Most of the media often paints all businesses with a single stroke, but in our experience businesses are each unique and so many of them are focused on making the world a better place. We’ve highlighted a few such gems below.

Anette Bowser | Mentor and Leadership Professional

Ladies of Value, LOVE, prepares young girls to be well round adult women by time they graduate high school. This looks like equipping them with adequate interpersonal communication skills, economics as well as lasting life skills from car mechanics to home care. LOVE also facilitates an annual community service project where the young ladies learn the value of their civic duty and a sense of community. We want our girls to be involved and high functioning society members. Read more>>

Camila Bruce | Light Worker, Photographer, Healer & Intuitive Oracle Reader

My life purpose as a Light Worker and Artist, is to help others find their Divine Purpose on this Earth plane. It has been a long journey to get to the point in which I could combine my talents and my joy of helping others step into their full power and Higher Self. I create EXPERIENCES through which there is Shadow & Light work involved, leading to a photographic session to embody that Higher Self within, that will help in following that true purpose path. I am a love and light seed spreader. I am an encourager of compassion, and this is what my business is all about. I feel that with the recent state of the world, compassion is a huge thing that we are needing. Compassion for ourselves and others. My experiences help that compassion speak and come through, so we can all be beacons of light and love in this world through our Divine Purpose! Read more>>

Mallory Garneau | Executive Director, Realtor & Travel Enthusiast

FoCo Cafe is Northern Colorado’s first and only non-profit restaurant whos mission is to build community through providing delicious and nutritious meals to all people regardless of the ability to pay while using mostly local, organic, sustainably grown ingredients. We believe that everyone needs a hand up at some point in their life, and that community centered spaces can provide great benefits to different areas of life, therefore we do not require you to qualify for our services based off the traditional guidelines. Instead, we welcome all people to join us and contribute in different ways for their meals. If they cannot pay, volunteerism or food donations are accepted. Through COVID, we have seen food security become an even bigger problem than it was before, therefore we have seen an increased need for this kind of service. Read more>>

Trish Laub | Author|Consultant|Speaker – Alzheimer’s|Dignified Care|End of Life

In our American culture, where youth and fitness are prized, there is a prevalent, damaging stigma around Alzheimer’s disease and other types of dementia. We are not a society that likes to focus on illness or death. For that reason, I can attest as a former caregiver that providing dignified care is anything but simple, whether the condition is Alzheimer’s, cancer or something else. Finding the resources, equipment and providers needed requires navigating a maze. We do our best to ignore the fact that every life ends, thereby denying death the dignity that it deserves. More than likely, we all will be faced with each of these issues. Comfort in their Journey® brings all of this to light and offers guidance, assistance and solutions that result in calm and comfort for the person being cared for and peace of mind for the family members. Read more>>

Edwin Sandoval | Chef owner of Xatrucho concepts

Xatrucho has always kept the Latino community in mind from day one. Our goal is to showcase Latin inspired cuisine that is based in classic cooking techniques with emphasis on Latin flavor profiles. We aim to bring a sense of pride to our cuisine as it’s always been regarded and expected to be inexpensive as if we didn’t take a careful, meticulous and creative approach like those of French and Italian cooking. We work very closely with multiple organizations here in Denver and around the U.S to help in any form we can, recently we have been working with a non profit from the east coast raising funds to provide Honduran healthcare professionals with PPE during these covid times. For the past five years we have worked with a non profit in Westwood Denver providing cooking classes to low income kids, raising funds for their urban farm and business incubator. Read more>>

Lakeisha Ashley | CEO & OWNER of BLVCMRKT Boutique LLC.

Socially, there’s a few different avenues we could take with BLVCMRKT. The first, socially encouraging individuals to embrace their own individuality when it comes to style. So many people get caught up in trends. Fashion and style is FUN & EXPRESSIVE. Who cares what season it is, does it make you feel good? Does that piece of clothing connect with your soul? Does it remind you of a time or a person who you’re inspired by? Then do it and wear it for YOU. Secondly, everything is vintage, socially empowering people to shop vintage aka investment pieces. They’re a little more pricey however they last longer they’ve been designed that way. So less waste for our planet and less time having to clean out your closet every 4 months because your “trendy”, fast fashion clothes have holes in them. Lastly, our collaborations with other local, small, & women owned business’, artists, creatives etc. Read more>>

Pamela Maass | Estate Planning Attorney

I started my career as a Deputy District Attorney. I loved having the opportunity to serve my community. Unfortunately, I observed a negative trend. When something unexpected happened, a car accident or crime, often the family was stuck in court and conflict for many years in the probate process. The worst cases I saw were young children, who after their young parents passed away unexpectedly they were stuck in child protective services while the family members were often stuck in a multiyear battle to provide care for the kids. All of this could be avoided, if families had access to legal planning tools before it was too late. Unfortunately, 70 percent of people pass away without an estate plan (a will, a trust, an incapacity plan and naming guardians). Read more>>

Sara Bowersock | Artist & Owner | Point Blank Art & Design LLC

One of the biggest objectives for Point Blank Art & Design from the very beginning has been to be able to give back in some way. Each quarter, I split 10% of profits between a few different organizations that are important to me. I like to switch it up from year to year, because there are just so many awesome non-profits out there doing amazing things. Some of the things I have donated to over the years are mental health programs, animal rescue organizations, and girls art schools. This year the focus shifted a bit, and I’m primarily donating to the BLM movement, and organizations focused on helping those who have been impacted by COVID. I know Point Blank’s donations are only a small drop in the bucket for helping the community, but I’d like to think every drop helps. Read more>>

Bethel Jiricek Author | Christian Non-Fiction Author

Currently I am writing Christian Bible Study books for families. Because many families are not able to attend church services or are nervous about going because of COVID-19, having a way to learn about Jesus at home can be such a blessing. My hope is that these books will help local communities feel closer to Jesus and bring families together. Read more>>