed it.

Then the entrepreneur bug hit me hard once my mind and heart had the taste of freedom, and I realized that I could still use my teaching skills differently while still impacting the world. I couldn’t ignore the whisper of my heart to take a leap of faith and follow my soul’s calling. At that time, I wasn’t quite sure what it was calling me to do. However, I am very intuitive and knew there was a greater force at work in my life. I believe it was God calling me into something even more extraordinary.

The lifetime struggle of balance became the quest to find me in the box I created in my personal and professional life. I discovered very quickly that balance was no longer my quest. It was an ALIGNMENT of my soul’s calling and path. Once I made that energy shift, my entire life shifted with it.

My box-fitting, people-pleasing, work-for-my-worth is replaced with CREATING a life and business around my soul. I now have three successful businesses using my teaching skills to make a massive impact in other’s lives. I work less than I ever have and attract MORE! I make decisions that match what I have created in my life. I will no longer settle and live my life to please and fit any narrative but the one I choose! If it’s not a HELL YES, it’s a HELL NO!

I just spent three weeks in Florida with my mom and stepdad. My mom asked me to come and help because my stepdad fell and broke his hip. I could do that because I have created a freedom lifestyle that aligns with my soul.  I taught my High Vibe Kids Tribe, coached my High Vibe Sisterhood Tribe, and ran my online holistic wellness company “working” from the pool and beach right next to my precious family. My mom and I were able to chase sunsets each night together and create memories of a lifetime! I was able to spend more quality time with my family than I have in my ENTIRE life. My mom even mentioned, ” You have never been happier, and we spent such quality time together. ” Normally, I would only be able to visit for short periods, and I would be completely stressed out the entire time. I now have the gift of time and to be fully present with the people I love and cherish.

I have never gone away for three weeks in my life. I would have never considered it because I was so programmed to go on week-long vacations. God granted so many gifts on this trip. First and foremost, it was time with my mom and my stepdad. Then, the gift of creating three businesses that I could work virtually from any location. I knew I could sustain my business. However, I had no intention of growing them during this time. God had a different plan. I believe He wanted to show me I could prosper in this lifestyle, and this was waiting for me to claim even more. My online wellness company doubled during these three weeks, and my team had more wins than ever! I was able to dive into my team, and everyone was WINNING, and there is nothing more I love than to help others create location, time,  financial, and lifestyle freedom!

I decided to divorce BALANCE and marry the concept of living an authentically aligned life and help others do the same. I have taken back my power and claim FLOW and FREEDOM now. This is my new way of BEing, and I am never going back! If it doesn’t light me up and ripple love and light into the world, it is not aligned with my soul’s purpose. My dream life has become my reality.

My mission is to lead a heart-centered love and leadership of a High vibe tribe of dream dealers who create a life and business around their souls and helping others do the same. We chase our dreams and sunsets together. I can fully live and breathe this mission in my life now, and I am beyond grateful! If this sings to your heart, I would love to invite you to chase sunsets with us.

Alright, so for those in our community who might not be familiar with your business, can you tell us more?

My business is called Vibrant Body, Mind, and Soul. My business is a way of life and BEing. I live and breathe what I teach others to do. I am a teacher, transformational coach, and heart holder for others to find their flow and freedom in their lives.

Have you ever heard the quote, “Your greatest wounds can become your greatest gifts?” This is a quote from my mentor Donny Epstein. Life cracked my heart open so I could discover and shine my gifts into the world.

My business is my soul’s calling and turns on or amplifies the light inside of each of us. It is the inner soul light that directly transcends into our outer world. I first had to experience, learn, and apply life-changing tools to heal from my first husband’s death. His death was what unraveled me, and it felt like my life completely shattered right along with my heart. My fairytale turned into my greatest nightmare. My life as I dreamed and knew crumbled before me, and I crumbled right along with it. I lost myself in extreme loss and grief, and I didn’t think I could find my way out of the dark pit that engulfed me.

What I found through my healing journey was that it was the catalyst for my mission in life. My light had to be turned off so I could learn how to turn it back on and radiate love and light again. I went through the dark journey of the soul to help others find their light and path with as much ease and joy as possible. I had to live in the dark so I could discover how to turn on the light. I had to live through my greatest fear to learn to live through the lens of love. My greatest wounds turned into my greatest gifts, and became my teacher. This process was very similar to a caterpillar going through a metamorphosis to become a butterfly. One of my favorite quotes from Hope for the Flowers is, “And the day came when the risk to remain the same was greater than the risk to change, it is, after all, the only hope for the caterpillar to become a butterfly. ” I had to go through the dark transformational journey to get my wings.

My mission is to help others get their wings to fly and guide others HOME to their own knowing, truth, and purpose. I lead a High Vibe Sisterhood Tribe to help heart-centered women step into their power, purpose, and ultimate possibilities. I teach powerful practices that ignite your inner and outer fire so you can radiate your sacred soul gifts to the world. The techniques I teach are simple and powerful practices to shift your emotional state no matter what is happening within or around you. My genius zone is helping raise our energy and vibration to become magnetic attractors to what we deeply desire in our lives to create a life and business around our soul.

