We are so inspired by the businesses in our community because of how many of them are committed to helping to make the world better than it is today. Check out some great businesses below and how they are helping others.

Angel & Nik Rowell |  Small Business Owners and Advocates

Discovery Pass helps the community by offering our local businesses a no-cost marketing solution. Our goal from the very beginning was supporting local businesses and not being another thing that they needed to pay for. Marketing is arguably the most expensive part of growing any business. Discovery Pass allows businesses to get the word out by offering an incentive that is specific to their own margins and ensures that they can still be profitable. It’s a win-win solution. Businesses get marketing value and a boost in sales and buyers get a plethora of over $800 in savings and freebies for only $25. Read more>>

Natalie Gentry | Whole Health Practitioner and Coach Specializing in Massage, Breath, Movement, and Coaching

The focus of my work is to help people to get grounded, centered, and to connect more fully with themselves so they can live lives of greater passion and honesty. When you are better able to connect more completely with yourself, you are more at peace with who you are. When you’re more at peace with yourself, the better able to relate to others and to live your life from a more authentic, open, curious space. It’s a ripple effect that starts with one person that can touch families, communities, and ultimately the world at large. Read more>>

Polina Eisenberg | Registered Nurse & Yoga Instructor

I started Yoga in the Park in April of 2019 in hopes of reuniting with my passion for teaching yoga. At first it was a fun activity and a great way to meet people. The bi-weekly free yoga class took place at Washington Park and it was an amazing experience to see the same faces every week and watch everyone progress in their journeys. Then 2020 hit. Per the stay at home orders we had to stop the class from March-May. Once restrictions were lifted we began to safely and slowly return to our mats at the park. Reuniting every two weeks to practice some yoga together was a huge outlet for many of us. At one point we were one of the few yoga classes available in Denver and for most people this was the only social interaction they had. During the uncertain and dark times the pandemic had brought us, we found ways to remain optimistic and connected. Read more>>

Courtney Mathis | Co-Founder and CEO

We believe we are giving consumers the ability to leverage their power in support of racial just, community engaged and sustainable cannabis companies. We do this through the CDG Standard, which allows businesses, brands and individuals to identify those companies doing good. Businesses are likely not driven to engage in meaningful social impact unless it is also driving bottom-line growth. By giving consumers the knowledge to find and support Cannabis Doing Good companies, we believe we are creating the catalyst for the purpose-driven movement in cannabis and encouraging businesses to do more good, because their patients and their consumers, demand it. Read more>>

Thea Delamater | Managing Director of Ember Hostels

Hosteling is a way of life because it opens doors to experiences that may have never been without travel. We have to meet the world in order to understand it. By offering budget-friendly accommodations worldwide, hostels have provided travel experiences to all types of travelers. Even more so, hostels are infamous for the community that travelers join when they stay. People from all over the world descend upon a hostel’s common spaces, making new plans for spending their day together. We are encouraged by the number of solo travelers that we host – young adults exploring new places, opening up opportunities, and building new relationships. As hostellers, we adamantly believe in experiential travel. Get lost. Concur new challenges. Learn about new cultures. Travel is the one thing money can buy that makes you richer. Read more>>

Jim Malcolm | Owner

Enviro-Master is an award-winning commercial health and safety company offering sanitation, disinfection, deep-cleaning, and hygienic services, to protect our community partners. We are invested in the use of proper disinfection techniques and hygiene interventions to protect our clients and communities against the spread of infectious disease. The COVID-19 pandemic put businesses in a position of uncertainty and concern. How do they keep their staff and guests safe? What do they do if there’s an outbreak? What are the right tools, disinfectants, and processes? Enviro-Master provides solutions to all of these questions. When businesses partner with Enviro-Master, they are safeguarding their valued staff and guests. These partnerships help businesses succeed, keep people employed, and add to the overall vibrancy of our economy. We value and honor our role in our community. Read more>>