We asked members of the community how their organizations help the community. We’ve shared some of the responses below.

Geoff Davis | Executive Director & Dad

At Period Kits we believe no one should have to choose between food and tampons. We provide kits that provide 90 day supply of period products to those experiencing homelessness, unstable housing, and extreme poverty. We are working to achieve this vision through street outreach, and by providing kits to community partners who serve those struggling to meet basic needs. Read more>>

Edica Pacha | Artist

This past year I have been creating murals in collaboration with Womxn From the Mountain, a group of cultural educators who focus on social justice and environmental issues. These women, who roots are in indigenous tribes from the western United States, have been offering awareness around the Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women as well as other critical issues of our time. These women have deep passion and wisdom to share, and are bridge builders to new ways of being. I am honored to work with these women, and create large scale art with the powerful messages they share. I am interested in using the photographic and street art platform to spread messages about important issues of our time. To inspire others to wake up to what is happening in the world, and find ways to create inspiration. Street Art is also a way to spread beauty and wonder through the world. Read more>>

1-natVson-1 (NATIVESON) | Minister of Hip Hop in Denver, CO

We assist our community and the world simply by making ourselves available then being present with purpose. We work diligently at bridging all gaps in communication through healthy forms of transaction/delegation. We provide a 1 to 1 experience no matter the size of the crowd, class or accumulated grouping. We provide information and an experience that resonates then enriches the recipient. Communication is key. Perception awaits beyond the door. We want to ensure that opportunity is met with fluid motion while embarking, enduring and then returning upon the threshold of observation. It is the unique combination of experience, knowledge, willingness, skill, talent and ethos that allows us to add value in any setting. It is often expressed 1-natVson-1 does not COMPETE… we only COMPLETE. Read more>>

Ryan McLean | Pizza Party Aficionado

As a catering company we have seen what the events industry creates in terms of waste and we hate it! From the flowers and one-off decorations used at events, Catering companies making astronomical amounts of food and throwing it all away at the end of an event, bartending companies using disposable cups and bottles & cans… It’s all waste!! The list goes on, but it is a HUGE industry and it impacts our environment greatly. When we started Mountain Crust, we wanted to be different. We are as close to a zero waste catering company as you can get. It’s impossible to be entirely waste free in today’s day in age because things like cheese and meat all come with plastic wrapping or casings, but that is minimal! How do we make a difference?! Food- We cook all of our food for events fresh on site as it is needed so no food goes to waste. Read more>>

Lani Gordon | Program Director at Focus Reentry

Focus Reentry supports people that many in our country and community ignore or forget. We work with people in their transition out of jail who have limited resources and the odds stacked against them to come out to a common life. A criminal rec0rd makes it difficult to find work and housing. Low income populations often loose everything they have while in jail awaiting court dates because they could not meet their bond. Because there are only limited affordable services for mental health and addiction recovery, many people with these conditions end up in jail instead of another environment which could better treat their condition. Focus connects these clients with resources, community, medication, health support, mentorship, benefits, housing resources, and identification. During the time of this pandemic we have also given all of our clients phones as well as helped many clients apply for their stimulus check. Read more>>