We asked members of the community how their organizations help the community. We’ve shared some of the responses below.

Michael Diaz-Ricera | Cannabis Delivery & Transport Business Owner

Community is at the center of my business because community is the only reason that I’ve been able to get to this place in life. I plan to hire those that are committed to working hard and overcoming life’s obstacles. My vehicles are electric vehicles because minimizing my carbon footprint is a major goal in my business. I also plan to help expungement efforts, job fairs, and other efforts to support the reintroduction and gainful employment of hard working people. Read more>>

Sonia Camacho | Beauty Industry

I am a female entrepreneur who built my business from nothing. I’ve always hoped I could help women with a positive self image. I see such beautiful people, and to be able to to interpret it through hair for them to see, its so satisfying. Read more>>

Nancy Houser-Bluhm | author

My business is my current novel and my writing. I was recently introduced to ‘green solutions’ as it pertains to books or stories. They are stories which embed some element of environmental solutions into the otherwise fictional story. The purpose is to use engaging fictional stories to inform people about environmental issues. Read more>>

Jay Minaya | Journey Language Center, Journey Culinary Ltd and Minaya Group Real Estate Investment CEO & Founder

Journey Language Center (JLC) has helped thousands to achieve their dreams of becoming better travelers, increasing benefits and opportunities in their workplaces, improving personal life quality and being part of a globalized world. Through our cultural, interactive, immersive and fun language programs children, teens, adults and seniors are able to learn a language and a culture and see the world in a more enriching way. Throughout the years, JLC has built strong cultural and community bridges through the art of languages. Read more>>

Chelsea Drew | Organizer

Our business is designed to include the community, by way of holding space for local artists. entrepreneurs. and creators to share their work with others. The space serves as a hub and networking space for like minds to evolve. The Hause enterprise includes three store locations: The Hause Collective located at The Citadel Mall in Colorado Springs, The Hause Thrift & Lounge at The Chapel Hills Mall also in Colorado Springs, and The Hause Collective Charlotte at Carolina Place Mall in Charlotte, NC. Read more>>

Izzy Bump | Tattoo Artist

I think because tattoos are nonessential, they’re often thought of as unimportant, or “just putting pictures on people.” That was something I struggled a lot with as an apprentice, because aside from working in the arts, I also wanted to help people. And in a traditional tattoo environment, helping people isn’t really the point. It’s running a business and making a good tattoo. Read more>>

Celena (Lady Los) Miller | Owner of LLPLLC

Lady Los Productions (LLPLLC) is a sustainable clothing brand, record label, and digital gallery. LLPLLC creates new clothing with recycled or up-cycled materials that would otherwise contribute to pollution/end up in a landfill. LLPLLC is owned and operated by artist Lady Los. Lady Los writes and records original music contributing medicinal, positive, musical vibrations to the world. Read more>>