We asked members of the community how their organizations help the community. We’ve shared some of the responses below.

Tallon Nightwalker | Director/Licensed Wildlife Rehabilitator

Northern Colorado Wildlife Center aims to help all wildlife and people within our community. We do this through providing advanced wildlife education classes at no-charge to community members of all ages and we also provide wildlife rescue services to wild animals that have become sick, injured, or orphaned. This could be using water craft to go out on lakes to capture pelicans or herons tangled up in fishing line, or using specialized cameras and rescue knowledge to get birds out of walls and chimneys. Read more>>

Kaylyn Blair | Career Coach & Resume Writer

The best piece of career advice I ever heard was that career paths are not linear. It is incredibly difficult and unfair to hold ourselves to the standard of moving in one single forward trajectory towards the career of our dreams without allowing time and space to actually dream along the way. Throughout each experience, college, grad school, part time jobs, full time jobs, what we want and need in our career evolves. We might realize that the job we accepted has evolved too and is no longer aligned with what we want and need. Read more>>

Emily Crouse-Joo | Community Engagement Enthusiast

Broomfield FISH, the local food bank and Family Resource Center, is known as a food bank and we do so much more than just food to help our neighbors in need. We help residents of the City and County of Broomfield by providing a dignified, self-shop marketplace to end hunger and we can help pay rents and utilities for those in need. Food, rent and utilities are important basic needs services but we take it a step further as FISH partners with more than 30 other organizations to offer multigenerational, whole family success programs. Read more>>

skyler brown | Wedding Photographer

Animal welfare is my biggest passion. For ethical reasons, my partner and I practice a plant-based lifestyle. In 2018 we fostered 3 kittens through our county Humane Society. To date, we’ve fostered over 150 kittens/cats with no plans to quit. Fostering has brought so much joy (and some hard truths and heartache) so 5% of every wedding package goes directly into a fund that we use at the end of the year to buy food, treats, litter, toys, etc for the shelter pets. Read more>>

Chelsey Sterling | Dating Consultant & Strategist

Modern society is much more fragmented than it used to be. Unlike our grandparents, and even some of our parents, many of us no longer live in the small communities where our families raised us and were raised, and, as a consequence, most modern city-dwellers don’t have intact networks of family, friends and neighbours to draw on for both new friendships and for finding love. Read more>>

Tammy Cuthbert Garcia | Lifestyle Entrepreneur, Podcast Host and Radio Personality

How we care for our bodies directly impacts our quality of life. Too often we tend to not care for our bodies until we begin to feel uncomfortable symptoms and by then we’ve entered into a state of dis-ease. .
Our conditioning around health is to fix it when it breaks. The Naturally Inspired brand is focused on sharing information and inspiration that helps people build a lifestyle that cultivates health through purposeful actions before we have dis-ease. Read more>>