We are so inspired by the businesses in our community because of how many of them are committed to helping to make the world better than it is today. Check out some great businesses below and how they are helping others.

Tarra Pigg | Owner of Cherry On Top Bakery

We have always built our brand around being a part of the community. We want to be involved and support our community in anyway we can. We try to donate for charity auctions, fundraisers, and events for local schools, churches and charities whenever possible. We also offer a discount for our local first responders and military personnel. We also take treats to the local police and fire department and local hospitals to treats our hard working essential care workers. We love treating and supporting our community members. We try to be involved in local events and our community. We want to serve our neighbors and community, not only by offering delicious food, but by being a good neighbor and supportive friend. Read more>>

Brian Galetta | Veteran Small Business Owner and Colorado Enthusiast

There are many ways that the Brian Galetta Agency strives to help our Local Community, and in turn we hope that the small steps we take (See Below) will have a positive influence on a larger level later on. 1. Volunteering- Every employee, myself included, is required to volunteer for 2 hours every month. Employees are paid their normal wage for those two hours (which are in addition to their normal hours), and the way in which they volunteer is also up to them, as long as they are getting engaged and helping in an area of need. 2. Supporting 1st Responders, Teachers, Nurses, and really anybody that we can who needs it- Whether it is taking meals to 1st responders/nurses, buying school supplies for teachers, donating our time/money to local nonprofits, or in addition to other things, just doing our best to take our lunch breaks at locally owned restaurants, we Love supporting members in our Community! Read more>>

Laura Thomas | Laura Thomas The Denver Artist / Owner & Creator of I Chalk Arted

I have always believed art can, has and will continue to change the world. I created a product that allows literally anyone, of any age to be able to create chalk art, without any drawing skill needed. I Chalk Arted helps people spread the gift and beauty of chalk art in their neighborhoods and communities. As a professional chalk artist myself, I have personally experienced the power chalk art can have on an onlooker. To have created a way this amazing art form can now be spread and shared all over the world is my greatest gift and proudest moment. Chalk art can lift peoples spirits, help people feel connected, and be a fun outdoor activity for everyone! Now we can color the world! Read more>>

Nancy Pickard | Master Integrative Life Coach And Best Selling Author

Doing My Part to Help the World I am a master integrative life coach. My passion is helping people uncover their disempowering beliefs and fears that are formed in childhood, buried in their subconscious, and hold them back from living the fullest version of their life possible. Because working one-on-one is not practical for everyone, I published a book, Bigger, Better Braver: Conquer Your Fears, Embrace Your Courage and Transform Your Life, to allow everyone access to my ideas, exercises, and processes. I also developed group work for those who want more than the book and can’t afford personal coaching. My vision is to bring my approach to the world by making it available to anyone who is change-oriented and believes it is never too soon or too late to live bigger, better, and braver. Read more>>

Kadi Bain | Pilates Studio Owner & Instructor

FAB Method Contemporary Pilates helps the community as regular exercise and physical activity promotes strong muscles and bones thus improving cardiovascular health, respiratory, and overall health. This leads to maintaining a healthy weight, reducing the risk of type 2 diabetes, and reducing the risk of some cancers, which lowers the cost of health care as a community. In addition, exercising regularly generally leads to healthier and happier people leading to a safer and stronger community. Read more>>

Kjerstin Davies | President, Charlie’s Guys

Our nonprofit’s main focus is to make bereaved kids across the nation feel loved and not forgotten. We provide bereaved siblings with an experience or gift that we hope will create a positive memory to help them throughout their grief journey. We provide bereaved children with a care package to remind them that they are not alone. We also have a grief therapy stipend program for kids who need therapy/counseling services. We recently began a program called Charlie’s Clubhouse as well that matches children with a peer who has experienced a similar loss so they can connect with other children who have lost a loved one. In addition to reaching bereaved siblings we also provide a gift for children with a sibling in the NICU. When a child has a sibling in the NICU often times they aren’t able to meet them until weeks or months later. Read more>>

Sandi Siegel | Musician/Author/Model/Teacher

As a woman nearly in her 60’s, the cross generational interactions in my arts are becoming a key feature of all I do, with teaching, music, writing and modeling. Society is so much better off when we mingle socio-culturally and this includes age. My music is full of story telling that comes from a life lived around the world and with all of the joy and tragedy that being embodied brings to everyone. I hope that through music, which is certainly a universal language, some of what I have observed and processed through the years permeates the boundaries society tries to create mostly for commercial reasons. This is certainly even more true in the world of fashion which is really starting to embrace diversity. Nothing empowers more than diversity and even in nature, monoculture does not thrive. Read more>>

Chele Archer | Owner + Creative Director

When I started Archer’s Arrows back in 2016, it was very important that our business not only supplied a good or service to meet a need but also use our income to make an impact on our community. In 2015 I became involved with an organization called Respite Care Inc, of Northern Colorado. They are a nonprofit organization in Larimer County that provides short term, quality care for children with developmental disabilities, giving respite to their families, and enhancing the quality of life for the entire family. Each month a portion of our sales goes to this amazing organization, along with other organizations such as Child Rescue Coalition (with select item’s profits from our shop going to this cause). I am also a firm believer that as a business owner, it is my responsibility to make an impact on the world by being conscious of the waste our shop creates and how we can best be environmentally friendly. Read more>>