The Coronavirus has given many us an opportunity to pause and think about life, our purpose, and even the right work life balance. What’s your perspective and has it changed over time?

Quinn Antus | Executive Director, Signal Tech Coalition

A mentor of mine once told me that my “great work” would be disentangling my sense of worth from my work. And I think he was right. I worked tirelessly for years, sometimes even refusing to take take breaks throughout the workday thinking that would be irresponsible. I even remember in high school my mom urging me not to turn in some homework assignment because I was so stressed about whether I was working hard enough. But Covid-19 changed my perspective on work-life balance indelibly. I got really sick. I was bedridden for 2 straight months and then off-and-on for many months afterwards. I still deal with some lingering effects of long covid and covid-related complications. Read more>>

Erin Chicoine | Owner & Photographer

Balance. I’m a libra, so this is a constant. I’m continuously working on this. Over time, I’d like to think the changes have been appropriate. I didn’t have children when starting out. I could spend all day every day focused on my photography business without impacting someone else. And I’m a busy worker. I’m always thinking about work, because it’s more than that to me, even still. Now, I have to carve out times that are appropriate in between being a mom and wife. I have two little boys who look up to me and are taking notes on who I am as a mother, business owner and community member. And those two little boys are what make me understand my profession that much more. The importance of connections. Read more>>

Lauren Gibson | Senior Supply Chain Analyst

My idea of work-life balanced changed when I became a parent in November of 2020. At the beginning of the year, I was going into the office on an 8-6 schedule and was always feeling exhausted from commuting and long meetings. I dreaded the idea of trying to balance working in an office with parenting. Thankfully, my company moved to a remote work environment and plans to operate with a hybrid workplace for the foreseeable future. Working remotely is giving me the time and flexibility I need to be with my daughter. I used to prioritize my wardrobe and worry about being at the office early. Working out of my home has enabled me to have more family time whether it’s taking a walk outside together or having the energy to go hiking during the weekend. I consider work-life balance to be having both a satisfying career and time for meaningful interactions with those who I care about most. This seemed impossible to me at first, but I am hoping it can be achievable if employers allow for flexible and remote working options. Read more>>

Amber Korban | Freelance Editor & Writer

I have tried working full-time at an office, but I never feel like I’m giving it my best effort. I never have the time or energy to do the things that really make me happy. Such as being a mother, or getting to write or paint. I started my freelance editing business so I could work hours around my family and creative work. I am allowed the flexibility to either work early in the morning or late at night. I also find editing very fulfilling as a job. I really enjoy reading and making a manuscript or project better. Read more>>