We are so inspired by the businesses in our community because of how many of them are committed to helping to make the world better than it is today. Check out some great businesses below and how they are helping others.

Colleen Koenig | Founder and Director of Youth Mentorship and Job Readiness Program at Genesis Coffee

Craft coffee, also known as specialty coffee or “third wave” coffee, has built a reputation for itself as a highly exclusive, middle-to-upper class, high brow and at-times pretentious sort of world. It can feel homogenized socio-economically and really inaccessible to particular groups of people. We want to change that. The young adults we work with are struggling to navigate the foster care system, the youth correctional system, poverty and trauma, among so many other tough circumstances. Read more>>

Debbie Wright | Entrepreneur & Dog Mom

Indy & Olly’s is a for-purpose dog bandana and bow tie company. Social impact through helping homeless dogs find homes is the reason we exist! For every item sold, we donate one to an animal shelter or rescue. The bandanas and bow ties improve adoption photos by making dogs look their best and stand out. From personal experience, I know good photos work because as soon as I saw the adoption picture of Olly, I immediately fell in love and had to meet her! Also, at adoption events, we love putting the adult dogs in bandanas or bow ties to make them look cute since puppies often get all the attention. Read more>>

Dr. Pablo Otaola | Inclusion, Diversity, Equity Consultant

Since the murder of George Floyd in early 2020, organizations and people in general, have been trying to make sense of how to be successful in diverse settings when in fact, social psychology research shows us that when we put diverse people groups together, it often creates more division. Whether it’s religious difference or political differences or cultural difference, what has been traditionally be modeled to us has been violent approaches when interacting cross-culturally. The name of my business is my attempt at the answer to that violence. Read more>>

Travis Krause | Painter of Images revealing hidden power and strength

As an artist I have a mission that I serve. It provides value to my clients above and beyond the art! My mission is simple and born of my own life experiences. Some of these experiences were traumatic and some were joyful, but more importantly they lead me to know why I create art. We are all more powerful than we know! Sometimes the grime of daily life kind of covers that up, or encourages us to “forget” our personal strength. My artwork celebrates and reminds my clients of times and relationships that reveal and restore their power! Read more>>

keely Sconiers | Founder and maker

Our mission is to learn, create, and grow every single day. Whether that’s in business or life in general. 10% of profits are donated to various non-profits such as mental health and suicide awareness, ethnic and cultural awareness, etc. Read more>>