We asked some brilliant folks from the community to talk to us about how they think about risk and the role risk has played in their lives and careers.

Sarah Allie Moore | TEDx Speaker, Embodiment Coach & Intuitive, Activist

Risk is the birthplace of play and creativity. It calls you to get out of the container of what’s “known” and dive into all the potential that lies outside of the box. Risk is where we discover who we really are, what we’re truly made of, and opens us to our greatest potential. Read more>>

Joe Bauer | Fitness & Nutrition Coach

Ever since back in college when I realized through exercise and sports that failure could be the fastest way to success, I’ve been open to taking risks for things that I’d like to accomplish. Read more>>

Alexey Lee | CEO, Founder of Pinemelon.com

Risk taking has always been playing a tremendous role in my life and career as a serial entrepreneur. Too much risk — and I could have ended up with nothing, disappointed by entrepreneurship and broken with too much pressure. Too less — and I could have missed many opportunities which now are fully realized. Read more>>

Mariah Rupp | Mobile Bar Owner & Assistant Principal

To me, risks are part of the fun in life; to my husband, he would tell you they make up his nightmares. When I was 18 I graduated from high school in Washington State and moved to Arizona for college. Ten years later, in 2011, my husband and I gave up our jobs teaching and moved to Colorado with only the money in our pockets because it was time for a landscape change. Read more>>

Aly + Orlin Camerlo | The Barn at Howard Creek Farm owners + event planner

We believe that there truly is no reward without risk. Taking risks has fueled most of our decisions when building and starting our own businesses. Both my husband and I have taken many risks over the years in our personal and professional lives. Read more>>

Tiana Najai | Model, Photographer, Content Creator & Entrepreneur

Taking risks is part of my growth as a creative, business woman, and individual who works to become better everyday. Without risks, we’re left with “what if’s”. Through experiencing multiple near-death situations; I began to realize how short life truly is. We don’t know when we’ll take our last breath, so I plan to make the most of my life while I’m still here. Read more>>

Brooks Hurbis | Online Personal Trainer & Nutrition Coach

I’ve always been a pretty risk averse person. I think about big decisions from every angle and am a big fan of a pro con list. So quitting my cushy tech sales job to pursue my passion project full time was a BIG risk. I had no idea if building a business largely from social media would be sustainable, if my success to date had been “luck”, or if this whole thing would work. Read more>>

K.C Creations Theseus | Designer & Producer

When we think about risks it’s all about innovation. How to take those ideas from the mind and manifest them into something greater. When this idea was presented by my partner Theseus, we instantly thought how can we turn his idea into a greater project. For Theseus everything in his life is a risk, just can’t let that rick scare him from jumping. Everything risk wise is always about taking a risk in our careers turning project ideas into masterpieces. Read more>>

Lauren Riordan | Landscape Designer and Builder

I didn’t realize how important risk is until I started my own company, KALEIDOSCAPE LLC. Risk has been pivotal for growth, in both my personal and professional life. Risk doesn’t have to be reckless, but rather a chance for change. I’ve always been an advocate for change. If something’s not working, then change it. However, I have also come to realize that something doesn’t have to be broken to seek change. Read more>>

Zach Ostrander | President – Summit Cycle Solutions Inc.

Risk is unavoidable. There is no such thing as a risk free environment. If you’re an employee your risk is simply different. You can be fired at any time due to circumstances, performance, or general politics. If you’re a business owner your risk is less acute, but significantly more financially devastating. We all get to choose our category of risk. Read more>>

Chris Arcodia | Business Owner / Huge Foodie

Risk-taking can be crippling emotionally because the thought of failing is non-negotiable. With that being said, you will not get ANYWHERE in life if you do not take ‘the’ risk. Read more>>

M. Tobias Hall | Painter/Draftsman/Teacher

I think that (at least a little bit of) risk is necessary for us to keep growing. The risks that challenge our current situation with the potential for personal betterment are usually ones worth taking. The discomfort felt in the face of those risks usually has to do with a fear of falling short of a particular goal. Read more>>

Shana Doshi | Entrepreneur & Creative Business Owner

I live by allowing myself to push limits and try anything safe. Adventure in risk taking has allowed me to experience some of the most epic moments of my life. You can give yourself a boundary and still push that limit. If I didn’t take risks, I would be missing out on life’s unexpected stories. Read more>>

Richard Neu | Creator and Entrepreneur

When it comes to risk, I overlook all of the positive outcomes and negative as well. I do this because it helps me see how high the risk is and if the consequence will be worth taking the “leap of faith”. Risk to me is a key factor to future and present success, and a key part of life. Read more>>

Marta Jasinska | Art Therapist and Entrepreneur

I’m an art therapist. I’m also an immigrant. I’m definitely risk taker when it comes to career and investment. Read more>>

Christine Williams | Adventure Photographer & Media Producer

I think taking risks is essential for your growth throughout life. I have taken risks and succeeded and I have taken risks and failed. I think people hesitate to take risks because it is scary and uncomfortable. Not being able to predict the outcome of something can feel like it is a bad choice to make. Read more>>

Mildred Abbott | Writer/Author

I almost have to laugh at this question, my career as a writer wouldn’t exist without my willingness to take risks–without my willingness to take constant risks, constantly! I was a special education teacher for fifteen years, and was only able to have one book published a year for a while, when I was traditionally published. Read more>>