I guide women to take back control of their destiny and design the life of their dreams. They learn how to step into their feminine flow, work less and attract more, and have an endless reservoir of energy and love to fill up themselves, their families and make an impact they are longing to make in the world.

I have been on a path of expansion for 20 years and use various energetic practices and tools within my programs. I am a facilitator of a variety of energy practices that guide my clients on their own journeys. I facilitate Somato Respiratory Integration / 12 Stages of Healing that Donny Epstein developed. I also am a practitioner of BARS ACCESS which Gary Douglas developed.

My horses are my healing partners and assist my clients in stepping into their truth. Horses are our mirrors and show us what we need to see in each area of our lives. I have witnessed them working miracles with children and women. I believe they are the truest form of love that teaches us how to align each area of our life around our soul’s path.

One of my clients summed up what I do in my business and life’s work. She told me I was like Glenda the Good Witch in the Wizard of Oz because I help my clients see that they always had the power within, and I help them find their way back home to their soul.  I teach and guide my clients with powerful practices to find their power and lead them back to the path of their soul, which holds all our wisdom and purpose in life.

When we align to our soul’s calling, our LIVES FLOW like a beautiful flowing river. We are designed to FLOW, to be FREE, and live in joy and abundance.

I also partnered with an online holistic company that offers life-changing products that create calm and a freedom lifestyle. I sell high-quality CBD, essential oils, nutrition, and self-love products that bring more peace, joy, and love to our body, mind, and soul. I am beyond blessed to have these life-changing products to share with my loved ones to help them optimize their emotional and financial well-being.

I light up by lighting up others and making a difference in the world. I am on a mission to bring more love and light to radiate out to the world. My business is my soul’s calling, and I am here to guide as many back home to their knowing.

I invite you to listen to your heart calling you and follow your path back to freedom. I promise you will be ecstatic you said YES. MORE JOY, LOVE, and ABUNDANCE ARE WAITING FOR YOU! I would LOVE to help you find your flow and dance to your dreams.

Let’s say your best friend was visiting the area and you wanted to show them the best time ever. Where would you take them? Give us a little itinerary – say it was a week long trip, where would you eat, drink, visit, hang out, etc.
If one of my best friends visited the area, I would take them to one of my all-time favorite restaurants in Denver. Watercourse Foods is one of my favorite restaurants because I am mostly vegan, and their food is AMAZING!

I would take them to see a concert at Red Rocks Amphitheater because you can’t come to Colorado without seeing a concert at the COOLEST outdoor amphitheater on the planet.

We would take a tour of the Botanic Gardens and look at the gorgeous flowers and be in nature.

The mountains in Colorado are why I moved here, so of course, I would have to show them our gorgeous Rocky Mountains. If it was during the winter and they liked to ski, I would take them skiing on the most magical mountains in the world. I might sound bias, but I am a mountain girl, and our mountains speak to the soul. 🙂

Who else deserves some credit and recognition?
I have so many people I would love to share my gratitude for supporting me on my journey. I will choose the person who brought me into this world and breathes life into me every day: my hero, my best friend, my MOM.

My mom is my greatest gift in life. I learned from her example of loving others deeply and putting God first in every area of your life. I am still learning how to do this, but she is the best example of the best human I know. I watched and felt how her love changed lives for the better. I watched her raise five children after my father passed away. She took over his well-drilling business and demonstrated how a woman could lead from her heart and succeed in all areas of life.

When I lost my first husband, my mom was my strength the entire time. I kept telling myself, “If she could get through this, so can I. ” She was by my side the entire time, telling me I would get through this and to take one minute at a time. She prayed for me when I lost all faith and helped me restore my health, life, and faith in God.  She sees and loves me deeper than anyone, and her love has helped me get through the darkest times of my life.

My mom is my #1 cheerleader and the person I go to for advice on ALL areas of my life. She always wants to hear about my life and business and celebrates every part of the journey with me. She listens with her loving heart and always speaks the truth into my heart. I call her my unpaid CEO in my business. She is my angel on Earth, and I would not be where I am today without her love, encouragement, and strength she has poured into all aspects of my life.

Website: https://www.stephanieschoolmeester.com/

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Other: Treat yourself to more Self Love and Plant Medicine: Online Holistic Wellness/ CBD Company: https://www.mydailychoice.com/vibrantbodyandsoul Join our Freedom Lifestyle Community: https://www.winwithmdc.com/cp25/vibrantbodyandsoul Join our High Vibe Kids Tribe: https://www.stephanieschoolmeester.com/high-vibe-kids-tribe-1 Join our High Vibe Sisterhood Tribe: https://www.facebook.com/groups/381102939018256

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