Most of the media often paints all businesses with a single stroke, but in our experience businesses are each unique and so many of them are focused on making the world a better place. We’ve highlighted a few such gems below.

Alyna Douglass | Co-Founder of Kideaux- Home of the Kideaux Dragon Ski and Bike Child Visibility Pack

Our goal in starting Kideaux was to provide ways for families to participate in outdoor recreation while minimizing the dangers. Our goal and passion for socially impacting our community is about changing the ski and snowboard community as it relates to children’s safety on the slopes. Our first product is designed to make children highly visible, which means no more collisions and no more lost kids on the slopes. If you’ve ever skied with children you know how hard it is to keep them from getting run into. The close calls and collisions from others who just don’t see them in time is a common refrain among parents on the slopes. It’s also extremely easy to lose sight of them on the crowded slopes. By providing a tool for parents to make their child highly visible, we make the ski resorts safer for everyone. Globally, we’re passionate about our planet and preserving it’s beauty and resources for our children and future generations. Read more>>

Cait Swithers | Colorado Photographer + Filmmaker

Starting in college, I began to have a huge passion for abused women after learning about the realities of domestic violence and sex-trafficking. I devoted the next several years to volunteering in any shape I could and educating myself about the cycles, vulnerabilities, and experiences of survivors in hopes to make any sort of impact to help these women. It was a beautiful journey that led me to find what I thought was my dream job at a resource center downtown denver for survivors of abuse. Because of the urgency on my heart for this demographic, I thought the only way to stay involved and actually make a difference was to follow suit with the leaders before me and become a social worker for a non-profit, but that quickly left me feeling drained and without any capacity to thrive in the other areas of my life. At the time, photography was my creative outlet to bring joy in a world that can seem very dim in that field. I started to learn that there are so many different ways to do good in the world and make a difference in someone’s life. Read more>>

Elian Israely Monjack | Founder and Textile Artist of Elian Studio

My home decor introduces people to the lifestyle of slow living and finding the beauty in our simple daily life. To respect those moments and make them meaningful by being present with what you are doing right now with a touch of bold and colorful patterns. More than that, we encourage you to buy slow design products, choose goods you have a connotation with, buy less, and use more. Every pattern is hand drawn in my studio, and I create timeless designs so people can enjoy them for years to come. Additionally, I take full responsibility for manufacturing everything in the most sustainable way I can. This is the least I can do after gaining knowledge of how much damage my industry has on our planet. This is the Mose challenging part but the most rewarding to know I crate a dialogue between unique designs and eco-friendly products and give my customers high-quality home goods that are good for them but for our plant too. Read more>>

Heidi Elzas | Automotive Photographer

Before diving into the automotive industry I had a preconceived idea of what it was like. Now that I have been baptized by fire in this place of hot rods and racing, I couldn’t have been more wrong. There is a shared passion that brings unity. Each has their own preferences and set of ambitions, whether it is to be faster, louder or prettier than the next. The talents are abundant and the friendships run deep. Through my photography and social perspective I have an opportunity to bring the camaraderie into light. Unlimited stories to be told through imagery. Showcasing the positivity in a world that tends to embrace negativity and division. Read more>>

Krista Goode | Founder of The Goode Life

We help the community in a few ways: When a new member joins the community, we donate funds to a non-profit – the more new members, the more donations we make. We pick a different non-profit each month. As a community, we also gathers supplies and donations to deliver 200 blessing bags to homeless in Colorado Springs. Bags are being delivered March 6. Six small businesses are partners in the community to enhance the membership experience. We use small businesses and local business for marketing, administration, and supplies as much as possible. This summer we will be hosting our first annual #GoodeCause Golf Charity Tournament with proceeds going to Safe Passage located in Colorado Springs. Read more>>

Dr. Sean Dixon | CEO, Simply Tiny Development, a Public Benefit LLC

We can start at a high-level. Our business is structured as a Public Benefit LLC, which is a legal entity that is not forced by corporate law to drive shareholder primacy. Simply Tiny Development has adopted the focus on the triple-bottom line– disturbing dividends equally across shareholders, stakeholders, and the environment. The business is currently pending a B Corp certification, which is a third-party certification, that if earned, shows that the business meets the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance. Our structure coupled with the B Corp certification gives us a legal and enforceable method to use the business for good. Secondly, I would have to discuss Simply Tiny’s culture and workforce. We are an Early Stage startup with 3 total employees. The team consistently works towards becoming a values-driven unit- meaning the business is used as a vehicle to express unique strengths and individual core values. Easily put, our workforce is driven by passion and a well defined purpose. Read more>>

Rhea Amos | Managing Director of Pandemic Collective

A piece of Pandemic Collective’s mission statement is, “By engaging artists and audiences across all mediums, we seek to collaborate as a cultural force to rouse outrage and fear in hope of social change.” And I believe Pandemic does this, the company itself is highly collaborative. Everyone involved has a distinct voice, and all of those voices are heard in our process. We produce socially conscious work that is developed entirely by local artists, and we collaborate with someone outside of the theatre medium with every piece that we do, (like radio hosts, sand artists, screenwriters, some really killer people!) Our work addresses community issues, things that keep us up at night, and the hope is that we infect the masses with horror theatre and inspire our audiences to be the change they wish to see in the world. Read more>>

Marisa Oldefest | Nationally Certified Pilates Teacher, Studio Owner,

I am so happy to announce that I have become an affiliate Pilates instructor and studio with Core Compassion Project. We are a 501(c)3 that provides Pilates scholarships for women and men in the Denver area who are recovering from breast cancer. I am the first Pilates studio in Denver to become an affiliate. This project is very near and dear to my heart because both my mother and grandmother are breast cancer survivors. Through my Pilates teaching I am able to help others regain their strength, flexibility and self esteem with the Pilates method. My studio provides a very safe and compassionate and nurturing space for breast cancer survivors to come and rehabilitate. Read more>>