There are so many factors that can play a role in determining our results, performance and ultimately our success, but some factors matter more than others.  We asked folks what they felt was the most important factor driving their success.

Derek Dames Ohl | Singer Songwriter, Bassist

All the good ones! In the music world, creating good habits is imperative to your career whether you’re just starting out, or if you’ve been playing for years. Also as you get older, its easy to get distracted by the world, so I think keeping yourself to a schedule of practice is imperative to keeping yourself fresh and ever growing! Read more>>

Darren White | Landscape Photography – Fine Art Prints – Workshop instructor

There are so many ways to measure success and or to gauge how much success a person has. In my case I believe in exceptional customer service. I love to work 1:1 with customers and clients and this allows me to provide a level of service that simply can’t be beat. I also believe the companies I work with should have the same desire to keep their customers happy. I can’t work with a company whose work ethic doesn’t match mine. If something happens (rarely does it) between the printer and the customer I need to know the printer is going to work 100% with me to make good for the customer. Read more>>

Carter Braun | Taxidermist

Developing intentional, positive habits have played a key role in starting and developing my business. Putting into place practices that eventually become like muscle memory that make the day to day run smoother and more efficiently. I try to attack each new task in the same manor as the last so that I am able to measure and alter my process to find areas of weakness and thusly make improvements. As with any business, it is best to provide consistency in your product or or service so that returning customers know what to expect and have confidence referring you to others. I can look back over my first year in which I seemed to be so consistently inconsistent in many ways. Read more>>

Brandee Rockett | The Nomadic Blue Butterfly: Photography & Art

Habits that have supported my success, hands down, has been years of persistence despite failure. It may sound like oxymoron but learning the craft of photographic art has been quite the sum of many “failures.” Many would have given up (or never even started) having had to face the limitations I have faced in my photographic journey which have directly impacted my ability to hone in on my craft. Living with metastatic cancer is not easy. I do not allow it define me. However I cannot ignore how it affects day to day life much less my work. My work, like life, is full of peaks & valleys. Read more>>